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Vedic Science Vs Modern Science II

[This follows the first part - Vedic Science Vs Modern Science I.]

Debunking one such Vedic Science

Here’s one such document on the web. It’s called “Modern Science and Vedic Science: An Introduction” by Kenneth Chandler, from Maharishi International University, Fairfield, Iowa, USA.

Most of these attempts are aimed at mimicking scientific documents by using similar style but making no sense. Instead of making it simple and easy to understand, these impostors try to make their arguments complicated and complex so that the reader is lost somewhere in between, to resign himself to accept what the author says. Just because someone uses mathematical equations, it doesn’t make it mathematics. Logic, deduction, rational explanation, and other tools of mathematics are also quite necessary. All these tools are completely ABSENT from this attempt. I have taken some quotes from this Vedic Science.

#1 …and which can be explored not only through objective science but through a new technology of consciousness developed by Maharishi.

There is no such a thing called “technology of consciousness”. Technology and consciousness are two completely different fields with almost no overlap. Using such sentences, the author is trying to make you believe that somehow there is technology involved when there is none.

#2 Many thousands of years ago, the seers of the Himalayas discovered, through exploration of the silent levels of awareness, a unified field where all the laws of nature are found together in a state of wholeness.

There is a state of awareness, but there is no such thing called ‘silent level’ of awareness. Notice the heavy jargon. By using such jargon again and again they like to confuse the reader into believing that it is some serious topic.

#3 This unity of nature was directly experienced to be a self-referral state of consciousness which is unbounded, all-pervading, unchanging, and the self-sufficient source of all existing things.

This is what these pseudo-science people do. They like to invent new words, sentences and terminology. What is ‘self-referral state of consciousness’? Its all hocus pocus and mumbo jumbo packaged in nice words.

More such hocus pocus terminology is given below (4A-4I), you can skip them if you want to:

#4A They experienced and gave expression to the self-interacting dynamics through which this unified field sequentially gives rise to the diversity of all laws of nature. That experience is expressed in the ancient Vedic literature.

#4B The technology for gaining access to the unified field is called the Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field, and the science based on this experience, which links modern science and Vedic Science in a single unified body of knowledge, is called the Science of Creative Intelligence.

#4D They perceived the fine fabric of activity, as Maharishi explains it, through which this unity of pure consciousness, in the process of knowing itself, gives rise sequentially to the diversity of natural law and ultimately to the whole of nature.

#4E The ancient Vedic literature, as Maharishi interprets it, expresses in the sequence of its flow and the structure of its organization, the sequence of the unfoldment of the diversity of all laws of nature out of the unified field of natural law.

#4G Gaining intimate familiarity with the silence of pure consciousness, Maharishi holds, one gains the ability to experience within that silence an eternal "fabric" or "blueprint" of all laws of nature that govern the universe, existing at the unmanifest basis of all existence.

# 4I One of Maharishi's most important contributions to Vedic scholarship has been his discovery of the Apaurusheya Bhashya , the "uncreated commentary" of the Rig Veda , which brings to light the dynamics by which the Veda emerges sequentially from the self-interacting dynamics of consciousness.

In all the above statements, there is a heavy dose of newly constructed jargon, which tends to make people believe that it is indeed something serious, such as science itself. Pseudo-sciences like to pass on themselves as science by using sophisticated terminology. Just by emulating scientific documents and its usage terminology, a pseudo-science cannot become science. However, this tactic seems to go on well with some ‘educated’ folks! Notice how the author keeps repeating the same terms, like, sequential, self-interacting, dynamics, unmanifest, unfoldment, silence, etc? By repeating such terms hundred times, they wish to pass their hocus pocus as truth. Can anyone tell me what ‘unmanifest’ and ‘unfoldment’ means?

#5 The knowledge of this ancient science that Maharishi has brought to light is known as Maharishi's Vedic Science.

Didn’t Vedic science reveal all truths already? If so, how can Mr. Maharishi take credit for it?

#6 Maharishi's Vedic Science is to be understood, first of all, as a reliable method of gaining knowledge, as a science in the most complete sense of the term.

First, you don’t even prove it is science. Second, you ask for faith in this system. Isn’t this how religions are dictated? “First, you believe, then, we reveal the truth?”

#8 Maharishi's work in founding Vedic Science is very much steeped in that ancient tradition, but his work is also very much imbued with the spirit of modern science and shares its commitment to direct experience and empirical testing as the foundation and criteria of all knowledge. For this reason, and other reasons to be considered below, it is also appropriately called a science.

So, we have come to conclusion that it is indeed science, through sheer leap of faith. No scientific argument is provided in the above deduction, but somehow we have arrived at the conclusion that this Maharishi’s work is in fact a science.

#9 This experience was not, Maharishi asserts, on the level of thinking, or theoretical conjecture, or imagination, but on the level of direct experience, which is more vivid, distinct, clear, and orderly than sensory experience„perhaps much in the same way that Newton or Einstein, when they discovered the laws of universal gravitation or special relativity, enjoyed a vivid experience of sudden understanding or a kind of direct "insight" into these laws.

This is where it becomes sheer nonsense. First he says that this method is based on gaining knowledge through “exploration of consciousness”, which we have no clue what it means. Next, he says that this experience is not theoretical or based in imagination, but is direct experience, more orderly, distinct and clear than the sensory experience. I don’t know what more direct experience than a sensory experience is.

Then he goes onto say it is very much similar to what Newton or Einstein went through. ‘Hmm... really?’ The only common element between this hocus-pocus and science is imagination- one is seeped in fantasy while the other is in understanding the universe as perceived by direct senses. While Einstein and Newton may have applied their minds to conjecture and imagination, they actually went back to their notebooks and blackboard to actually prove their conjectures through rigor, which had direct bearing on the observed universe! Their theories were verified hundreds of times and have proven to be standing true to the observed universe.

#11 All knowledge of the Veda is contained implicitly even in the first syllable "Ak" of the Rig Veda , and each subsequent expression of knowledge elaborates the meaning inherent in that packet of knowledge through an expanded commentary.

Hmm... What does this mean really- knowledge is contained implicitly? Is knowledge implicit? Can it be contained in one syllable? What is packet of knowledge? Is there a limit to utter depravity in using sophisticated language? The gobbledygook continues:

#14 Modern experimental science and Maharishi's Medic Science could now be seen as two diverse yet mutually complementary approaches to knowing the same underlying reality - one through the empirical method, the other through the exploration of the least excited state of consciousness.

This is how Vedas dismiss empiricism as an artificial construct of the West. All they need to send rockets into space is ‘excited state of consciousness’!

#15 The unity of nature is not a mere hypothetical unity, nor a unity of intellectual understanding or interpretation. It is a unity of direct experience that has been described in almost every tradition and every historical epoch.

#17 This global influence of coherence generated through the group practice of the Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field has been called the "Maharishi Effect."

And all the references to this technology are made to their own works, which nobody knows other than Maharishi and his sycophants.

Well, you get the point. The whole text is the repetition of the same thing. Using the same previously-undefined words, terminology and new constructs, they keep on harping on achieving one goal: How Vedas reveal the answers concluded from Modern Science and how spirituality and some kind of deep meditation will give you the same answers as Modern Science.

There is no merit to such attempts. Such attempts are pastimes of charlatans, scam artists, and pretenders. There is no science in such attempts. There is a strong and urgent need to discredit such attempts and show them what they are- a sham and a deception. Instead of investing in learning science, inculcating rational outlook and thought, conducting research and experimentation, developing credible and verifiable theories, we are taking a step backward by encouraging such lazy and escapist attempts.

What is worrying is that many academicians, technologists, and elite of India are embracing such attempts. Such supporters are creeping into the bastions of intelligentsia and academia, holding key positions to be an influence on what our kids and future generations will learn.

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  1. I agree. Btw, as you might already be aware, Deepak Chopra also uses the same kind of mumbo jumbo to sell his stuff, especially to Western audiences.

  2. Also, may I add at the risk of sounding sexist, that at least from personal experience, it is women who fall for this kind of rubbish more easily than men.

  3. And women could say the same thing about men without having to prove anything :)

  4. Ledzius:
    Unraveling Deepak Chopra requires a new blog altogether. He has mastered this art more than anyone else.

  5. Sujai, that was entertainment at its best. I laughed at the lines till I needed stitches.

    ~ Vinod

  6. rags, men fall for rubbish of a different kind, I concede that..

  7. Sujai, the example you give is one of an American university, and Mahesh Yogi was very much popular in the West and among Westerners, hardly so among Indians. So I'm not sure by what leap of logic did you connect this specific example to your conclusion that:
    "What is worrying is that many academicians, technologists, and elite of India are embracing such attempts"

    Care to cite some examples of your conclusion? Kenneth Chandler is not Indian, as best as I can deduce.

    While your criticism of such pseudo-science is valid, it does not logically take one (well, maybe you) to your conclusion. Which doesn't mean your conclusion is incorrect.

    Also, if this paper was not published in a peer-reviewed journal, then it's like shooting fish in a barrel. I can cite many such scientific papers by scientists which are purely guided by an ideology (e.g. objectivism) and are simply there to promote the agenda of a corporation. Look up the recent issue of DDT and malaria.

    While this paper is full of mumbo-jumbo, I can also point you to some peer-reviewed papers and credible research on the positive effects of meditation techniques.

  8. chirkut:
    I can also point you to some peer-reviewed papers and credible research on the positive effects of meditation techniques.

    Is meditation same as Vedic Science?

    And do these 'peer-reviewed papers and credible research' on meditation discuss how one could sit under a Banyan Tree, and meditate to deduce laws of Quantum Physics?

  9. మీరు తెలుగులోఁ కూడా ఒక బ్లాగు మొదలు పెట్ట వచ్చు కదా ? అక్కడ చాలా మంచి బ్లాగు పాఠకుల సమూహం వుంది. నేను తెలుగులో వ్రాయడం వచ్చాక ఆంగ్ల బ్లాగును మూసి వేసాను.
    అందుకు మీరు చూడ దగ్గ సైట్లు,
    గూగులు గుంపు telugublog ని కూడా సందర్శించగలరు .

  10. Ah, I see your sophistry. Instead of responding to the points I made, you zero in on the last para.

    I didn't say meditation is the same as Vedic Science, so let's not derail this very rational, scientific and logical discussion or get side-tracked. ;)

    There are always people on the fringes doing kooky things and making fantastic claims, like the website/essay you highlighted. Unless and until you can empirically prove that such people are having a significant negative impact on the society or are being taken seriously, who really cares. People are free to make whatever claims they want to make, and other (gullible) people are equally free to follow/believe them, or not. As I said before, you're really shotting fish in a barrel, and that's no fun. :)

  11. Please take a look at
    I haven't read Vedas, but i when i try to read old mythology scriptures, many things go over my head because they seem ambiguous. But your arguments also cannot justify the other way.

    I think the intellectuals wrote them to make a code of living. All they wanted to propagate well defined rules and philosophy so that mankind may live happily. And adding a salt of mythology made them easy to pass to next generation in the form of interesting stories and people didn't questioned it because mythology and rational thinking don't go along.

  12. Tao of Physics is one such attempt which I discredit.

    That book alone has launched many Indians and Indophiles into a dizzy.

  13. see this wiki entry on "Quantum Quackery"

  14. I may agree with the comments that the auther has used jargons, you may be aware that spirituality is a word that, the phyloshophy it self is to confuse us, which in turn increases our creativity. Just take it like that. Probably the auther could not get actual meaning in english, as you may be knowing earlier the langaue was in sanscrit, which it self is combination of different indian dialects, used those periods. In modern mechanical era that spiritual world is far away as we are away from Nature, even though we are living in the nature.

  15. I agree with chirkut in that most of these books are written by Westerners (with the possible exception of Deepak Chopra), for a largely Western audience. Since the days of Beatles coming to India to stay with Mahesh Yogi, Westerners have been obsessed with Eastern Mysticism.

    I don't think even mainstream scientists in India are associated with this. We should instead focus on other stuff like superstitions, astrology, and vaastu shastra which I think are of far more relevance to the average Indian.

  16. Ledzius:
    I have a different opinion.

    There are many strong proponents of what Vivekananda started off- there are many Indian books (not famous) but you will get them everywhere- where excerpts from works of all these Western Indophiles (that you mention here) are included to glorify and legitimize their own theories.

    There are hundreds of books on numerology, astrology, vedic sciences, vedic mathematics, being circulated, by many small-time authors, but lapped up.

    Just because only the Western authors or authors in West gets noticed, it doesn't mean there is no proliferation of such books and theories within India.

    I don't think even mainstream scientists in India are associated with this.

    I have different opinions on this. I meet folks in Indian government organizations and universities- who get the 'scientist' titles. I find many of them discussing quantum healing, etc, and most of them believe that our sciences were more advanced than the current Modern sciences.

    Just a week ago, I had lunch with top officials of top Indian government technology body (can't name it here), and during the whole course of lunch, they were talking about how our scientists were able to make rockets, aircrafts, etc. Then the topic turned into quantum healing. One top official, the most senior person actually, said that his leg pain was cured when this scientist placed his hand on his knee cap. he explained it as collection of energies around him funneled and channeled through his body and then through his hand onto the patient's body. He said that not everyone can do it, but once you figure out how channelization works, after lot of research, one can master the technique.

    Most of them had one thing in common- they all believed that our ancient sciences were much superior and the present-day generation of India lacks it.

    Either it is a top official at a bank, or a professor at a top university, or a scientist at a research organization, many of them believe these theories to certain extent, and they come out in the open in private discussions.

    We should instead focus on other stuff like superstitions, astrology, and vaastu shastra which I think are of far more relevance to the average Indian.

    You think they are disconnected. I think they are connected- these superstitions you list here get the legitimacy from these attempts (discussed in the article).

  17. Dear Ledzius,

    There some main stream India scientists working in this area, you may
    be aware that Sri Ravishankar is among them, lot of doctors are also
    involved in this spiritual sciences. Since westerners are not able to
    cope up the mechanical way of life almost which animated way of
    living, they have been looking for some respite in spirituality.
    Probably because of this the translations and the meanings have been
    misunderstood and not represented properly. In Indian spirituality
    some thing is better than nothing, and nothing is much more powerful
    than any thing. If you read about pyramids of egypt, even today with
    the modern methods we may not be able to reconstruct such monuments,
    similarly the Taj Mahal and there are so many in India and Saudi. Even
    there are underground tunneles which go into seven floors deep,
    through which Kings of those years used to travel by their horses
    almost from Pataliputra to Thakshasila or Kabul by overnight or from
    Trivandrum to Srisailam in a jiffy. Some of these passages were even
    used to fill the water reservoirs, for feeding the agri. Entire
    economy was based on village models and not on townships like today.
    They even used to look after the villages democratically, now where is
    democracy and spirituality.

    Even though modern science has started to unravel the mystery of the
    world, it it self has brought human life to a self distructive mode.
    If any thing has to be done to reduce the unrest only a spiritual
    management approach can do that.

    with warm regards


  18. telugu velugu kiranalu manaku man desaniki abharanaalu, desha bhashalandu prapanch bhashalandhu telugu lessa,
    But there are so many .... who can not even understand english, how they can telugu, which much simpler and highly tricky langauge.

  19. Sujai,

    I do agree that many Indians (including scientists) believe in these unscientific concepts. But not all of them are of Indian origin - eg. homeopathy (extremely popular here), feng shui, reiki, etc.

    Also the book "Chariots of the Gods" by Erich von Daniken became extremely popular in India even though it was about some cave artifacts in Peru purported to be drawn by some ancient astronauts who landed there.

    I guess a certain percentage of the population (wherever in the world) believes in these alternate sciences. Even in the US, I have come across homeopathy drugs in stores, as well as feng shui columns in newspapers, not to mention good old Linda Goodman.

    At least we still don't have state govts banning the teaching of evolution in schools like in the US.

  20. Ledzius:

    Yes, there is always ‘certain percentage of people (wherever in the world)’ who will continue to believe in such alternate sciences. No denying.

    In this blog I write how those alternate sciences are taking over the mainstream pursuit of science in India. The decline in Science, lack of scientific temperament, mixing of state and religion, legitimizing superstition and blind belief as instrument of state, etc, are all interlinked. That is what I am trying to bring it out.

    While that certain percentage is always there, are those people able to influence how science is conducted is a different matter altogether – very different in India and the West.

    Look at Times of India for example. What is usually published in National Enquirer in US is published in TOI. These fringe elements who tout alternate science in US are mainstream proponents in India – that is the key difference.

    The state government of Karnataka refused to occupy the newly constructed Vikas Soudha because of Vaastu. Now, that is what I call the ‘difference’.

    At least we still don't have state govts banning the teaching of evolution in schools like in the US.

    That is good. I am glad. But may be, I am celebrating too early. Right now, the teachings of evolution does not conflict with our ‘religious sentiments’ therefore that is being allowed. The day, someone quack writes how the Western Modern Science including evolution goes against basic tenet of Hinduism using his warped logic, we will see a different reaction. (Also, our diversity is helping in ward of such forces.)

    Today, for example, we see in the news how a couple in Bhopal (an Indian man married to a white woman) were smeared black on their faces, because they were together on a Valentine’s Day.

    So, right now, the Hindu fanatics, supported by Hindu revivalists, legitimized by Vedic preachers, are concentrating on ‘deleterious’ effects of Western civilization- and that is confined to events like Valentine’s Day. The day some lady writes how our education and sciences are an artificial construct of West, thrown onto us during colonial times, and how it conflicts with our rudimentary knowledge coming from our ancient scriptures, we will kick evolution out of the door much faster than a speeding bullet. There won’t even be a debate, like in US.

  21. Dear Mr Sujai K,

    There is no mix up in most of the scientists, those who know about western science and also Indian sciences(Vedic Sciences). For your kind information all vedic sciences are beyond the present day sciences, which mainly depend on ever changing principles of mathematical paradigm and experimentation. Where as The Vedic Sciences only believes in self consciousness, self awareness and self reliance. Where as the modern science makes more selfish, greedy, creedy, egoistic, as the degrees go up their temperament also goes up.

    Now presently science and technology has brought us to one or more types of extinction threats, one by terrorists second by environmental related ecological and third one by all unethical & illegal practices in every chosen corners.

    At this juncture it is not advisable to degrad our vedic culture simply as mokery and unscientific. India is still having the spiritual leaders in every atmosphere, it is still respected out side as Hindustan, which represents spirituality.

  22. I guess it's very difficult to change the beliefs and mentality of some people.
    Many times, reason and logic fail in front of blind faith and belief. That is one reason for many ills in society today.

    I think the root cause in the success for all these pseudo-sciences is FEAR, LAZINESS and IGNORANCE. Scientific inquiry requires hard work, an impartial mind and a lot of courage. Most people don't want to do that. Hence, they accept the juicy fruits offered by the godmen as an explanation and cure to all their imaginary ills, at a "marginal" cost.

    @Dr. Bheemeshwar;
    wow, now you blame modern science for all terrorism, social ills, enviromental destruction!
    Greed, intolerance, violence and selfishness have always existed in man since time immemorial. They existed before the Vedic ages, during the Vedic ages and still exist today. That has got nothing to do with science or technology. Fear, ignorance, blind faith - all these lead to hatred and violence.

    Science is a logical method of understanding nature, and is a structured process of inquiry satisfying our curiosity and enriching our understanding. I fact, I would say, modern science, rational thinking and philosophy has helped in creating a more just and humane society.
    The fact that we are able to exchange ideas over a blog is a testimony to modern technology.
    It is only through modern technology that new, renewable sources of energy are being discovered.

    Maybe the Vedic ages were really a so called "golden age", for that time, 3000 years ago. But that age is PAST. We are living in the PRESENT. We should definitely respect the Vedas. But it would be impossible to follow the Vedas literally in today's world. Change and evolution is a constant process, which is sometimes difficult to accept...

  23. I donot think so that people are mad with spirituality or faith or religion. What a person requires is a piece of bread, a glass of water and a small place for shelter. Those who have born, whatever be their postion in the society one day have to die. While we are living we can not live peacefully is because of so many materialistic aspect, which are only due to maths and science in this modern days. Earlier, olden days the persons have used the science and whatever pratical activities for the advantage of the society. They have not done any thing for them selves. But today, most the persons wanted name, fame and what not and are least bothered others. So, totally the ethical values and morality have gone down and has created a totally fluidic state, nobody know's when it explodes.

  24. For your kind information Vedic age has no end, it is in the present, in the past and it is going to be there in the future. As far as the quest and thirst of the humans is there with materialistic aspect this self distruction goes on and on. No body realizes till it come to that stage. If you carefully see the trends in history the population explosion is due to unrest among the humans. Why only one country wants nuclear weapons and dosenot want others to have it, then why they use the terms fanatical make all other countries fools by whatever be the reasons. As far as this earth, the sun and the moon exists the vedic sciences are valid.

  25. "If you carefully see the trends in history the population explosion is due to unrest among the humans."

    I couldn't agree more.. unrest in beds :)

  26. People's belief in superstition can be quite harmful. This incident happened a few days ago and shocked me.
    An organisation fot the blind wanted to construct a home for the blind in the suburbs of Chennai. They were granted the land by the state government and had also obtained clearance for constructing the home. But they were stopped from proceeding with their work by objections raised by the residents association of that particular area.
    The reason they gave was seeing blind people early in the morning could prove inauspicious to all the residents and hence the home should not be constructed. They even got a stay order from the court citing othere reasons like overcrowding,traffic congestion etc. The case is still in court.
    Superstition not only makes people idiotic,but also venal.

  27. "...seeing blind people early in the morning could prove inauspicious to all the residents.."

    I hate to sound violent, but when I hear people say things like that, I just want to thwack their heads 'Obelix' style, and give a 440V shock to their brains..

    I wonder how we can root out such silly superstitions and beliefs. It seems to be ingrained in the bone marrow of many Indians. Even education has not helped in many cases, a few whom I know personally.

    If I see a blind person early in the morning, I will be thankful to nature/God to be reminded how lucky I am that I have eyes which can see, which I generally take for granted.

  28. Just a week ago, I had lunch with top officials of top Indian government technology body (can't name it here), and during the whole course of lunch, they were talking about how our scientists were able to make rockets, aircrafts, etc. Then the topic turned into quantum healing.

    Sujai, I can bet you $10 that they all were also wearing saffron-colored undies. You should ask them next time. ;)

  29. Dear D.Bheemeswar
    That you are able to read this blog is a gift of modern science{evil:( }, not Vedic "Science".The other outputs are:
    1.Antibiotics & other modern medicine
    2.Electricity, which you are currently using
    3.Railways and aeroplanes etc.
    If you wish you may consider these as gifts of modern science.Else, you may brand them as evil:(.
    BTW, kindly provide me with 3 outputs of Vedic "Science" which is beneficial to humanity today.

    Also you wrote:
    1."In Indian spirituality some thing is better than nothing, and nothing is much more powerful
    than any thing "
    If this is not crap, what is?
    2."you may be aware that Sri Ravishankar is among them " So, by your logic we should accept study as valid because some spirutual leader endorses it. Tomorrow we will start giving out Nobel Prize to a "scientist" because his research has been "verified" by the Pope.
    3."If any thing has to be done to reduce the unrest only a spiritual management approach can do
    Why don't you & your SriSri Ravishankar start IISM(Indian Institute of Spiritual Management)

    4."What a person requires is a piece of bread, a glass of water and a small place for shelter"
    Thanks for providing a great laugh! So, in your Utopia Angelina Jolie & Jessica Alba will be walking wearing, wait a minute... wearing Nothing!!!

    with warm regards

  30. I do not disagree with you, probably you have not read the lives of some of these scientists, like Edison, Einstein and Noble they too have done for the benefit of the society, and they have some spirituality in them same way as CV Raman. But some of these persons repented later as their inventions were used for public destruction. One of that root cause is the Noble peace prize that he himself advised, from his earnings in the belief that one day some one will come up with a solution for the disaster that his invention has put on in this world of brains, those who think they have brains.

    You have not understood the philosophy. A person who has nothing in the brain always restarts and understands the situation, and gains something he dose not argue. Just he dose. But those who think they have something in their brain will never understand anything. E=MxC** is true but reverse can come only from the vacuum. Because that is the vacuum that has created the energy by combining the elements and reducing the mass. Just watch a carefully a lit oil lamp or try to understand how chlorophyll recombines the elements by adding the mass from energy. This is possible even in Human beings. This possibly only by the person who can make his brain totally blank/ he/she can absorb energy. This what spirituality only can make.

    probably you have not learnt about some of the AD saints like Vittal, who went into space with his body. It is well recorded in the history of south India and literature. Even there are few more sanyasis who got rectified their ailments like broken bones, through spirituality. Even Ramdas's money was paid by some invisible figure to Tanisha, those coins that belong to the era of Rama are still with Nijam and other families. No body nor any Industry can produce that type of quality. You might have forgotten about Iron pillar and swords of ChandraGupta, Non of the metallurgists in the world can remake them, with the same quality.

    The English word Industry it self came from Indus + tree, people of this country were industrious and more intellectual, and whatever they did they have done for the public. For your kind information as recorded in British Parliament their own emissary who travelled through out India there were no beggars nor any robbers in this country before 1835. Now presently we see every nook and corner beggars and looters.

  31. Now that's what I call very good comedy ! [ROTFLM*O]

  32. D.bheemeswar said:
    Because that is the vacuum that has created the energy by combining the elements and reducing the mass. Just watch a carefully a lit oil lamp or try to understand how chlorophyll recombines the elements by adding the mass from energy.

    Typical ramble. So if we all sit and mediatate we'd probably be bursting with knowledge. Why do we even need to publish books when we can gain 'knowledge' from the atmosphere. You should follow your own advice and quit the net and start meditating. You will 'elevate' yourself to a higher sphere and spare the mere mortals here.

  33. rags said,

    What I said is be practical, be to your natural instinct, with typical rags type of mentality you will nver understand the philosophy of spirituality. It is not the theory that runs the life, and life is also not mathematical, which is basically based human's understanding of the nature. Here he the cany brain which will not make one to uderstand others logic, logic is not mathematics probability it is philosophy of life. It all deoends on how one trains his own brain. Ask your self who are you and what are you in this world of so many people, yes meditation helps one obsorb energy. Do it your body gets more energy if can maintain silece for two or three days. your metabolism also works better. Probably you may get better ideas about spirituality or vedic science. It is totally based human's experience for how to extend the life on this earth. If somebody has misrepresented or miscoted only their level of understanding is that much as that of rags. Try think positively, your level of understanding goes up about any subject, it seems you have forgotten basics of sciences, which are based on mathematics and not on logic humans. All the best if you can maintain silence for atleast two days.

  34. I am reading this block only to educate those who have misconception about vedic sciences or spirituality. If you can concentrate even my voice shall you. It shall reverbarate in your ears. Do not take Veic sciences or spirituality as some thing nonsence, it is the back bone of the Indus culture which became the Indian culture. There are so many people in this world who are looking for solace from the destruction the humans have brought on to this earth due their own brainy ness thinking others are not humans. Jai gurudev.

  35. "Now that's what I call very good comedy ! [ROTFLM*O]"

    I second that. This is some comical nonsense.
    ~ Vinod

  36. 1."In Indian spirituality some thing is better than nothing, and nothing is much more powerful
    than any thing "
    If this is not crap, what is


    ~ Vinod

  37. "Scientific inquiry requires hard work, an impartial mind and a lot of courage. Most people don't want to do that. Hence, they accept the juicy fruits offered by the godmen as an explanation and cure to all their imaginary ills, at a "marginal" cost."

    Ledzius, very well said. I loved the discussion between Sujai and you. it was illuminating.

    ~ Vinod

  38. gurur brahma gururvishnu gurur devo mahweswara gurur sakshath
    parabrahamam thasmisri guravennamah

    The meaning of this is father and mother are the first gurus, next comes who ever feeds either information, education, giving a job etc. are the second gurus thirdly all the life of this world is also
    contributing to the knowledge of progress hence entire universal systems are gurus, i pray to that knowledgeable figure.

    Thanks for trying to educate me through this web site.

    Another one

    Om bhurbhuvasuvah omthathsath vithurvarenyam bhargo devasya dhimahi
    dhiyo yonah prachodayath

    the way the lit lamp slowly and study brings out light and releases the darkness let it enlighten the world with knowledge of wisdom.

    Knowledge of wisdom comes by slow and sturdiness and nor by arguments nor with trying to put ill manners and unethical and immoral uttering without understanding are reading. The people who abuse other systems thinking that they are modern, as far as time is concerned there nothing called modern, probably your timing may be wrong.

    if you want to reverse e=m*C**2, it is possible only by meditation, we are consuming a little chlorophyll every day, which in turn changes to hemoglobin as the structures are similar only by replacing Mg/Ca by Fe if any other elements like Pb,Cr sits there one gets blood cancer or asthma even some of the volatiles sitting there also causes severe pains.

    The same chlorophyll converts co2 to carboxylic acids in the presence of light and water. Thus produced carboxylic, covert to different forms of glucoses and fats & proteins. Same fats if they are burn slow and study give us light. If you apply energy conversions all get balanced. Finally minerals are left out as ashes. it is the same case with everybody's body.

    Biological system selection of materials is entirely different than what we see in the periodical table.

    The more natural elements are broken for human consumption as drugs they are working more severely to degrade the natural resistance of a body. The experiments on rats itself is illogical. As their natural food and digestion is different. Each and every animal or life has its own digestive mechanism and selective food. Testing on animals and then suggesting that humans can consume it, is it scientific? Once you are habituated to some type of drugs it is always that the dosage has to be increased, otherwise it dose not work. Is it scientific?

    Probably you might have known about Bhopal tragedy, without understanding the implications of side reactions and repercussions the project was up, who is responsible for the tragedy is it scientific?

    For your kind information it is doctors who are finding the scientific studies of Sri Ravishankars programmes, the scientific studies are coming in the web sites, some top scientists are also involved in developing Ayurveda products for human consumption.

    Last one somebody from Ayurveda and allopathic asked me to make a neem oil for using as lubricant for the condoms, supposed to be used for non transmittal of HIV or AIDs, if a person does not know how control his animal instinct, there is no need for such immoral activities to be encouraged.

    We are using lots of hormones and pheromones for animal feed and also for poultry for better yield, those who are consuming its products also get them in their body, probably this is the root cause of some of the sports personal losing their medals. We culling the innocent birds and animals, which do not have the natural resistance due to over usage of these drugs. Is it scientific?

    this for the present

  39. For your kind information, even Edison could not have imagined that the electricity production produces so much junk materials, like fly ash, and other environmental problems. What he has done was only for cycles that too with dynamo, and then some battery backup otherwise people were using oils, fats and vaxes for lighting their houses.

    As far as nuclear arsenals are concerned those pilots did not know that these bombs do that much distruction, even it is the same case with the scientist who was involved in it.

    Now presently so many drugs like peptides for asthma or insuline are showing severe effects on humans. It is the same case with copper T, giving rise to allergies and scales, the baralgan tablets have lots of side effects some times the girls who use may get after pregnancy problems. Already there are so many other drugs which are causing severe ailments, the one taken for glucose causing heart problems.

    Now resently somebody has givin green signal for GM cotton to be grown, the peasants around those forms lost their entire cotton due to cross pollination, some of them even committed sucide, under what scientific testings these were released. Other multinational are using other countries for their scientific experimentations, this they have done already before USSR broken down by spy birds to wreck that country from getting adequate food supplies, the country which has done this has thrown their wheat into the seas so as they can bargain with USSR. Is it scientific. To test their own warfare they created a situation. Is it management scientifically or is it humanisitic under what norms. If a person wears a suit and hat dose not mean that he is a no more a gentleman. I think in India we have colour blindness, castblindness, region blindness, even in science & technology we say that fellow is chemistry or physics or maths or mechanical or electronic or civil or electrical or metallury or arts or commerse or management.

    Even now after 60 years of independance there about 80% of the people who are still working with hand to mouth, those who got some education are wandering for opertunities. Even though we call our selves as spiritual country non of the personal have any control over their own panch bhuthas including their brain, animosity. The way the crime is increasing day by day is one of the indication. The mafia gangs, gang lootings, gang rapings more over raising terrorism all are because of the desparity and misjudgements by the all the governments.

    Unfortunate thing it is the web cites which are promoting sex, making perverted minds instead of using it for educating personale. If you watch any tepmle they also teach and educate but they do not show in action packed masala, then what is the difference between and street dogs or pigs or other animals. They do not have brain, but man has brain why he can not be away from these AIDS and HIV's, but wanted to promote that tools, with which he can relieve his animal instinct. Hats off for those people who have scientific temperament.

  40. That's why I wrote:
    If you wish you may consider these(electricity,medicine,modern transport) as gifts of modern science.Else, you may brand them as evil:(.
    You see, I was anticipating these kind of comical reaction.

    BTW , I'm still waiting for the gifts of Vedic "Science" :)

  41. D.Bheemeswar: Could you please at least learn to spell your words right? And more importantly, please start writing using SIMPLE plain language (whatever language you choose) instead of using this mumbo-jumbo.

  42. Dear Shri Beemeswar,

    Could you tell what sort of progress for mankind did the great Vedic science has done? If the Vedic Scientist’s practice of self-consciousness, self-awareness etc were the right approach, why can’t they even put up a good calendar?

  43. Dear Mr.Arjun,

    Every type of science is for discovering the truths beyond our imaginations. In so called modern sciences we experiment with materials, try to find a solution how they behave, and try to use them for benefits of society.

    similarly in Vedic sciences they include the life of every being to and their behaviour this includes the influences of planetary and cosmic elements, which they called as constellations. They too have some influence on this earth. Similarly there are different types of lights and magnetic radiations by each and every element, they too have some effect on life as well as on the other materials. All these studies were put together in cryptic form.

    Now what we are seeing is the effects of those planets and stars, which makes one crazy, because of which so many problems. If we take it positively all the stars give the same effects on those who takes them positively. What I mean try use our brains rather than, jumping to conclusions which based on illogical approaches. If one is having self-consciousness, self-awareness automatically self-reliance will develop.

    Self realisation is only the path that helps to develop positive attitude, if ones mind is full of negatives how his brain will function to the maximum possible to give better results. I think now a days we are all reading so many materials from different angles, to decipher the information we need lot of thinking. If we are giving the time the mind gets jammed give erroneous conclusions. Just like good and bad calender.

    with warm regards


  44. If you are living in India you are already having the gifts of Vedic sciences, every day you are using them as your food. You your self is the biggest gift of the God, created through your parents.

    This is spirituality dear, here and thiere mumbo jumbo has to be used.

    As far as good english is concerned, put a spell checking.

    That will put every body in a SPELL.

    Thanks for all of your comments, I am also learning from all of you

    Jai Gurudev Jai Gurudev Jai Gurudev

  45. Dear Friends,

    In our body there are maximum organs around stomach, whatever we eat gets digested and gets absorbed through out the body straight away from mouth to small intestines. Like any other animal we too can not make our own food due to non-processing materials like chlorophylls, instead we have hemoglobin, which circulates the required oxygen as well as supplies the digested food to the parts of the body. Excess materials do go and settle at different locations in the form of fats or multiple chains of primary glucoses / glucons etc. Along with this there may be some toxic elements that we have consumed also along with the food.

    But as age goes up the materials that settled at different points do hamper the movements and also the metabolism will be at its lowest in those spots as the supply of oxygen and also rejection of carbon dioxide from there is hampered. Hence the health problems start aggravating.

    Most of the YOGA exercises are concentrating on the belly and backbone, then on legs and arms. Thus point is to reduce the effect of thus stored materials to as minimum as possible. Along with this if some one mediates it relaxes the body and also mind. This is science behind the Yogaasanas. While one meditates, if he/she can concentrate on particular place where they may feel uneasy in the body, and do some long breathings coupled with short ones may reduce or minimize the trouble. Because it is the brain that controls and signals to various organs in the body to rush the necessary chemicals to that joint or place. Once the metabolism at that point improved the problems may decrease.

    Since it is very difficult to concentrate by closing eyes, we take names of Ideal persons, those who lived or as per the stories, which were told/written by others, to keep away the mind from the stressful thoughts or incidents or events.

    Basically all these things are to keep the body metabolism at its maximum by reducing the excess or toxic elements to minimum. As far as the metabolism is in good condition one lives longer for normal atmosphere.

    Since our thoughts are due to hearing, observation and sensing there can be any wrong signals that may disturb our mind or may develop anxiety, are create inferiority complex due to lack of sufficient knowledge. As far I understand learning is a continuous process it doesn’t end till the last breadth, only that person should be curious anxious to learn it.

    Even a particular light radiation may cause disturbance to us or it may be good also, as you may be knowing each and every element in this universe radiate some kind of electromagnetic radiations, which is it own characteristic. That also has the healing power to that particular organ which works on that radiation in our body.

    All the Vedic Sciences teach and preach how to maintain one own body and soul. In peace, harmony and serenity, and how to use the natural materials to achieve these.

    All other categories that might have prescribed are depending on the level of Understanding the material that is dealt in Vedic Sciences. For which no one has any control, except the person who is seeking and the Acharya. We have to pay respect to our teachers Aryan = poojyaneeyan(the person who is to be revered or an enlightened person).

    Poornam adham poornam Idham poornath poornam udachyathe poornam asyah pari poornam ayuh sishyathe.

  46. Dear Shri Bheemeswar,

    This is not an answer to my doubt. I just asked you, why the Vedic Science practitioners (even if they had self consciousness or awareness) couldn’t put forward a good calendar –for their agriculture purposes- at least consisting of 365 days? You did not give an unambiguous answer to that.

    Our ancestors could not given agreeable reasons to the natural phenomenon around them because of the lack of enough devices for proper observation. Consequently they become arrived mystic conclusions. But however that kind of performances cannot be expressed as science.

    Certainly we are proud of our predecessors for their imaginations and bold efforts for constructing a genuine and fruitful life. Only up to that extent we can have a high regard for their investigations. But, therefore it cannot be publicized or believed as SCIENCE


  47. I am sorry for putting some wrong construction of sentences please read "Like any other animal we too can not make our own food due to lack materials like chlorophylls, instead we have hemoglobin, which circulates the required oxygen as well as supplies the digested food to the parts of the body" instead of " Like any other animal we too can not make our own food due to non-processing materials like chlorophylls, instead we have hemoglobin, which circulates the required oxygen as well as supplies the digested food to the parts of the body"


    Jai Gurudev

  48. No body has control over the time

    Even a particular light radiation may cause disturbance to us or it may be good also, as you may be knowing each and every element in this universe radiate some kind of electromagnetic radiations, which is it own characteristic. That also has the healing power to that particular organ which works on that radiation in our body.

    All the Vedic Sciences teach and preach how to maintain one's own body and soul. In peace, harmony and serenity, and how to use the natural materials to achieve these.

    All other categories that might have prescribed are depending on the level of Understanding the material that is dealt in Vedic Sciences.
    For example the temples are constructed based on the materials that are available and the effects that are desired by appropriately choosing the materials, if it is maintained it gives the desired results on all the people who visit that place. This is called as Kshetra Mahima; it is equally good for one’s house also. But as time elapses the effect do reduces, this we call as aging. Which true even for living beings. Even big big empires collapsed due to this effect, even though enough precautions were take while starting to build the empire.

    Because nothing is permanent on this earth, everything goes on changing, as they go on acquiring energy they try to stabilize with minimum energy and hence they may change. The amount of energy may be very very small or may be more. But it sure that they change.

    Hence the calender which is based on certain aspects of planetory positions, also do not give the predictions right.

    All the geomagnetic effects and also temperature gradiants acroos the glob, which are not in our control, it is nature which deals in its own style. More over a common Human con not control his/her own brain how time which is independant of humans control.

  49. I have been reading Sujai's posts but never bothered to read the comments. But, today as I opened the comments section.... ROFL !! :)

    Sujai must be having a field day. Being an Indian myself, I have to go back to crying now, after reading those crazy comments.


  50. Sjuai,
    I am new to this blog. Found this interesting reading.

    Agree with most of your observations in your previous posts on why we Indians tend to regard Vedic Sciences as supreme.

    I think the most important reason lies with the fact that the contribution from our side to the advancement or science or the progress of humanity is pathetically nil. And it is this hurt ego that fuels our dive into our ancient scriptures searching for vague similarities or translations to suit our objectives.

    This is especially true for those who have to work in a global environment, serving an MNC, over the border, with the additional burden of representation.

  51. "I think the most important reason lies with the fact that the contribution from our side to the advancement or science or the progress of humanity is pathetically nil. And it is this hurt ego that fuels our dive into our ancient scriptures searching for vague similarities or translations to suit our objectives."

    Very well said, Viloman. Bullseye. Hence, I think we should try to learn from the Japanese and try hard to match and surpass the Western World in their Western science.

    Those who are firm believers in 'Vedic sciences' can try to PROVE, USE and DEMONSTRATE the 'superior power' of 'Vedic sciences' and DISCOVER/INVENT new things in the CURRENT FRAMEWORK of science and tachnology, if possible, instead of just aimlessly preaching and talking. Then they will gain recognition and authority in the community.

    Otherwise they should stick to mythology, philosophical discussions and science fiction (which is also needed for humor and intellectual stimulation!), and NOT CALL IT SCIENCE.
    Proper science relies on experimentation, observation and hard-proof; not grand, unproven, aimless theories.

  52. Dear Friends,

    It seems that over 48% share of world market for the natural products (of the Ayurveda's preparations) is taken over by China, our Indian Ayurveda's preparations amounts to only 1% of the world market. Some of the drugs were even banned in most of the European Market. China some how managed to do scientifically and getting the prized market.
    Even tough our Indian government has initiated lot of programmes in this area it is still to pick up.

    Some of the NGO's like AOL, Bangalore is picking up in this area.

    It is our tradition that we wait for some body to take initiation, in any field. We never support for the good cause, that is why we are called Indians. It is true to the epical stories that's what we read.

    Hold on we are also good in giving everything to others, except to our own people. We have been brought up in this sort of Bureaucratic and highly Hippocratic society. If one reads the Indian history it is also true.

    But it takes pains to ridicule our Vedic sciences, because somebody says it is unscientific. I am not talking about god or almighty.

    It took Mahatma Gandhi to take the lead to get Independence, that the weapon being peace and non-cooperation.

    In the money making business we all have lost individuality, unless we individually arise and do some thing for the nation and the people of the world there will not be any Identity.

    We are better in Scientific and Technical fields but lack the drive due to intellectual slavery, which may be due to individuals needs like to get a decent salary, live comfortably, and comment about vedic sciences without understanding what it means, just because some of the individuals have given wrong interpretations to create chaos and shatter the spirituality of India, for your kind information it is the great speech of Swami Vivekananda opened the Eyes of the world about Indian spiritualism, then only Mahatma Gandhi could do what he wants, but whatever be the case now we have to put our efforts together, to build the Human bondage that is peace, harmony and serenity.

  53. Our bodies, too, are nature — to be respected
    Share your Thoughts
    Posted on February 23, 2008
    Filed Under Deep ecology, Ecological hope, Consumer culture, Earth spirituality, Inspiration and reflection

    Fostering Ecological Hope
    Today from Margaret Swedish:

    The big sports story in Milwaukee the other day made me smile. The Brewers’ big homerun slugger, Prince Fielder, who blasted a breathtaking 50 of them last season at the ripe old age of 23, has decided to become a vegetarian.

    That’s right, a vegetarian, Milwaukee’s big power hitter. Now, it’s no secret that Fielder, at 6 feet and 260 pounds, is a guy who loves his red meat. So what did it? Health issues? Nope — like many other follks recently, Fielder has just discovered the morally repugnant way in which animals are treated by industrial agriculture.

    If we didn’t know before, it became glaringly clear last week when the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) secretly filmed the maltreatment of so-called “downer” cows, cows too sick to stand up anymore, as they were shocked and prodded and shoved and forklifted to the slaughter — and into our food chain. The expose resulted in the largest recall of beef in U.S. history.

    When we speak of ecology and not mere environmentalism, we are speaking of the whole, the connections. We are speaking of an attitude, not an issue, of relationships, not causes. We are speaking of our own identities within the fabric of life, for we, too are biological creatures. If animals are sacred, so are we, if ecosystems are sacred, so are our bodies that live within and are integral aspects of those systems.

    We are what we eat — not only in terms of what we take into our bodies, but in terms of how that food came to us. We are as human as the way we treat nature, and practices like those filmed by the Humane Society show just how much we have compromised our humanity.

    But just think about what this means as well in terms of how contaminated are the natural systems that we rely on for all we need to live, our air, food, and water. Why would we think that the industrial world, and the government regulators in bed with them, would protect us from toxins in the air we breathe or the water we drink any more than they did the food chain or the dignity of these abused animals?

    As the HSUS points out, they picked this particular California slaughter plant, Hallmark Meat Packing Co., of Chino, at random, so imagine how much of this is going on ‘out there.’

    Now I want to relate this to something else I read recently in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Area’s toxins may be sickening people — Group exposes hidden U.S. report.

    Pollution created by several active and abandoned Milwaukee County industries may be contributing to the ill health of thousands of county residents, according to a government report.

    Okay, we know this stuff has been going on a long, long time. This report comes from the Centers for Disease Control and should always have been a public document. But your government did not want you to have this information. You can read in the article about how the CDC first suppressed release of the report and how they explain themselves.

    Here’s what they didn’t want us to know:

    The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report indicates that it may be exposure to PCBs, lead, mercury and other industrially produced toxins in Milwaukee County that is contributing to the county’s higher-than-average rates of infant mortality, low birth weight, premature births and deaths from colon cancer, coronary heart disease and stroke.

    Oh my friends, does this not make our ecological crisis intensely personal?

    How does this relate to the abuse of cows at slaughter houses? How does it relate to the government’s appalling decision to remove the grey wolf from the protected species list?

    How does it relate to this other recent abhorent story in the local news here — Thrill killers alarm wardens — Suspects say boredom drives them to commit criminal acts against wildlife. This is about killing animals for the sheer fun of it, to cut off heads, to leave carcasses to rot, to relieve boredom. And this is a phenomenon on the rise in my home state.

    Really, folks, what is the matter with us? How cut off can we possibly be from this natural world that is also us? Who is raising these people, with what values? What is happening in the schools and churches these people attend?

    This is alienation in the extreme — violent, indifferent, and cruel.

    And so the way we treat the animals we consume. And so the indifference with which we take toxins into our bodies as if we don’t have a choice about this. And so the rising health bills for cancer treatments and other diseases and disorders related to the toxins of our industrial and post-industrial society. (For some fun reading on toxins and health, check out this web page at

    We use the word ecology for this project because ‘environmentalism’ simply will not do. Ecology means the whole with all the interrelated threads that hold the fabric together, that give it color and beauty and strength. We are shredding that fabric in our slaughter houses, in our lakes and rivers, in the air we breathe, and in our own bodies.

    When I read stories like these, about the cows, the wolves, the thrill-killing of deer, I can easily despair that we can ever heal this spiritual sickness within us.

    But then I think of the HSUS people that went into the slaughter house with their hidden cameras, and I think of those appalled at the thrill-killing, and I think of all those people trying to restore their relationship with nature –

    and I think of a young athlete who may be one of the great power hitters of his generation, and I get hopeful again.

    2 Responses to “Our bodies, too, are nature — to be respected”

    Ronnie Wright on February 24th, 2008 9:43 am The number of us who feel the way that you do on issues like this is steadly growing.

    D.Bheemeswar on February 25th, 2008 1:27 am For the butchers of democracy, we are all scape goats, till they get what they want that is money, comfort. Who ever rises the voice is a terrorist or may be antisocial, because their society is different use and forget. They never knew that people are economy, with people around only society develops. Each and everybody has built their own empires of Business and intellectual slaves working for them. They never bother about either environment or ecology.

  54. Dear friends,

    I have wantedly put this article for your reading "Our bodies, too, are nature — to be respected
    Share your Thoughts
    Posted on February 23, 2008
    Filed Under Deep ecology, Ecological hope, Consumer culture, Earth spirituality, Inspiration and reflection

    Fostering Ecological Hope
    Today from Margaret Swedish:"

    I could not put the pictures from the cite. They are beautiful natural.


    For all of your information all the scientific and technical works require lot of skill. It is also true for the spirituality. Consistent practice and dedication are required for any field of work. This is developed only by self critical analysis, first of all we are all working to please somebody in the higherarchy, in groups or indpendantly. We have never developed value based systems.

    Better develop that individuality, where one is sel-f reliance, self-resilient and self-sustainable. Choose a field try to develop (do your karma), do not look for the fruits, develop the community that can change the Indian scenario in the world.

  55. The Scientific Proof of the Existence of God
    By Amit Goswami in Scientific Background on February 21st, 2008 / No Comments
    Before you read any further, stop and close your eyes for a moment. Now consider the following question: for the moment your eyes were closed, did the world still exist even though you weren’t conscious of it? How do you know? If this sounds like the kind of unanswerable brain teaser your Philosophy 101 professor used to employ to stretch your philosophical imagination, you might be surprised to discover that there are actually physicists at reputable universities who believe they have answered this question - and their answer, believe it or not, is no.

    Now consider something even more intriguing. Imagine for a moment the entire history of the universe. According to all the data scientists have been able to gather, it exploded into existence some fifteen billion years ago, setting the stage for a cosmic dance of energy and light that continues to this day. Now imagine the history of planet Earth. An amorphous cloud of dust emerging out of that primordial fireball, it slowly coalesced into a solid orb, found its way into gravitational orbit around the sun, and through a complex interaction of light and gases over billions of years, generated an atmosphere and a biosphere capable of not only giving birth to, but sustaining and proliferating, life.

    Now imagine that none of the above ever happened. Consider instead the possibility that the entire story only existed as an abstract potential - a cosmic dream among countless other cosmic dreams - until, in that dream, life somehow evolved to the point that a conscious, sentient being came into existence. At that moment, solely because of the conscious observation of that individual, the entire universe, including all of the history leading up to that point, suddenly came into being. Until that moment, nothing had actually ever happened. In that moment, fifteen billion years happened. If this sounds like nothing more than a complicated backdrop for a science fiction story or a secular version of one of the world’s great creation myths, hold on to your hat. According to physicist Amit Goswami, the above description is a scientifically viable explanation of how the universe came into being.

    Goswami is convinced, along with a number of others who subscribe to the same view, that the universe, in order to exist, requires a conscious sentient being to be aware of it. Without an observer, he claims, it only exists as a possibility. And as they say in the world of science, Goswami has done his math. Marshalling evidence from recent research in cognitive psychology, biology, parapsychology and quantum physics, and leaning heavily on the ancient mystical traditions of the world, Goswami is building a case for a new paradigm that he calls “monistic idealism,” the view that consciousness, not matter, is the foundation of everything that is.

    A professor of physics at the University of Oregon and a member of its Institute of Theoretical Science, Dr. Goswami is part of a growing body of renegade scientists who in recent years have ventured into the domain of the spiritual in an attempt both to interpret the seemingly inexplicable findings of their experiments and to validate their intuitions about the existence of a spiritual dimension of life. The culmination of Goswami’s own work is his book The Self-Aware Universe: How Consciousness Creates the Material World. Rooted in an interpretation of the experimental data of quantum physics (the physics of elementary particles), the book weaves together a myriad of findings and theories in fields from artificial intelligence to astronomy to Hindu mysticism in an attempt to show that the discoveries of modern science are in perfect accord with the deepest mystical truths.

    Quantum physics, as well as a number of other modern sciences, he feels, is demonstrating that the essential unity underlying all of reality is a fact which can be experimentally verified. Because of the enormous implications he sees in this scientific confirmation of the spiritual, Goswami is ardently devoted to explaining his theory to as many people as possible in order to help bring about what he feels is a much needed paradigm shift. He feels that because science is now capable of validating mysticism, much that before required a leap of faith can now be empirically proven and, hence, the materialist paradigm which has dominated scientific and philosophical thought for over two hundred years can finally be called into question.

    Interviewing Amit Goswami was a mind-bending and concept-challenging experience. Listening to him explain many ideas with which he seemed perfectly at home, required, for me, such a suspension of disbelief that I at times found myself having to stretch far beyond anything I had previously considered. (Goswami is also a great fan of science fiction whose first book, The Cosmic Dancers, was a look at science fiction through the eyes of a physicist.)

    But whether or not one ultimately accepts some of his more esoteric theories, one has to respect the creativity and passion with which he is willing to inquire. Goswami is clearly willing to take risks with his ideas and is fervently dedicated to sharing his investigation with audiences around the world. He speaks widely at conferences and other forums about the exciting discoveries of the new science and their significance, not only for the way science is done, but for society as a whole. In India, the country of his birth, he is actively involved in a growing organized movement to bridge the gap between science and spirituality, through which he is helping to pioneer a graduate institute in “consciousness studies” based on the premise that consciousness is the ground of all being.

    Goswami is considered by some to be a pioneer in his field. By attempting to bring material realism to its knees and to integrate all fields of knowledge in a single unified paradigm, he hopes to pave the way for a new holistic worldview in which spirit is put first. In fact, as far as we know, he is the only new paradigm scientist who is taking a clear stand against the relativism so popular among new age thinkers. At a time when the decay of human values and the erosion of any sense of meaning has reached epidemic scale, it is hard to imagine what could be more important than this.

    And yet, for all the important and valuable work he seems to be doing, in the end we are left with serious reservations as to whether Goswami’s approach will ultimately lead to the kind of transformation he hopes for. Thinkers such as Huston Smith and E. F. Schumacher have pointed to what they feel is an arrogance, or at least, a kind of naiveté, on the part of scientists who believe they can expand the reach of their discipline to somehow include or explain the spiritual dimension of life. Such critics suggest that the very attempt to scientifically validate the spiritual is itself a product of the same materialistic impulses it intends to uproot and, because of this, is ultimately only capable of reducing spirit, God and the transcendent to mere objects of scientific fascination.

    Is science capable of proving the reality of the transcendent dimension of life? Or would science better serve the spiritual potential of the human race by acknowledging the inherent limits of its domain? The following interview confronts us with these questions.

    First published by Enlightenment Magazine. Continue to read the interview with Amit Goswami.

  56. Journey from Head to Heart: Living and Working Authentically
    February 20, 2008 on 6:38 pm | In Live Interviews |
    Nancy Oelklaus
    Loving Healing Press (2008)
    ISBN 9781932690439
    Reviewed by Vicki Landes for Reader Views (11/07)

    Listen to interview on Inside Scoop Live

    Read the review on

    Synopsis: “Journey From Head to Heart” is…

    *A toolkit for those who are exhausted from solving never-ending problems, working harder and harder and not arriving at the destination where they truly want to be.

    *A Map for how to make the journey from head to heart and then integrate the two so that the power of ego is diminished and the Authentic Self can emerge to live and work from the power of the human spirit.

    *A Reference book that may be used for many years to come as the
    reader meets life s challenges with success that satisfies both the head and
    the heart.

    Journey from Head to Heart” is exactly that, integrating logic, reason,
    emotion, spirituality, recovery, science, and ancient wisdom from a variety
    of sources to create a recipe for wholeness. The tools and processes are designed for people who are a little wary of touchy-feely or New Age approaches.
    "Journey from Head to Heart: Living and Working Authentically
    Nancy Oelklaus
    Loving Healing Press (2008)
    ISBN 9781932690439
    Reviewed by Vicki Landes for Reader Views (11/07)

    Do you ever feel like the ‘real you’ isn’t the one living your life? That what you do from day to day isn’t what feeds your soul or nurtures your heart? Author Nancy Oelklaus says that genuine person and real happiness are inside there somewhere and is determined to bring them out with help from her new book, “Journey from Head to Heart: Living and Working Authentically.”

    Oelklaus’ book is a result of her own struggles to find her path and transcend beyond what she’d fallen into in life. Heartfelt and deep, she bares her past demons in her stories of experience and poetry from recovery. Throughout the book, she gently urges her readers to lead a conscious life, with purpose and values that extend to all of our daily circumstances. She uses touching examples from her own turbulent path to illustrate how we can rise above our egos, control our perspectives, live with courage, and see ourselves as what we really are – spirits with limitless potential.

    “Journey from Head to Heart” is a profound combination of science and religion with facts and feelings. Even as early as the preface, Oelklaus captivates you with her honesty, sincerity, and hope. Her writing style gave the sensation that I was listening to an old friend pour her life’s heart out to me. Her energy encourages and motivates to be more than we’ve become – both as individuals and as a society.

    “Journey from Head to Heart” is written with the middle-aged person in mind – those that have realized that they are not living with their intended priorities at the center of their existence and are looking for a change. However, young adults looking to start out with an authentic spirit (or change before that critical life precipice appears) would benefit from reading it as well. If you enjoy reading Stephen Covey or Rick Warren, you’ll find a friend in Nancy Oelklaus.

    It takes a delicate voice to put your individual shortcomings and life obstacles in a self-help book without sounding egotistical or as if you are flaunting your personal victories yet Nancy Oelklaus does so gracefully and humbly within the pages of her book. “Journey from Head to Heart” is simply the path we must take between those two points – opening the eyes, raising the voice, swallowing our pride, and releasing the soul".

    The Interview

    "Today, Tyler R. Tichelaar of Reader Views is happy to be joined by Nancy Oelklaus, who is here to talk about her new book “Journey from Head to Heart: Living and Working Authentically.”

    Backed by a 30-year career in education, Nancy Oelklaus is a leader in the fields of organizational development, change, systems thinking, and adult learning. Her national and international experience brings diversity to her work, which is grounded in a knowledge base of the brain and systems.

    Dr. Oelklaus has written for “The Systems Thinker,” “Leverage,” “The American School Board Journal,” “Leaders of Learners” and “Austin Business Journal.” Her leadership profile, "The Power of Love," appears in “Appreciative Leaders: In the Eye of the Beholder,” published by the Taos Institute.

    Nancy Oelklaus holds the Doctor of Education degree in Educational Administration from Texas A&M University, Commerce. Awards include Vision to Action Award from the Visions of a Better World Foundation, Boston, MA. She is an executive coach in Austin, Texas.

    Tyler: Welcome, Nancy, and thank you for joining me today. I understand “Journey from Head to Heart” is written for those tired of solving constant problems and not arriving at the destination they desire. What made you feel the need to write such a book?

    Nancy: Two reasons. First, it is my family’s tradition to pass on what we learn. Our experiences can help others only if we talk about them. Secondly, in my own spiritual journey I found pieces that helped along the way, but no comprehensive system that integrated with what I already knew. That is, I read books about neuroscience; I read New Age works; I read religious works; I read leadership books; I recalled my own academic training. But I longed for something that brought all of these different disciplines and fields into harmony—into one whole. That’s my intent in writing this book—to bring a more complete, comprehensive approach into one book so that people find deeper, more lasting help.

    Tyler: Will you tell us a little bit about your personal background and how it influenced writing “Journey from Head to Heart”?

    Nancy: I love to teach. As I told my daughter once, “I’m in my fourth career. I’ve been through divorce and almost-divorce. I’ve fractured many relationships. I just wish you’d ask me what I learned.” This book is what I learned. My heart’s desire is that it helps readers so that they never again experience the pain of damaged relationships.

    Tyler: What advice would you give to help people avoid damaged relationships?

    Nancy: Always say what you truly need to say, even when you don’t think it will be well received. Don’t ignore your feelings and allow your emotion to build up over time to a point when it explodes. It’s the explosion that does the damage.

    Tyler: Nancy, you talk in “Journey from Head to Heart” about overcoming the ego so the Authentic self can work from the power of the human spirit. Would you clarify what you mean by ego and Authentic self?

    Nancy: Ego is formed from a child’s mind trying to make sense of an adult world. Our brains’ most rapid growth is before the age of six. In these years we form patterns—ways of dealing with the world and keeping ourselves safe. Many of these patterns are egocentric and just plain wrong. We learn to please people instead of being true to ourselves; we learn to control others so that we don’t incur their wrath. We draw conclusions about ourselves based on adult situations that we couldn’t possibly understand, and then these beliefs about ourselves control us for the rest of our lives, unless we stop to examine and change them. Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” The movie “Groundhog Day” is the story of how someone can keep repeating negative experiences for an entire life! But each of us has a soul—a wise counselor who absolutely knows what’s right for us. Some people experience this as a “still, small voice.” I’ve talked to many people who have been guided by this voice, and they are always led to the lives they truly want to lead. Another word for this still, small voice is the Authentic Self, that part of us that connects with God. As one of my clients put it, “Once that “God spot” in my brain came alive, I could see the tiny lights along the path, and I just follow them.”

    Tyler: What is the best way for a person to get in touch with this “still, small voice” that should be a personal guidance system?

    Nancy: Get quiet. Just sit. Close your eyes. Ask this voice to speak and tell you what you need to hear. In the book I describe my first experience with meditation. I was terrified to go so deeply within. But once I found the courage to do it, I found incredible beauty, peace, love, and joy.

    Tyler: You have also studied the mind, which is why you start the journey from the head. What have you learned about human thought processes that you think are detrimental or favorable for our achieving our desires?

    Nancy: I’ll answer the detrimental part first. What is detrimental is allowing a negative thought about ourselves or others to repeat itself so often in our heads that we mistake it for fact. An example is that I believed I was not a good mother for decades. It’s what I told myself in my mind. Through the grace of my daughter’s love, I have learned very recently that I am a good mother. Thinking I was not did untold damage to me and to my relationships with my children. What I’ve found to be most favorable is thinking about achieving my desires “easily and joyfully.” My heart loves these two words. When I write a goal using these words—and my heart feels them—the goal is accomplished quickly, often beyond my highest hopes.

    Tyler: Is writing down our goals important? What about writing is significant in achieving peace and our desires?

    Nancy: What’s significant about writing goals is our emotional state of mind while we’re doing it. A goal isn’t wishful thinking. It’s a heartfelt request—something we truly want. Our business is to ask and then be willing and open to receive. Writing the goal gives it clarity and form, making it more powerful. So often I find myself thinking, when I write the goal, “Now how am I going to do that?” When I catch myself thinking like this, I stop. My job is to ask and be willing and open to receive. A power higher than I am fulfills the request. I do my part, listening to the still, small voice and taking action according to what it says. All I have to do is follow instructions.

    Tyler: You talk in the book about the need to live a conscious life with purpose? Will you expand on this and explain why it is important?

    Nancy: Some people say that our unconscious is controlling us 96% of the time. That is, 96% of the time we are on “automatic pilot.” Many of us are not aware at all of our own thinking. We’re just letting it drive us. We say, “That’s just my personality.” Or we say, “I’m angry because he’s an asshole.” And we stay stuck, repeating the same patterns for an entire life. So an important step is to “hear” the thoughts that are going through our heads and make a decision about whether or not these are thoughts we would choose if we were in our right minds. Love is the strongest force in the universe. I believe we are here to learn to love God, ourselves, and each other. Life becomes more joyful and meaningful when we discover what lies beneath our goals—what is driving us—when we get quiet enough to hear our Authentic Voice.

    Tyler: I understand in writing the book you integrate logic, reason, emotion, Christianity, science and ancient wisdom. At the same time, the book is written for those wary of New Age philosophies. How does your book stand out from the other spiritual books out there?

    Nancy: Well, I haven’t read all the spiritual books out there, but from those I have read, I would say that my book is a more holistic, inclusive approach that includes tools and processes for making and sustaining personal change.

    Tyler: And to go back to the mention of people being wary of New Age philosophies, what about these philosophies do you think are problematic? What are they lacking that “Journey from Head to Heart” can remedy?

    Nancy: I sometimes feel that New Age approaches do not integrate head and heart. I’ve been around New Age followers who seem ungrounded, and this makes me uneasy. To me the various approaches—New Age philosophy, science, religion—are just different languages. No one “language” is the correct one; each has its value, its nuances, its truth. But for me the real power comes from not choosing one but integrating all of them into a more powerful whole.

    Tyler: What are some of the tools you advocate using for personal change—are there activities you suggest that people practice?

    Nancy: Lots of exercises, tools, and processes are integrated throughout the book. It’s book and workbook combined. The first tool I discovered in my journey is so simple. You draw a circle. Then write inside the circle what you want in your life or in a specific situation. Write outside the circle what you do not want. Then, first thing in the morning for at least 40 days, read what you’ve written and look at your circle, meditating on it. Be awake and observant as what you want comes into reality. Just last week I talked with a skeptic who had just read the book. She wanted to know why she had to keep looking at the circle for at least 40 days. This is a person who operates from her head. If she “knows” it, she thinks that’s all she has to do. But people change very, very slowly. Your head may know it, but the message hasn’t yet reached all the other cells throughout the rest of your body where emotional memory is stored. It takes time and focus for these cells to reprogram. So you have to stay with it. I see people using this book for many years as a reference when difficult situations arise. I’m confident that the toolkit is sufficient to get them through tough times.

    Tyler: Nancy, who do you see as the audience for your book?

    Nancy: This book is for people who are hungry for more meaning, more peace, less stress, and greater fulfillment in life.

    Tyler: Nancy, will you tell us a little bit about the other work you do—your teaching, public speaking and coaching background?

    Nancy: I teach these concepts in seminars over a four-month period for small groups of people. I love speaking, especially on the topic The Eye of the Needle: Tool for Difficult Conversations. This tool is the heart of the book, and it’s a good overall introduction to the concepts in the book. Coaching is what really makes my heart sing. Working one-on-one with someone over months or years, I see change. That person’s life improves, and that’s what I’m here for. Most people underestimate the time and effort required for true change to occur. They think because they read the book or heard the speech, they’ve got it. Not true. They have to do the work. Coaching is where they do the work.

    Tyler: What do you think is the single biggest factor that prevents people from doing the work needed to change, and how can they overcome this resistance?

    Nancy: The scientific term for this is inertia, the tendency for an organism to keep on doing what it has been doing. Another factor is fear. In “Hamlet,” Shakespeare put it this way: “Thus what we know makes cowards of us all and makes us rather bear the ills we have than to fly to others that we know not.” I tell people to feel the fear and do it anyway. They’ll go through some pain—maybe severe emotional pain—but on the other side is joy. It’s the only way to joy.

    Tyler: What do you hope will be the result after someone reads “Journey from Head to Heart”?

    Nancy: They decide to start the journey—to become the person they are truly meant to be.

    Tyler: Thank you for joining me today, Nancy. Before we go, would you tell us a little bit about your website and what additional information may be found there about “Journey from Head to Heart”?

    Nancy: My website, contains a preview of the book that accurately conveys its intent and value for readers. Also, you can hear me read a sample chapter or read chapter 1 for yourself. There’s a link where you can order the book, as well as 3 related CD’s. I especially love the media of CD’s because people can play them in their cars on their way to work and slowly absorb this powerful knowledge.

    Tyler: Thank you, Nancy. I hope your “Journey from Head to Heart” is a success for you and that it successfully helps your readers live life more fully.

    Nancy: Thank you, Tyler".

  57. Finding My Religion
    Parapsychology researcher Dean Radin on ESP, spirituality, and how the consciousness of individuals is connected
    David Ian Miller

    Monday, February 25, 2008

    It often seems like science and spirituality are bitter enemies, incapable of playing nicely together. Scientists are not fond of ideas that can't be tested; spiritual people say that the important things in life are beyond quantifying.
    But Dean Radin firmly believes that both can get along, at least out on the far fringes where most of his work is done, investigating the extreme reaches of human consciousness.

    Radin has been conducting experiments on psychic (or "psi") phenomena since he was 13, an interest that led to appointments at Princeton University, the University of Edinburgh, the University of Nevada, SRI International and Interval Research Corporation. At SRI International he worked on a then-secret government-funded program of psi research, now declassified and dubbed Stargate.

    In 2000, he cofounded the Boundary Institute and since 2001 he's been the senior scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, in Petaluma. He's the author of the book "Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality," which looks at how theories of quantum physics and other scientific discoveries may provide a logical explanation for psychic phenomena.

    I spoke with Radin last week about mind-matter interaction, intentional thinking, New Age guilt and the power of chocolate.

    You recently gave a talk at Google Headquarters in Silicon Valley called "Science and the Psi Taboo." What did you talk about?

    The theme of my talk was that there are 17,500 institutions of higher learning around the world, but only about 30 of them have at least one faculty member who has seriously written about psi, either pro or con. That's a very small fraction of 1 percent. And I think that's because it's a taboo topic.

    Were you trying to suggest that Google employees shouldn't view this as a taboo?

    I don't see my job as trying to convince anyone of anything. I want people to make up their own minds. I'm interested in countering what amounts to a myth — a popular myth — that there is no scientific evidence (for psychic phenomena), or if there is scientific evidence, then it is not any good. Both of those really are myths.

    Do you think people can predict events that will occur in the future?

    Predict is a little bit too strong. I think that sometimes people have experiences that turn out to be true, and they know it in advance, but prediction implies that I'm going to sit down and figure out what is going to happen. I don't think that the phenomenon is exactly like that. But the fact that people can gain information about future events, of that I'm nearly convinced.

    What is the most compelling evidence, in your view, that people can sense what might happen?

    I would say that the experiments that I've done which I call "presentiment experiments" are among the most compelling, primarily because the results are more robust than what you typically see in these kinds of experiments.

    Can you describe what those are?

    They're a class of experiments where you don't ask the participant to consciously try to do anything. You just measure their body's response as a way of detecting that something is happening. So we measure skin response, pupil dilation and things like that.

    We ask a person to sit in front of a computer and look at a blank screen, then push a button. A few seconds go by, and then the screen makes a random decision to select a stimulus that is either calm or emotional, and then it goes away after maybe 10 or 15 seconds. And then this process is repeated again and again. The analysis looks at what's happening while you are waiting for the computer to make that random decision about which picture to show. We are wondering whether people would get an unconscious sense of what their future is about to bring them.

    When you do this experiment with lots of people on lots of trials, what you end up with is evidence that people significantly show different physiological conditions or states just before emotional pictures are shown as compared to calm pictures, and in the direction that you can predict, as if in fact they were somehow aware of what their future was about to bring.

    Do you think that we all have some extrasensory abilities?

    I think we do in the same way that we can all play golf, but we are not all going to win the Masters.

    Any idea how to improve your psychic skills? Is it like golf, you have to practice?

    I think the single method that seems to work is meditation. These abilities have something to do with the subtle aspects of mind. The phenomena seem to bubble up from our unconscious, so the more that we are aware of what's going on in our unconscious, the better people are likely to do. There haven't been that many experiments working with both meditators and non-meditators, but of those that have been done, the meditators almost always do better, usually significantly better.

    Can you tell me about what you did on the Stargate project?

    I was a visiting scientist for a year on the project, before it got that code name, Stargate. Part of my job was to look at literature that had been translated primarily from China and Russia, and on a few occasions to interview defected scientists from those countries who had claimed to be working on something having to do with psychic phenomena. We also conducted our own experiments.

    What did you learn from that work?

    I guess the primary thing was, I learned a new way that a person could become frustrated. At the time, and it's still true somewhat today, there were lots of rumors about what the government may or may not be doing related to psychic phenomena, and most mainstream scientists thought that there actually wasn't anything going on, nothing worth looking at. Once I went through all of the months and months of background reviews and so on to get the classification, I finally got the briefing that is given to the military officers and intelligence officers with the right clearance, and when you get to the end of that briefing the idea that there is no evidence is so ludicrous that you want to somehow let everybody know this. It is amazing! There are some people who are extremely good, highly reliable remote viewers. And not simply in terms of experimental studies, but in real world applications, typically intelligence-backed applications. There are dozens and dozens of government agencies that were actively using these people, and there are dozens of examples of amazing gifts. The psychics were able to describe things that turned out to be not only true, but pragmatically useful.

    Last year you conducted an experiment with something you call "intentional chocolate." You had several Tibetan monks and a Mongolian shaman bless chocolate, and then you tested the moods of people who ate it. What prompted the idea?

    It came up during a discussion with a chocolate maker from Hawaii. I'm not much of a foodie, so I don't think about these things very often, but I certainly know that there is something that seems different when food is cooked by someone you love. It feels better. It tastes better. And a lot of chefs swear by the idea that somehow their attitude, their intentions, make a difference in terms of how people respond to food. It occurred to me that this was a testable idea. So we did double-blind experiments to see what would happen if you exposed some chocolate to the highly trained intentions of expert meditators. It came out with results that significantly supported the idea people report having a better mood when eating the intentional chocolate as opposed to the placebo.

    It was probably the strangest experiment that I've done so far because it implies not only that intention changes substance, but whatever is being changed also results in a behavioral difference.

    I'll admit I had mixed reactions when I heard about this. On the one hand, I have a general feeling that when food is being created with love and attention that it actually tastes better. But another part of me was thinking: "Oh, come on! This is a scam." Has this experiment been replicated anywhere else?

    I don't think it's been replicated; the study was just recently published. But I think I point out in the paper that there are previous studies that suggest that something like this probably should work. These are mostly studies involving water and people who do hands-on healing, like therapies of touch, perhaps. And they are asked to hold vials of water while they are doing the healing with the idea that maybe the water will be changed as a result of what's going on. Then you see if the water makes a difference when it's used on plants and seeds, as opposed to control water that is not handled. And most of the studies do show that there are small effects that can be detected.

    Do you consider yourself a spiritual person, and how might you define that for yourself?

    If spiritual means that there is more than meets the eye, absolutely yes. I feel that is confirmed by looking at the history of science, which in a very cartoonish way has gone from the refinement of common sense to further and further away from common sense. In almost any scientific discipline you can imagine right now, such as physics, the leading edge doesn't look like common sense at all. It looks more like science fiction.

    It doesn't take a great leap of faith to imagine science a few thousand years into the future will be very different from what it is today. Down the line, I imagine what we intuitively feel or describe as spiritual will fall into the domain of science, but it will be a type of science that in today's terms we wouldn't recognize at all.

    Do you believe in a God or gods?

    Not in a personal God. We tend to think of it in those terms, because we have little tiny pea brains that can only imagine things in human terms, so we psychologically project out into the world that maybe that's the way it is. But I think that whatever is going on is so far beyond our ability to imagine that I don't like to limit myself.

    What do you think God is?

    Perhaps a form of intelligence that is distributed, or larger than what we would think of as intelligence. Perhaps it's built into the fabric of reality itself. I don't see why not.

    Can we communicate with this intelligence?

    Certainly a lot of people believe that. I guess I don't know. I'm open to all possibilities.

    The problem is that we are also dealing with the possibility of psychopathology, and so people can fool themselves and fool others very easily. So, while I think the answer probably is yes, it also requires a huge amount of caution.

    Albert Einstein had this notion of "spooky action at a distance," the way two objects remain connected through time and space without communicating in any conventional way long after their initial interaction is taken place. That is also a part of many cultures' folk magic traditions. Do you think science is proving that magical theories are correct?

    A scientist has to be very careful about the word "proof." I wouldn't use that word. Only mathematicians can provide proofs. I would say that there is some evidence for this, yes. In quantum entanglement, for example, we have the idea that things that interact remain connected when separated — this is the essence of contact magic. But I don't think anything is truly supernatural. It's either natural or it's not. Magnetism used to be considered magic, but of course we know it really works. I think a lot of what used to be described as magic will transition into language that is more descriptive about what is actually going on.

    Over the years, you have had your share of arguments with skeptics. You told me that's something you kind of enjoy. Why do you enjoy it?

    Well, it keeps both sides sharp. It is necessary in science to take the skeptical viewpoint, because life is short, and it's not so much fun to fool yourself, even if you can get away with it. So, I'm always grateful to the skeptics who point out things I may have overlooked. What I'm not so grateful about is a kind of stubbornness or, worse, a kind of arrogance whereby people believe their side so strongly that they are not even willing to question it or protest it.

    Have you ever had what you would call psychic experiences?

    I think so. Most of them have been extremely mundane. To give you an example, one day my wife and I were both reading our e-mail on our own PCs, within earshot of each other, but we couldn't see what was on the other person's screen. So I was just reading an e-mail from a colleague who had just written a book on deja vu some years ago and had just rewritten it as a new issue, and he was going to call it "Deja Vu Revisited." I thought that was a clever title, and I was going to look it up and tell my wife about it. At that instant, she suddenly looked up from her e-mail and said, "I just had the strangest deja vu!" She had never said anything previously about deja vu, so here was a coincidence of a particular topic at a particular time that looks a lot like telepathy.

    There has been this craze of late about "The Secret." And I wonder if you have any thoughts on that, since a lot of the work you do relates to how our minds affect reality.

    Well, craze is a good word. I mean, it's a little overblown and embellished, but I think the general idea that intention can help either push us or pull us towards goals that we have is not a bad idea. It's not significantly different from the power of positive thinking, nor is it too different from the effects that we see in our intentional chocolate experiment and many other experiments like that. There is something about intention that seems to be the underlying focus for a mind-matter interaction.

    One reason people cringe when they hear about "The Secret" is that it suggests we have far more control over our lives than we probably do. So if you get cancer, let's say, you should be able to cure yourself with your thinking.

    It does create this sort of New Age guilt, and actually I think that the intentional effects that we see in the lab (from positive thinking) are pretty small. It's not as if you're in a boat without a paddle and you're about to go over Niagara Falls — you can't simply zoom off to the shore by wishing that it will happen. But you can, if you pay a little bit of attention beforehand, move it very slightly, and if you do it systematically you might be lucky enough to move it to a place of safety. Obviously, if you are near the falls, it's too late.

  58. dbnmsita321 wrote to:
    Dear Mr David,

    Your interview with Mr Radin, gives me an idea that, people who have positive mind do not bother about their future, specially after negotiating today's deals they simply relax to take the things on the stride next day. These people do have all the time in the world to think about but still relaxed. It is also true that some people do have the sixth sense, I am not sure from where they get this, it just works like quantum, it gives an hunch. Of course there is no evidence for such things except some people writing about the incidents later. It should be taken like that

    Another incident there was heavy rain and lightnings during one of the rainy seasons here in Trivandrum. I suddenly felt odd, and asked my family to come out of the house, and all of us were near the gate, I saw a light or energy passing through our house to out side, only the TV fuse gone and all the Bulbs got fused. It may be that I may be more alert and my reflexes are good and my sensory organs can find the rattling sounds, which are not listened by others, but how I can see the energy. I do not think so the science at present has any answers for these type of strange phenomenon, at is common with most of the persons who have this type of abilities.
    Coming last to the Art living course basic, which I did in 2001, and also rekhi around the same time. I can sense the energy passing through my body. Especially while art livings sudharshanakriya first time my entire body was burning with fire, that is the sensation I got, I was breathing out fire. The persons who were sitting near by felt very hot around them. I am sure that it is not illusion. Only one thing what I understood is that there are some extraordinary things on this earth, which are beyond the control of present scientific studies. I am also sure that all the religions are for Humans betterment and not tools for fighting each other, the religion has no boundaries if one takes positively. It is also true that any religion will not become great because numbers are favoring it. Only the religion, which looks others as humans and allows them to follow their own faiths and customs, is great.
    All the sciences were developed on the basis of some assumptions and experimentation. Any physical or chemical parameters that are fixed based on mutual agreements between the same or different category of sciences. Even entire theory of light is based on either wave or particle called photon. If light can behave dually, why not other particles. Even now there is no scientific explanation for the musings near the Bermuda triangle. What goes out there and also near the Philippines. We are testing the medicines on some other animals before coming to conclusions that they are safe to be put in use for human consumption. But naturally they all have their own metabolisms and their own digestive fluids, which suits only those animals. Is it scientific way of doing? I do mind in experimenting and observing. Whether you call me mad or whatever be the word I do not mind, but I am craze of doing something for the future of Humans and other life survival on this earth as Human being.

    Science and spirituality are not enemies; it is the scientists and others who made spirituality downgraded by citing some people’s misbehavior or those who took spirituality route to gain personal things. Other wise just like a scientist does experiments with other elements or logically arrives at some thing, the spirituality is also an experiment by person alone who is doing the experiment with his own body and mind. Whatever one observes or visualizes and feels. Unless he records it can not be analyzed, each and every persons experience may be different, because we can not generalize it unlike in scientific studies. Hence the results need not be the same. But one thing is sure you can enjoy your life better, because the continuous spirituality for at least 10-15 minutes helps to boast ones energy by reducing the toxics or extra elements or organics in ones body. Hence the stress is reduced, reflexes work better, one gets better concentration.

  59. From the childhood we copy others. We always take some people as ideal and simply copy them, are try to follow them. Especially in Indian society which full of opertunists and pessimists or sadists or oppressionists. Most of spiritual leaders that what we take turned out to be not following any principle. It does not mean that all are like that. Within ourselves we have the feelings of North & South & east and west and also we categorize by regions based on lingustic nature, even within the language we have different dialects.

    One way speaking we are all divided in different categories. More over we have the complex of cast and subcasts.

    Plus the bonus is the run for the highly paid jobs. Since it is peoples elected government, every body is self made gods, the society is totally divided under various parties which are damaging the society further, some of the self made gods are well supported by these parties and also by big big personale.

    Spirituality actually means commonsense, common goals and common achievements whatever be the fruits are shared equally by the all the people who ever is involved in developing either the product or process, and is utilized for the benefit of the society and not for personal gains. Spirituality actually hones ones capabilities and fine tunes them. If any body wants to see the fruits of spirituality visit Art of Living, International center, Kanakapura, Bangalore. Or visit their web cite and see the services they do to the Indian and world masses almost each and every country.

  60. D.Bheemeswar wrote:
    "From the childhood we copy others"

    D.Bheemeswar is doing an excellent job of copying!!! All his above comments are CTRL+C & CTRL+V :)

  61. Bheemeswar Saheb, it is not considered appropriate to use the comments section of another's blog as a pulpit.

  62. Dear Anonymous,

    Thanks for the comments.

  63. The main purpose of Spiritual practice is for self discovery and self analysis to go towards self reliability and self conscience, these in scientific terms we can call as self critical analysis of what we do. If one has ego it aggravates the problem. Mind will start comparing and it becomes a relative term. Ego is not self, self is the soul which runs the body and mind. In scientific terms all the body mechanisms are controlled or triggered by the mind. Most of the spiritual practices are for controlling the mind, which otherwise deviates from the path of virtuality. Materialistic aspects like Power, freedom to do whater money and pompousness,none of them we can take along with us even the body can not be take with us while we perish. Then what for we are living. If we can nor make humanly relationships, live peacefully, harmoniously and how serene conditions prevail on this earth.

    Ego is one of the route cause of the most of the problems that we are facing on this earth, next is ignorance. Ego generates arrogance most of the times the people who have this lead to autocratic style. Inability to learn at any age brings ignorance, this coupled with ego makes one to take erroneous decisions.

  64. It seems lot of the so called educated people wants short cuts to achieve maximum benefits whether it is science or spirituality. Life is not like a bakery item which are ready made to eat, nor it is not a fast food type. It is so complicated and weird, it goes on increasing as we go on adding the list of the persons we meet or discuss or exchange views. There are other factors also which add up like basic needs and other obligation in the society. Actually what we read in India is to acquire some degrees and get a decent job, after that as usual. For some people it is silver spoon for others its very complicated to live or survive. Being a highly Bureaucratic and Hippocratic society, when the equations change it is difficult to make. The chain of togetherness is lost some where. But the same we can not apply in spirituality. And most of the scientific explanations fail to unearth mystery behind it. Is it invoking the spirits of something, I do not think so, if they are spirits why all the people can not experience it in the same way those who practice it.

    Then what was the force that passed from Sri Ramakrishna to Narenra (Swami Vivekananda), even this happens reverse if some touch the forehead some people may feel they have lost something and from next moment they behave differently. There are some reports citing that some UFOs make perfect concentric circles on the fields, even some people tried to take a snap of it. of course now some videos are available, still some explanation has to come out about all these peculiar happenings. In Germany there is department studying Holistic activities affiliated to Max Plank Institute.
    Then why do people bleed less after practicing meditations while surgery is done and recover faster than those who do nothing of this sort.

    Basically science it self is based on certain set standards which are fixed some experts in the field. Every now and then some these things go on changing depending on the new findings or observations and the theories developed upon it. I do not think so that such science can give beautiful explanations for the disappearance of the ships/airplanes near Bermuda triangle, so also the jumping forces from one human to another, so as thunderbolt falling at a particular spot on the earth, to some degree we can minimise the losses that may cause because of natural calamity. Can any body scientifically control this phenomenon, they themselves are not able to control their feelings. Just like what I have created in my earlier posting in the comments. NMSitabheemeswar is my better half, in order to get a specific response I have do it. from the name itself one may be able to find out. What a beautiful reaction I have got. Like others I am not using any fictitious name in this web postings.

    How ever thanks for all who are trying to learn or trying to contribute to this the way they can. I take this only as a learning process. When I see some comments I feel probably the natural frequencies have not matched. Try a different approach next time.

  65. If anybody has read recent scientific studies about mammoth elephants from Asia to America, their remains suggest that they were chased by the predators from Asia to America in pursuit of their body wax. similarly if there were no astronauts during those periods in south America. history of the world book do suggest that, there may be some aeroplanes landing near south America because of peculiar tree growth showing an arrow sign towards the sea from above. However how come the cultures of Mayan and ours are similar. So as Incas and RedIndians.

    Similarly some genetic orders studies in India conducted by foreign researchers shows that a genetically higher order male marring a female of inferior genetic order gives rise to genetically higher order. similarly an genetically higher order female marrying a genetically inferior ones off springs shall be having inferior genes. This is the jist of the Mahabharatha.

  66. Bheem Dude: You have no clue what you are talkin' about.

  67. Eight Paths of Light

    By Bheemeswar D,

    There are eight paths of light, which are predominant in nature. Ray of Light: It is evident that the light is primary source of life on this earth’s surface. A beam of light or a shaft of light or a ray of light triggers the mechanisms in the green and develops different materials on the greens, whatever be the surface exposed develops its own mechanism and prepares the materials which useful one way or other to its existence.
    When this light ray is obstructed by any material it behaves differently, which are again root cause of different phenomenon. The different phenomenons which are predominant are given bellow:

    1. Scattering: By scattering it deviates from the path of original direction and breaks into its constituents. And thus makes the mater of the obstruction mesmerized,
    2. Reflection: By reflection it bounces back in different direction creates mirror images or complex conjugates,
    3. Diffraction: By diffraction the light slightly deviates from the path of the original direction creates illusions,
    4. Interference: By interference of the different constituents of the light forms fringes of infinite colours, creates amazement,
    5. Spectral lines: Each constituent of light forms its own spectra by its own interfering fringes or spectral lines, characteristic of the all materials.
    6. Absorption: When light or its constituents are absorbed by the obstructing materials, they excite it and emit the characteristic of the light or its constituents or its varieties by which the materials are identified.
    7. Dispersion: The light which has fallen on one material does neither of the above characteristics; it disperses into all the directions spherically, also called as polarizing, high inertial materials.
    8. Unison: The light that has all the above items 2 to 7, has the knack of combining after certain period of time or travel of distance

  68. “Science of Chakras”

    By Bheemeswar D,
    Chakras are the points that receive or exchange energy in the body in any form; it can be radiation, material and sounds. Basically there are a lot of receiving or exchange points. But here I deal with seven charkas.
    1. Base Chakra: The point at the bottom of the spinal chord. Energy goes out in the form of material.
    2. Genital Chakra: Used for creativity. Energy goes out in the form of material or absorbed.
    3. Nabhi Chakra: Around this most of the abdominal glands are there. They help in converting the material into useful to the body, absorbing the materials into body.
    4. Hrudaya Chakra: Heart and lungs are in this area. One circulates the body fluids to entire body. The other exchanges the materials in gaseous form and purifies body fluids.
    5. Throat Chakra: Here most of the most of the materials inputted. And also primary digestion takes place.
    6. Gnana Chakra: In this area eyes, ears and central brain are there. We hear and absorb vibrational energy, absorb radiation through eyes and smells from materials. Brain activates the entire body and gives necessary inputs to the other parts of the body by signals.
    7. Top of the Head Chakra: This is also known as bliss Chakra. This absorbs maximum radiation from the universe and also radiates some energy.

    If one meditates at each Chakra they get reenergized. Any toxics or extra materials shall get discharged from there, and helps maintaining the metabolism in those areas.

    Every human being on this earth has all these elements common. Only the ways and practices are different. Depending on the region and geographical conditions people are different by built.

    Bliss Chakra: We receive the solar energy on our entire body but it is maximum on the head, this radiation includes radiations from moon, sun, planets and also from distance stars. As it is evident that each star and planet have their own characteristic spectra. The sun and moon radiating maximum their influence on the life is different. That’s where the lunar calendar and solar calendar are in existence. When a person takes birth the birth star has some predominant effects on the life as its spectra together that of either sun or moon and the planetary positions are taken into consideration on the life styles of the child, and also the personality development afterwards. As the child’s birth involves minimum two persons that is a woman and man their characters are also considered for the behavioral aspects if necessary. As brain is the central monitoring unit which sends the messages and receives the messages from various parts of the body, hence the influence of this complex conjugate radiational phenomenon of solar system on the bodies of human kind. Where as the brain is triggered by conscious which actually couples the radiational and sound aspects and stores the data and retrieves it. The study of these systems influence at given time are important as they may not function properly, in case some negatives are there. The brain is supposed to be pure but the influence of the gnana charka can also cause the negatives.

    Gnana Chakra: We hear look and smell the materials and life and other systems, as the child grows may develop negatives by age or influenced by others. This also hinders the central nervous system, even though you’re conscious permits the brain does not agree. So the negatives or developed after some period of time even conscious does not function it allows the brain to do the things the way it likes. This can even happen with any other part of the body also if they are not functioning or if some abnormalities are there. Which are mainly influenced by the parental lineage.

    Nabhi Chakra: As one grows up eats food and stored it at different parts of the body. Excess food what I mean is unutilized food for normal metabolism plays an important role on the body mechanism. If it is too excess it is converted into higher groups of chains and settles where ever they are and becomes the hindrance for the metabolism in those parts. So proper diet well balanced depending on the geographical conditions is necessary. In colder regions they require higher calorie foods as the body has to cope with cold conditions. In hotter conditions people require a little less calorie food but lots of minerals and water to reduce the effect of hotness and also their skin should have lot of pores open to release the heat and the minerals. Most of the places the geographical availability of the foods are different their characteristics depend on the region. Some times we intake some toxics through food, which may hinder metabolism of some of the locations in the body. From environment also we breathe some which goes through the lungs into body. The toxics can be biological or chemical or both. Which in turn make the body week.

    Heart Chakra: Heart and lungs are the pumping and has exchangers as the child grows up his lung capacity reduce to approximately to 30 -50 % depending on the case to case. Once the breathing lost its natural rhythm the heart has to pump over capacity or work harder so the pressures go up this pressure going up can also happen due the problems in the other organs. As we go on eating more and more with less lung capacity, the heart capacity also reduces hence more pressure is created on the heart. This creates more sugars going to the brain or other parts of the body which can not take higher sugars and affects those parts.
    Throat Chakra: Throat is the area which does primary digestion where we have mouth and nose; these input the materials into the nabhi charka or to heart charka. As here we receive the inputs these should function appropriately. Nose should be clean as far as possible free from particulate and biological systems. Mouth should be as clean as possible from pathogenic bacteria which may grow in between teeth and gums, as there is all possibility that these may go into the nabhi charka and then into the other systems, or through lungs into other parts of the body.
    Genital charka: This is the place where the glands produce the materials for the next life. They receive different materials from the fluids in the body synthesize them to starters of the next life. This only the organ other than brain which receives the signals directly from conscious. As the synthesis requires high energies and very high rate of transfers. This actually excites entire body. That’s where the genetical disorders and also life continuity lies. This can be from any one of the mates.
    As the mother bears the fruit for some time her conditions or more important in developing the life.

    Base charka: this is the place from where we transfer the materials out which in excess in the body along with wastes. This place is important because the life or material required for the life also comes out form hear.

    There are some other joints which transfer the fluids and transmit signals but above are basically important.

  69. Under the Big circus of Big Bang on which one may Bank

    D. Bheemeswar,
    Introduction: Under the umbrella of sky there is dearth, wealth of knowledge and developmental activities for the progression of mankind and other life and also elements of nature and also universal systems. It is very difficult to understand the systematic chaotic nature of NATURE. Sometimes it is beyond imagination of think tanks of human beings. Even though it is possible to predict the behavior of other life’s and elements and universal systems. There is no hard and fast rule to say that we humans have/had understood entire behaviors in Toto. Refer to the article titled ‘ The Stages of Scientists’ by Dr. P. Balaram in the current science, vol.87 (10), 25th November 2004, pp 1329-20. the author gives his entire agony about current state of affairs about scientists, the managers of scientists and haphazard behavioral ways and methods of top managers of funding agencies and implementing scientific workers.

    Theory of Ethods: For further understanding of the Nature one has to go into sky deep and in depths of ocean to get a feeling and couple with social – cultural – economic situations for the societal ethics and methods. By coupling ethics and methods I call it as ETHODS (Enterprising Thixotropic Heat Of Doctrical1 Science). 1 Combining medical and engineering sciences. It is basic common sense to Acknowledge, Appraise, Applaud and Accept (4 – Aces), every individual is human, being a part of nature irrespective of age and sex, race or region. Only the basic is Human race should continue its life and try to understand the natural behavior of nature and universal systems and not to do a bit extra as it becomes extravaganza and what not.

    In nut shell people with egos, ill-logical methods to attaining superiority/inferiority complexes and false prestige and show business has put current affairs of science into a big trouble of self destruction and distraction.

    There is no limit for Think Tank Thanks Times (4 – T’s). Which is explained schematically bellow.
    Y - Tank

    X - Think

    Z – Thanks

    Schematic diagram of Think Tank and Thank with Time (4 – T’s)

    I call this think phenomenon as well known thixotropic property. Thanks this phenomenon is beyond theory of relativity of Einstein’s and his Photon’s** behavior can be explained which has unimaginable transfers rates of all kinds.

    ** A particle of consisting of following

    1) Energy, P

    2*) Rotation I and coupled with I

    3) Vacuum N .
    *1) Power,

    *2) Cyclic and Basic volume (bare minimum or else limitless also)

    Analysis by Mechanics:

    Let ‘m’ be the mass of the particle, ‘v’ be the velocity, ‘a’ be the acceleration ‘c’ be the velocity of the light

    The kinetic energy of the particle is KE = mv2/2 …….I

    The potential energy of the particle is PE = mgh ……II where h is the hight of the particle from the base horizontal

    From the energy balance we have PE + KE = Constant say K

    By substitution of equations II and I we get mgh + mv2/2 = K …III

    Differentiating equation III with respect to time we get

    d(mgh)/dt + d(mv2/2)/dt = 0

    as m is constant for most of the cases and g being gravitational constant we get

    mgd(h)/dt + m2v/2 ( d(v)/dt) = 0

    d(h)/dt + v a/g = 0 …. IV as d(v)/dt = a from mechanics

    Differentiating equation IV with respect to time

    d2(h)/dt2 + a/g (d(v)/dt) + v/g (d(a)/dt = 0 or

    d2(h)/dt2 + a2/g + v/g (d(a)/dt = 0 ….V

    Differentiating with respect to time

    d3(h)/dt3 +2a/g(d(a)/dt) + v/g (d2(a)/dt2 + 1/g (d(v)/dt)d(a)/dt = 0 or

    d3(h)/dt3 +3a/g(d(a)/dt) + v/g (d2(a)/dt2 = 0 …..VI

    from the theory relativity of Einstein we have r = 1/(1-v2/c2)1/2 …VII

    when c = v the equation is undefined, c < v it is again undefined but when c > v r is

    greater than 1

    equation VII written as r2(c2-v2 ) = c2 or v2 = c2 - c2/ r2

    or v = c (1 – 1/r2)1/2 substituting in equation IV

    we get d(h)/dt + c (1 – 1/r2)1/2 a/g = 0 or

    rate of transfers d(h)/dt = -( c (1 – 1/r2)1/2 a/g) ….. this term I define as thixotropic T1

    property defining rate of change of potential energy it is constant for a given material and

    system, differentiating equation VI with respect to time we get

    similarly by substituting the value of v in equations V and VI we get

    d2(h)/dt2 = -( a2/g + c (1 – 1/r2)1/2/g (d(a)/dt) and

    d3(h)/dt3 = - (3a/g(d(a)/dt) + c (1 – 1/r2)1/2/g (d2(a)/dt2) I once again call these as

    thixotropic constants T2 and T3 respectively, it can be expanded further to suit to


    Analysis by energy balancing method:

    From Plank’s theory we have H = n l and from Einstein’s theory E = m c2/2

    mgH + E must be constant R .. IX for a photon with a mass of m and velocity equal to c,

    n is frequency and l is the wave length, differentiating equation IX with respect to time

    dH/dt + dE/dt = 0 or

    mg(ld(n) /dt + nd(l)/dt) + gn l d(m)/dt+ c2 /2(d(m)/dt) = 0 … VIII as photon has the

    ability to reduce or increase its mass d(m)/dt is not equal to zero, but d(l)/dt is equal

    to the velocity of particle of mass m equals to v let us say as photons intensity decreases

    as the frequency increases hence the above equation becomes

    (gn l + c2/2) d(m)/dt + mg (ld(n) /dt + nv) = 0 …. IX

    (d(m)/dt)/m = - (g (ld(n) /dt + nv))/ (gn l + c2/2)

    again substituting the value of v we get

    (d(m)/dt)/m = - (g (ld(n) /dt + n c (1 – 1/r2)1/2))/ (gn l + c2/2) rate of change of times a

    thixotropic property of time1 as the velocities of particle becomes equal to lights velocity

    the rate is very high


    From the equations IV to VII it can be concluded that in general mass has no value in evaluating the thixotropic constants of first to third orders. The same is true for fourth order also.

    However, the energy balance for a photon shows that mass also varies as the frequency and wavelength varies. This is because we get different colours for different wavelengths with different frequencies. It is also possible to travel beyond the speed of the light. But it is very difficult to find and locate the particle as they form complex conjugates. This requires high transfer rates to achieve this type of velocities, which is only possible by thixotropic property.

    This means that the particle behaves as a mass and as wave depending on the nature of its travel and media obstructions.
    All the other theories can be applied to this phenomenon. A reasonable and suitable technology can be developed for understanding the behaviour of materials and life.

    From the present form of understanding photon is the life giver and exciter of all the materials. Till its finer parts are understood this theory can be applied.

    As the lights sources are limited in nature like sun, stars and reflections from moon and planets are main sources of photon. They all emit the lights portions that combinations select the life and its behaviuor is controlled by these emissions.

    That’s why in ayurveda, its meaning being science of life and its extension, and jyothishyam, meaning being light of life, is generally added. Without which it is difficult to give a particular medicine that will compensate the deficiencies and cures the personal. It’s a complex approach to, even though it is practiced earlier. Now also it can be practiced. As all the medicines are for extension of life on this earth. In general ayurveda includes powders as well as medicinal plants and other natural medicines.

    Annexure I:

    Hypothesis: I assume that earth is the mother creator of the universe all other systems are its subsystems. As all the elements including life on earth are controlled by light, magnetic and resilience of other systems. Only the main systems are considered.

    Table I. Universal systems and their symbols and position in binary functions.

    S.No. System Symbol Position Plosition***
    1 Sun S 0 1
    2 Moon M 0 1
    3 Mercury Me 0 1
    4 Venus V 0 1
    5 Earth Base Life or material Life or material
    6 Mars Ma 0 1
    7 Jupiter J 0 1
    8 Saturn Sa 0 1
    9 Rahu R 0 1
    10 Kethu K 0 1
    11 Aswini I1 0 1
    12 Bharani I2 0 1
    13 Krithika I3 0 1
    14 Rohini I4 0 1
    15 Mrigasira I5 0 1
    16 Arudra I6 0 1
    17 Punrvasu I7 0 1
    18 Pushyam I8 0 1
    19 Ashlesha I9 0 1
    20 Makha I10 0 1
    21 Poorvaphalguni I11 0 1
    22 Uttaraphalguni I12 0 1
    23 Hastha I13 0 1
    24 Chitra I14 0 1
    25 Swathi I15 0 1
    26 Vishakha I16 0 1
    27 Anuradha I17 0 1
    28 Jyestta I18 0 1
    29 Moola I19 0 1
    30 Poorvashadda I20 0 1
    31 Uttarashadda I21 0 1
    32 Srawana I22 0 1
    33 Dhanistta I23 0 1
    34 Sathbhisham I24 0 1
    35 Poorvapadra I25 0 1
    36 Uttarapadra I26 0 1
    37 Revathi I27 0 1

    *** plosition = just to mention full piece/ explosion

    By assuming that each star has nine positions at a time of event and nine planets including sun and moon and factionary planets Rahu and Kethu which represent the unknown elements like comets and nebulas, the following matrix are formed.

    I11 I12 ….. ………………I19 s
    I21 I29 M
    I31 . Me . I41 . V
    I51 . X Ma = LIFE SYSTEMS
    I61 . J AND
    I71 . Sa MATERIALS
    I81 . R
    I91 . K
    I101 .
    I111 .
    I121 .
    I131 .
    I141 .
    I151 .
    I161 .
    I171 .
    I181 .
    I191 .
    I201 .
    I211 .
    I221 .
    I231 .
    I241 .
    I251 I259
    I261 I269
    I271 I272 ….. ……….. ………I279

    Annexure II:

    It is assumed that each photon is considered as three parts. First part is a full piece of energy, second one is independent portion, which rotates or propagates or propels it and the third one is vacuum which makes the first one to be bound with boundaries or confines it to peripherals.

    P1 P2 P3 M Mains

    I1 I2 I3 X I = A Plants

    N1 N2 N3 N Nerves

    This is base matrix, which is complex conjugate of other units together as explained in annexure I and combinations there off.

    Mains: Men, Women Stars and Planets etc.

    Plants: Plants, Animals, some Birds etc

    Nerves: Creepers, Fish, Reptiles Comets, Nebulas etc

    Note. This is only a typical hypothesis to arrive at some logical solution to couple the medicinal sciences with astrological sciences along with mathematical sciences, so as one can have better understanding of the NATURE and its SYSTEMS for the better usage of mankind.


    r = 1/(1-v2/c2)1/2

    when v = 0, r = 1 and 1/r = 1;

    when v < c, r > 1and 1/r < 1;

    when v = c, r = (1/0) undefined but 1/r = 0 and

    when v > c, r = 1/(-x)1/2 undefined but 1/r = (-x)1/2

    it is a complex conjugate where x = - (1-v2/c2)

    from equation IV d(h)/dt = T1 = -( c (1 – 1/r2)1/2 a/g)

    when v = 0, r = 1, T1 = 0, no change in potential energy

    when v < c, T1 > 0, T1 = - ac(1- x)/g,

    when v = c, T1 = -ac/g and

    when v > c, T1 = -ac (1+x)/g

    similar analysis can be made for the remaining differential equations

  70. For your kind information most of the Vedic Sciences were developed based on human behaviour.Chiefly they do not emphasise for the material comforts like Power, Money and also all other extra anti-social activities. Rather
    they all emphasise for the liberation of the soul, that is on control of the brain from these materialistic aspects. Which are the main root cause of the despair and misery.

    If one goes into deep philosophy of these texts, which were told and
    retold and rewritten in different forms of literature in prose as well as poetry. Whatever we investigate what humans require is a half a loaf of bread, a shelter for his family and few inches of clothing to be decent with others, otherwise there will not be any difference between animals and humans. Coming to the point what we eat is food(not adulterated), for quenching a glass of water(not polluted), some free air(not polluted air), the clothing that is natural (it degrades faster than other what we use now), a shelter to protect our lives.
    Then what for people are more possessive and show greed, creed etc that too even after getting educated, can we call them as literally illiterate. you know that these is all human psychology which makes one to bend towards antisocial, inhuman etc.

    Then if one takes birth has to die one day, when one perishes we are
    not going to take any thing Worth us, including the body that's what a mother and a father have given. Then what for we are living, probable answer is to continue the human life on this earth, most probably in search of the root cause of this birth and death or may to find out is there is no birth and death on this earth or is it for absolute liberation of the soul.

    The answers for which are unknown, no body can answer these, except
    the mechanism which has made such a decent arrangements. Do we have to await till the figure appears, no we can not, but the thirst for that curiosity should continue. Who can continue, only our future life, that's what I mean is our children, grandchildren may be their grand children and so on. This is all about Vedic philosophy's.

  71. Chaankaya Thantrangal

    Orikil janikum orikil marikim evide jeevethangal
    Bhaskaran udayichu asthamichu pakshe jeevathangal Maritilla

    Thirichi aa bhaskaran yeppol udayikim arayilla
    Ee naatil vettam illathaayi poyi gadandhakaramaye

    Orikil janikum orikil marikim evide jeevethangal
    Bhaskaran udayichu asthamichu pakshe jeevathangal Maritilla

    Jeevangalku vadikanikan veraarum illadhayi poye
    Vadigal thettipoye reethigal thettipoye manavan mrigamaye

    Orikil janikum orikil marikim evide jeevethangal
    Bhaskaran udayichu asthamichu pakshe jeevathangal Maritilla

    Shastramellam marichipoye aa manushyan
    Jeevithatthil rasmillada poye badugu jeevangalku

    Orikil janikum orikil marikim evide jeevethangal
    Bhaskaran udayichu asthamichu pakshe jeevathangal Maritilla

    Yellaru apara chankyalaye pakshe chanakyam yendana arayilla
    Chanakyan raajuye sthapichu prajathantramendan kanichu

    Orikil janikum orikil marikim evide jeevethangal
    Bhaskaran udayichu asthamichu pakshe jeevathangal Maritilla

    Kajanayila paisayilla janangalku venda paripati yilla
    Idi yendoru prajathanthramanaa aa daivatthine aarayam

    Orikil janikum orikil marikim evide jeevethangal
    Bhaskaran udayichu asthamichu pakshe jeevathangal Maritilla

    Orikil janikum orikil marikim evide jeevethangal
    Pakshe yippol jeevangal jeevanmrithulaye idi yendoru thanthrmana

    Orikil janikum orikil marikim evide jeevethangal
    Bhaskaran udayichu asthamichu pakshe jeevathangal Maritilla

  72. Bheem dude is back to copy paste!!!Old habits die hard :)

  73. It is very good to called as dud by the duds. It is very interesting learning point, and turning point of the lives also.

    thank you arjun dud

  74. This is the poem describing about chankya's vision.

    that there shall be births and deaths on this land, sun raise and
    descends but there is not change in the lives, this entire land became
    fallen into the darkness, again when that bhskaran raises I do not
    know, who can give meaning to the lives, there is no other person who
    can show the path of virtuousness, they all gone astray and humans
    became animals, humans have forgotten their sciences and there is no
    charm in living, everybody feels that they are chankyas, but nobody
    knows what is chanakyam, the person who made a king and reestablished
    the democracy on this land, and shown how democracy should run for
    improving the lives of the people, there is no money in the treasury
    nor there are any steps to improve the lives of the people, is this is
    democracy, probably only the god knows about it, but presently all the
    people have become lifeless even though they have life, what is this
    is all for.

    this is the gist of the poem, which I have posted earlier

  75. Ultimate Goal
    For the kind information, there is nothing called as ultimate method, every methods is trail and error only, some times we may be successful in the first trial it self. This number trails all depends on the situation and circumstances. Try each and every method and learn it by practice, this only makes one to feel something. As you all may know that a person has not grown in one hour or one day. Nations and traditions were not built in one day. Even the science and technology is not built in one day. The quest for learning goes on and on as far as life goes on this earth. To quench for that thirst never ends, it is a continuous process, which has no end. But our body has. Not the soul. But the soul searching is so difficult that the brains of humans do not agree. As far as I know the thirst for this searching goes on and on to meet this soul and brain. What I feel is then only one can be successful.

  76. Dear friends,
    here some of the history, when the Maghad was ruled by unruly Kings called PadmaNanda, Chankya rose to ocassion, Chosen ChandraGupta who was the son of Mura, son of a tribal lady and a king, groomed him and made him the king of the Maghad, whatever be the troubles he never went back during grooming period. Even his hut was put on to the fire. Similarly Chatrapathi Shivaji was groomed by Peshva.

    Similarly Thimmarusu Groomed Krishna Devaraya. Commin to the Thimmarusu's child hood, while he sleeping a snake(King Cobra) kept a shade over him, that is one of the reason he became famous.

    Kalidasa and Ramalinga became pundits by overnight by Mother kali, you all know how famous they were. Similarly SreeRamakrishna Parmahamsa, who made Narendra as Vivekananda, is also enlightened by Mother kali.

    Thimmarusu's story is true, Sree Krishna's story is also true as for him also a snake (King cobra) gave a shade from the rain, while his father was crossing the river Yamuna.

    By going mathematical Induction it can be true even in future. But only one condition the cobra's should have to come naturally by themselves. this is the traditional knowledge comming from ages, that,s why they represent Vishnu or Shiva in such fashion.

  77. "By going mathematical Induction it can be true even in future"
    ROTFL :)

    "...snake (King cobra) gave a shade from the rain"

    ADVT: In the comming monsoon get rid of raincoats & umbrellas!!!Buy snake (King cobra) from d.bheemeswar & his Gurudev!!!

  78. Dear Anonymous,

    Thanks for your affection and love in promoting.

    Debunking Vedas Is debunking our own faces, the amount of atrocities that are happening in India it self shows how much faceless we are, Is it is the culture that was developed by our forefathers, is it is the culture for which Mahatma Gandhi wore only dhoti and made India to get Independace through Non-violance. If somebody does not behave humanly it does not mean that all are like that in India. I have to appreciate the people who want to debunk their own culture, even not putting efforts to understand what it is just by learning few english words. Of course no body can blamed for this debunking faces.

  79. Bheemeshwar Saheb, don't you think that just maybe, perhaps you have gone beyond the scope of the blog article and beyond the purpose of the comment's section of a blog entry? Just asking.

    Don't you think it would be more appropriate to have your own web site on Vedic sciences rather than flood another person's blog day after day?

    ~ Vinod

  80. I am sorry if you feel so. But I feel pained for the comments that too come about Vedas, Vedas does not mean the stories of epics alone, as there finer aspects in them than what we learn from, misinterpreted stories that come as best sellers.
    For example in the story of Maha Bharath there two characters called Ekalavya and Karna.
    1) Ekalavya: He is a son of the tribal chief wanted to learn usage of weapons from Dronacharya, as he is busy in teaching the princes of Histinapur and also his own son Aswatthama, Dronacharya refuses to teach Ekalavya. Instead of going to some other teachers this person learns it by copying by dubious methods. For this copyrights violation he was punished. Even today as we call Modern there are too many copyright violators. One way speaking it is day-to-day affair that is going on this earth from ages.
    2) Karna: He goes to Viswamithra to learn the weaponry arts, just by looking at him Viswamithra teaches Karna. The moment he realizes that Karna does not have the morality and ethics Viswamithra curses him, that the weaponry art shall be forgotten by Karna when he requires utmost in the battle field. All the Shastras are to teach to only those who deserve and keep it for themselves, and also they can use to good cause of human kind. Now days we are teaching to all. Because of which there are so many problems. Coming back to Karnas antecedents there goes a story, in his previous births Karna was a asura and got boons from Brahma, so that he can not be killed by either by Nara or by Narayan, since every life has to die one day, Brahma gives a boon that he can get killed only by combination of Nara and Narayan, that too only one shall fight with him and the other goes on meditating for the success other. Hence a great war continues finally one day it was Narayan who chases this asura, but this asura hides himself in the sun and gets protection. Narayan is in dilemma if he wanted to kill this asura he has to kill sun also, so he leaves him like that. The same fellow takes rebirth as Karna, and it is turn of Nara to kill him. If we take Nara as the brain the conscious and Narayan as the subconscious, it is very difficult to control oneself from those who use rumors (Kundalas) and have thick skins (kavachas) in sensitive, as they are after full of materialistic aspects only. These types of people are there even now and shall be there even in future.
    3) Drutharastras there are blind persons (not physically) even now those who support their sons and daughters even after doing evil works to others.
    4) Maha Bharath: All the lands together, which is concerned with all the people, those who are humans.

  81. Dear Friends,

    When I see some people misinterpret or misrepresent Vedaic Sciences
    for their advantage I feel pained for the comments that too come about
    Vedas, Vedas does not mean the stories of epics alone, as there are
    finer aspects in them than what we have learnt from, misinterpreted
    stories that come as best sellers.
    For example in the story of Maha Bharath there two characters called
    Ekalavya and Karna.
    1) Ekalavya: He is a son of the tribal chief wanted to learn usage of
    weapons from Dronacharya, as he is busy in teaching the princes of
    Histinapur and also his own son Aswatthama, Dronacharya refuses to
    teach Ekalavya. Instead of going to some other teachers this person
    learns it by copying by dubious methods. For this copyrights violation
    he was punished. Even today as we call Modern there are too many
    copyright violators. One way speaking it is day-to-day affair that is
    going on this earth from ages.
    2) Karna: He goes to Viswamithra to learn the weaponry arts, just by
    looking at him Viswamithra teaches Karna. The moment he realizes that
    Karna does not have the morality and ethics Viswamithra curses him,
    that the weaponry art shall be forgotten by Karna when he requires
    utmost in the battle field. All the Shastras are to teach to only
    those who deserve and keep it for themselves, and also they can use to
    good cause of human kind. Now days we are teaching to all. Because of
    which there are so many problems. Coming back to Karnas antecedents
    there goes a story, in his previous births Karna was a asura and got
    boons from Brahma, so that he can not be killed by either by Nara or
    by Narayan, since every life has to die one day, Brahma gives a boon
    that he can get killed only by combination of Nara and Narayan, that
    too only one shall fight with him and the other goes on meditating for
    the success other. Hence a great war continues finally one day it was
    Narayan who chases this asura, but this asura hides himself in the sun
    and gets protection. Narayan is in dilemma if he wanted to kill this
    asura he has to kill sun also, so he leaves him like that. The same
    fellow takes rebirth as Karna, and it is turn of Nara to kill him. In
    this story if we take Nara as the brain the conscious and Narayan as
    the subconscious, it is very difficult to control oneself from those
    who use rumors (Kundalas) and have thick skins (kavachas)
    in-sensitive, as they are after full of materialistic aspects only.
    These types of people are there even now and shall be there even in
    3) Drutharastras there are blind persons (not physically) even now
    those who support their sons and daughters even after doing evil works
    to others.
    4) Maha Bharath: All the lands together, which is concerned with all
    the people, those who are humans.

    The fight between Matetrialistic aspects and principles of living goes
    on ever on this earth as far as Humans are living on this earth, it is
    a never ending process.

    with all the best, better late than never it is for panchedriya gnanam
    (self control, self reliance, self resilient, self sustainable and
    self respect), it is the majestic way of living without pompousness,
    prejudice and coterie.

  82. Karana was student of Parshuram, not Viswamithra ,you idiot!!Go and read Mahabharat (& English grammar)

  83. And since when did Maha Bharath become a part of the Vedas?

  84. Thanks for the corrections.

    For your kind information, entire story of the MahaBharath is derived from Vedas, and written by the Same Author Sage Veda Vyasa, who is the sone of Viswamithra and MatsyaGandhi(fisher woman).

  85. Wrong again!!
    1. Veda Vyasa was the son of rishi Parashar and Matsyagandha.
    2. Veda Vyasa did not write the Vedas. He only divided the Vedas into Rig,Saam,Yajur & Atharva Veda,hence his name.
    So much for knowledge of Vedas and championing Vedic Science ;)

  86. This is how we learn and improve our knowledge. Once again thanks for you.

  87. I Seek Freedom, what is that freedom

    Every living being seeks freedom, but except humans all living beings follow natural phenomenon. Since humans have brain the concept of freedom does not exist untill unless the brain is in full contorl, what I meant to say that the brain should be free of all materialistic aspects, the same thing is also called as spirituality. Most of the people do have some spirituality but the devil in them makes them to go after materialistic aspects. When we are living with so many humans who wants and needs some materials for their purposes, whether they are useful or not is not the matter, just they want to poses it, thats all. Because we all live in the world where copmarison or theory of relativity is more, you know every thing relates, just degrees of comparison. Those who seek freedom they must be away from these worldly bondages. This can happen only after the death in most of the cases. That is not the end. Just begining only. Better is that have some spirituality, treat everybody as equally humans, help in the case of need and preach humanism, this way of life brings freedom not only to the person seeking it but for all.

  88. Dear friends

    Here I am giving some methods by which the e=mc2 can be reversed within our body.
    Generic Natural Product Formulations for the Development
    Of Resistance in the Human Body

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    Details of the Generic Formula:
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    ** Diabetics compositions were added because of the reason that now a day’s more sugar patients are there and also with some heart ailments. The above mentioned combination also takes care of digestive problems.

    Mix all of them together or grind them to powders, two spoons of this mixer can be added to a glass of hot 150ml milk, with little sugar or boiled in milk and consumed as such, regular intake of this is good for health nutritionally as well as controls the blood sugars effectively.( for two persons)

    Experimental Analysis:
    The analysis which I have attached in the UV absorption spectra in UV region shows powerful antioxidants, which realign under UV radiation and absorb it faster and hence, shall not damage the body. Same way the peak at 420nm near visible spectra also realigns the anti oxidants which give complete protection beyond that, as it transmits only visible, hence nerves shall be functioning better by transmitting them to and from, and hence the reflexes shall improve. IR confirms the above and also that there are no toxics in the end product.

    The said product is a natural substitute for developing the internal human resistance and also immunity. The same generic formula by adding dried one red rose flower petals powder may enhance memory, helps in skin colour and also it is good for the natural photodynamic treatment for the cancer where co2 laser beam or sodium light can be used to excite the components as the red rose gives the peaks near red regions or visual spectra. Because of these radiations there may not be problems that we are presently facing with radiation therapy or chemotherapy. But, this formulation helps in boosting the immunity by normal body conditions it self, only they may have to take a walk daily around sun rise conditions during which periods the UV and Red light is more.

    Figure1 UV spectra of the Generic formula in milk and
    boiled condition in the UV range

    Figure 2 IR spectra of the Generic formula in milk and boiled condition

    Figure 3 UV spectra of the Generic formula in milk and boiled condition

    The authors would like to thank Director Prof TK Chandrashekar, Dr D Ramaiaha, Scientist and Dr C Arumugham Emeritus Scientist NIIST, Trivandrum for proving the analytical facilities for the above work. We thank Dr BC Pai Deputy Director NIIST Trivandrum for his continuous guidance.

  89. "damir.miric"
    Hello all,

    "At JREF, we offer a one-million-dollar prize to anyone who can show, under proper observing conditions, evidence of any paranormal, supernatural, or occult power or event."

    Do we have anyone here who would be able to take that challenge and
    prove astrology to be right once and for all ?


  90. Dear Damar Miric,

    Thanks for the message. You have mistaken about spirituality and magic. Spiritual experiences are individuals. Where as in magic some people use experimens to make others enjoy or mesmerize. Astrology uses certain positions of the stars and planets to derive that certain thing may occur. If it good it is okay but if the it is bad just take positive steps thats all. There is no need that astrology has to be true at all the times. We do experiments in science with materials whuich have some characteristis, which are to some extent well defined or quantified. Thats where the molecular disign is taking shape. But experimentally yhey may behave diferently after design.

    But in spirituality the main problem is the brain of human, which can not distinguish between the challenge and problem. For which I want to put few questions.
    Who are you chanllenge?
    Does the output satisfy your EGO?
    Why did you want to subscribe for showing occult?
    Why shall a person has to show you with proof these things?
    Most of these powers neither you can see nor you can imagine because of your ignorance about spirituality. Then why you want disprove such occurings?
    I am sorry tell you that there are so many examples in the HIstory of the world who sacrificed their lives but never gave ot shown the powers they posses. Even you have the power but your working out path is totally incorrect.
    Firsdt cultivate a good culture and manners. Thats all.

  91. Hello all,

    "At JREF, we offer a one-million-dollar prize to anyone who can show, under proper observing conditions, evidence of any paranormal, supernatural, or occult power or event."

    Do we have anyone here who would be able to take that challenge and
    prove VEDIC astrology to be right once and for all ?


  92. Dear Mr.Damir,

    Probably you have mistaken that Spirituality is for sale or to disprove that vedic sciences are a nonsense. Probably you have misunderstood the concept totally. A spiritually enlightened person is supposed to be the most civilised. Who sees all others as humans. Only in humans call for challenges, that is those who are cowards and uncivilized. Vedic sciences do tell about astrology but not what we are reading now. The main astrology is different than what you are thinking of. This tells only about stars and their positions and probable outcomes. The main Jyothishyam is actually Jythir Shastram that deals with the photodynamic aspects of the life. How to use the the light emanated from all the possible sources to get benefits for the humanbody. That is which type of oil lamp to be used and what for. Hence astrology is just a part of this Jyothir shastram ( Jyothir Vedam). Here Vedam means ultimate truth. Those who have two legs and hands a head to think are called as humans. The real Vedas were not tought to all they are all kept in criptick language, those who have brain only can decipher them and use it for the good of humankind. Thos who are ignorant go on challenging each and everybody to prove it. Now I challenge you why you can not think like human be a human and try spirituality to realize the mistical magic make everbody enjoy. This does not require any money. all the best.

    Coming to spirituality challenge, you your self has the enough power to do some mystic magics. Try to tap that power rather going on challenging each and every body like a mad man.

  93. Ledzius;Anony urf Vinod;Rags are out of context here & have no locus standi to talk on subjects they have no knowledge of nor do they have the inclination to argue logically or understand the abc of the realm of life~so id rather suggest them to keep their gob shut if they cannot be @ peace by themselves to understand the essence of it all coz this way u only show your ignorance & ignorance is no bliss when it comes to such topics...(if u know anything concrete open your mouth or else shut up for ever please although id also thank u guys for encouraging Bheeshma ji to come out with the cream of the entire subject under consideration here)...instead they have the audacity to challenge people like Sujai & Bheemeshwar(Hats off to u Bheeshma ji for your indept study accompanied by your experiences & observations over a very long period of time that needed a lot of perseverence & endurance which these creatures cannot fathom !) Do keep up the good work & I'd rather encourage more sincere people like Sanjeev Kumar Dangi to ask/raise questions with the right frame of mind. I have answers to all the questions u have put up to bheeshmaji but i will not want to share such knowledge with fools like anony etc etc coz knowledge in the hands of wrong people can prove to be counter`productive & so i refrain from replying to them @ least.

  94. Ledzius;Anony urf Vinod;Rags are out of context here & have no locus standi to talk on subjects they have no knowledge of nor do they have the inclination to argue logically or understand the abc of the realm of life~so id rather suggest them to keep their gob shut if they cannot be @ peace by themselves to understand the essence of it all coz this way u only show your ignorance & ignorance is no bliss when it comes to such topics...(if u know anything concrete open your mouth or else shut up for ever please although id also thank u guys for encouraging Bheeshma ji to come out with the cream of the entire subject under consideration here)...instead they have the audacity to challenge people like Sujai & Bheemeshwar(Hats off to u Bheeshma ji for your indept study accompanied by your experiences & observations over a very long period of time that needed a lot of perseverence & endurance which these creatures cannot fathom !) Do keep up the good work & I'd rather encourage more sincere people like Sanjeev Kumar Dangi to ask/raise questions with the right frame of mind. I have answers to all the questions u have put up to bheeshmaji but i will not want to share such knowledge with fools like anony etc etc coz knowledge in the hands of wrong people can prove to be counter`productive & so i refrain from replying to them @ least.

  95. Kindly kick off people like ~Damir~ from such blogs & delete their stuff asap!
    Thank you!

  96. Dear Mr monte,

    Thanks for the message. I too have answers for the questions put forth. But I would like to keep it to my self. because this is all traditional knowledge, which is coming from ages. The topic Generic formulations I had presented before the people working on Traditional knowledge recently at Trivadrum Uder the banner Dishana 2008, organised by AMITY at rajiv gandhi Center for Biotechnology. 23-24, May2008. Under the regim of IPR protection I have no other go except to protect our traditional methods by this manner. I am not sure tommorow somebody may take away our traditional eating habits to multinationals and make a IP(Intellectual Property) for themselves. As we have very funny and crazy people in India, who does not know their tradition even though they celebrate each and every festival.

  97. "Ledzius;Anony urf Vinod;Rags are out of context here & have no locus standi to talk on subjects they have no knowledge of nor do they have the inclination to argue logically or understand the abc of the realm of life~"

    Bheemeshwar was arguing logically all along? Maybe your definition of logic is way different from ours.:)

    "I have answers to all the questions u have put up to bheeshmaji but i will not want to share such knowledge with fools like anony etc etc"

    Yeah right! Keep all your "knowledge" to yourself. Bad enough Sujai's comment section is filled with enough crap.

  98. Dear rags,
    Thanks for the message. Now I am confident that in India we have a lot of people who just believe in rumors. Probably they have not read enough about the topics before they talk or put their views. There are lot of meanings in between the lines. one have to have enough time to read through that and then only make some views. Our education it self is like that. Make some how faster monet, faster degrees everuyy thing is fast. Every body want to enjot in thrishanku swarag. Actually speaking this place is in between swarag or narak or bhoomi, it is hanging paradise. If we decipher it is nothing but only bhoomi. Every thing is on earth. Swarag is here, narak is here. Those who treat others as their slaves are narakasuras( anti socials/white collred). Those who help others in need and deserve are devas, those who show the righteous path to others.

    I am sorry i became little bit elaborative. Only the human bieng that is nearer to the nature is a WOMAN, who has the periods / seasons. Men does not have seasons hence they have to struggle to get the brain working right and towards the path of self realisations. Thats why in Idnia we call even child girl as Ma.

  99. Sorry for the INTREFERENCE.......Even I haven't read the full lenght of posts....but still will be wishing to my reaction. After going through many of the posts I would like to point some thing. VEDA is derived from a root VID which means EDUCATION or KNOWLEDGE. During its period it would have really served the cause for the then community. But after few thousand years we sit and discuss on it on the basis of the interpretations made.......The reality is most of the interpretations made were the STANDARD MISINTERPRETATIONS...!!!! According to my knowledge few thousand years ago SCIENCE was not a DISTINCT path, but it always had itself embedded in PHYLOSOPHY...(please go through GREEK history) ....Even after thousands of years no attempt has been made to understand VEDAS systematically. All those who studied VEDAS in its original language had to be SANSKRIT scholars, ....and the majority of them must have been HINDUS who always carried a relegious approach.....and may not have sny scholastic approach towars MODERN SCIENCE. Any scientist who have done some sort of research on VEDAS should have been helped by some or the SANSKRIT scholar who lacked Science in his mind...!!!!

    Herewith I will try to give a different perspective of understanding atleast some science or some logic...!!!At the same time ...I have not studied VEDAS..nor I do not know sanskrit....I have to rely upon some other source.....

    For example......Let us deduce something on the explanation on this universe like this......

    WE have read some contradictory references made about our PLANET earth according to HINDU MYTHOLOGY and also in VEDAS.....
    1)BHOOMI(earth) is rested on the heads of MAHASHESHA.(a serpent with 1000 heads..)

    2)BHOOMI(earth) is being carried by ASTA DIGGAJAS(eight elephanta)

    3) LORD VISHNU(omnipresent) is also resting on MAHASHESH9..a..serpent...).....i.e. SHESHA SHAYAN

    4)SHESHA....or MAHASHESHA...or NAGA....or URAGA....or any serpent for that matter are used as symbol of KRISHNA(the color DARKNESS....or BLACK ....or BLUE......for eg: KRISHNA VARNA is BLACK COLOR..or some times deep blue nearest to the word KRISHNA VENI...or NEELAVENI means a girl with long blak hair.
    ...and on the other hand SHESHA also means "REMAINDER" in mahtematics....its the same reminder which we are left with while we divide 3/2 = evidently MAHASHESHA is the greatest remainder....or THE VAST LEFTOVER.......and it is ANANTHA(infinity)........

    please remember Lord VISHNU is said to sleeping on MAHASHESHA in a SEA OF MILK(KSHEERA SAGARA)....and he is ANANTHA SHAYANA.... let us derive it like this ...
    BHOOMI is resting on MAHASHESHA...

    = BLACK in color

    VISHNU who is also called as ANANTH(infinity) sleeps on MAHASHESH..

    MAHASHESH = Symbol of darkness

    ANANTHA SHAYAN = Lord Vishnu sleeps on MAHASHESH in THE SEA OF MILK(Ksheera Sagar)

    Now why can't we interpret the sentence..
    1)BHOOMI(earth) is rested on the heads of MAHASHESHA.(a serpent with 1000 heads..) this .....THE BHOOMI(earth) is in the resting in INFINITE DARKNESS...The VAST REMAIDER....the SPACE.....MAHASHESH......and once again MAHASHESH is SEA of MILK(Ksheerasagar)......which could be interpreted as MILKY WAY GALAXY....????????

    .....does this make any sense?????

    Please forgive if my logis sounds weird.......coz I am not a SCHOLAR or GURU or a SWAMIJI.......!!!!

  100. Mr Shashiputtur,
    Your interpretations are pretty good. If we see back, they have also mentioned that the person who creates is Brahama, A person runs the life is Vishnu, A persons gnanam is Shiva, All these attribyte of the same person but giving that how they should behave and at what time. Try to have a close look phala samudre this nothing but fore head. In the mind always there shall be so many ideas or emotions that run each one is a serpant. Controlling that is gnanam. Braham is always near the stomach of the vishnu that is nothing but we require materials to satify our hunger. That body requires materials. Mind requires enlightenment that is given by gnanm other wise our entire world is in darkness even though there exists sun and moon. I hope you understand. Every body can practice and control their emotions and hungry for materialistic aspects, try and practice that. to some extent this is possible. Try for that absoluteness get wisdom of light.

    Again I thank you for araising my curiosity to write more and more. those who want learn I am ready. I do not like those who redicule are wanted to debunk VEDA,s even without trying to read and try to understand them. this sort of analysis can be continued for almost all. each and every event is represented by unique names and messages are different.

  101. Just like sun rises in the east
    the curiosity for reading like
    this article goes up and up
    This what is called awakening
    the artist inside who wanted to sleep
    but the conscious thought never sleeps
    it runs and runs beyond the horizons
    to catch the piece of peace and harmonize
    to have consciousful of serenity
    The quest for that runs the hope of life
    that gives raise to new way of life
    which is away from materialistic world
    there may be the world called HEAVEN
    Let us march consciously towards that destination

  102. Modern science is also not able to imagine beyond the 10th Dimension... Now where to go from here... All the theory of Black hole started as a concept and yet can not be considered as the universal truth. "Time" is also one of the most fascinating thing which is difficult to understand though we use clocks and calenders... Basically, there are many things where a Modern Science fails to explain and in such cases we have two choices left 1.) Stop thinking 2.) Think about the other possible explanation that exists. I rather go for the 2nd option. The Vedas falls in this 2nd option and if you don't believe in it then give the answers to the questions which remain unanswered by the Modern Science. It would be better to give strong arguments in support of the Modern Science rather than disclosing your belief on the Vedas. No one is bound to believe your belief. You are some one who is fascinated by the Western culture and you seem to be among those Indian people who feel proud when they don't understand/speak Hindi very well. "My Son does not know Hindi". It is your national language damn it.

  103. Anonymous:

    For all your pretence, you don't know that Hindi is NOT the 'National Language' and there is NO SUCH THING as a 'national language'.

    Sujai has mentioned in the past that he knows Hindi very well, and also his mother tongue Telugu.

    Hindi-is-the-national-language fanatics like you are India's BIGGEST enemies. Crazed fanatics like you would brand any Kannadiga, Tamilian, Marathi or Bengali who does not know Hindi as anti-national.

    Go, read the constitution first. When you have this level of knowledge on the Indian constitution, why should we take your other comments on modern science and vedas seriously?

  104. Anonymous:

    Modern science is also not able to imagine beyond the 10th Dimension...

    Where do you get these stories from?

    Basically, there are many things where a Modern Science fails to explain and in such cases we have two choices left 1.) Stop thinking 2.) Think about the other possible explanation that exists. I rather go for the 2nd option.

    You have many other possible explanations:
    1. Vedas
    2. Genesis
    3. Matrix (movie)
    4. Lord of the Rings
    5. Alice in the Wonderland

    And many more. And yet, Science has the best possible explanation – and also it comes with the credibility of having successfully explained many other workings of Nature. Some of us are ready to live with the fact that we may not know few things instead of readily agreeing to every cock-and-bull story that explains a phenomenon.

  105. But seriously, considering that such obnoxious people like 'Anonymous' above still exist, it is high time we begin pushing English as a real National Language with compulsory education all over the country, in each state.

    Since no state holds claim to English, it will probably be satisfactory to most states. Oh, except the 'Angrezi Hatao' freaks in parts of UP, Haryana, Rajasthan, etc. I say, screw them and let them stew in their own hellholes. According to me, promotion of English as a link language across states is the only way people we will be able to keep our country united and strong.

    Let the Kannadigas speak Kannada within their state, let the Hindi freaks speak Hindi in their own states. Let them converse with each other in English.

  106. Hi.. Thanks for this informative article. I really liked it. I also came across this similar site with nice articles and videos on vedic prinicples -

    All cosmological researches should be conducted keeping in view of the following philosophical facts:
    It has been stated in Bible (John I-1) “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God,”
    Mohammedans hold that God uttered ‘Kun’ (i.e. ‘Came into being’) and the creation came into being (Holy Quran, Sur. Bakr (II.117).
    In Chhandogya Upanishad it is written “Tadaikshat bahu syam prajayeyeti” (VI-2-iii) i.e. “It thought (desired) Would that I were many! Let me procreate myself!” The Aitareya Upanishad says,”Sa ikshat ‘lokannusrija’ iti (I-1-i) i.e. “He bethought himself (desired) – ‘Let me create worlds’, etc. etc.
    It is written in Chapter VII of Srimad Bhagavadgita : Sri Bhagwan said, “Arjun, now listen how with the mind attached to Me and practicing Yoga with absolute dependence on Me, you will know Me in entirety and without any shadow of doubt” (1). I shall unfold to you in its entirety this wisdom alongwith the Knowledge of the qualified aspect of God, having known which nothing else remains yet to be known in this world (2). Earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, reason and also ego; these constitute My nature eightfold divided. This indeed is My lower (material) nature : the other than this, by which the whole universe is sustained, know it to be My higher nature in the form of Jiva, O Arjuna. (4-5). Arjuna, know that all beings have evolved from this twofold Prakriti, and that I am the source of the entire creation, and into Me again it disappears.(6)
    The Radhasoami Religion also tells that, the ‘Word’ mentioned above is in fact Current of Sound or Current of Consciousness or Prime Current of Spirituality which was issued forth from its Source, or Creator or God. This Current has later on produced light and other forces. orce.
    According to Radhasoami Religion the whole Universe can be sub-divided into three grand divisions viz.
    1. Region of Pure Spirituality
    2. Region of Subtle Maya
    3. Region of Gross Maya
    Nuclear forces dominate Region of Gross Maya (Gross Material Region), Electro-magnetic forces dominate Region of Subtle Maya (Subtle Material Region) and Gravitational Force dominates Pure Spiritual Region.
    This is the only Truth which can be verified scientifically and can be termed as ‘higher theory for everything’. This also supports the statement of Sir Sahabji Maharaj that ‘the goal of science – Truth; the goal of philosophy – Ultimate Reality; and the goal of religion – God’ are the three names of same supreme essence.
    Many things are common between Current of Consciousness and Gravitational Wave.
    1. Current of consciousness can not be seen by any means and gravitational wave can also not be seen.
    2. Current of consciousness is the weakest force on earth. Its strength goes on increasing on higher regions. Gravitational force is also very weak on earth and strong on Sun and even more stronger on black holes.
    3 Tendency of both current of consciousness and gravitational waves are towards their source or centre.
    4. Current of consciousness and gravitational force are both regarded as the creater of all the celestial and terrestrial bodies of the whole universe. They are also sustainer of these and when they turn back towards their source or centre the whole universe will collapse.
    Hence it can be assumed that the source of current of consciousness and gravitational wave is the same i.e. God or ultimate creator.

  108. Dear mr Anirudh Kumar Satsangi,
    I sure to state that what ever you have said are too good comments, but it is all about the evolution of humans which has nothing to do with the religion.

  109. Thank you Dear Mr Bheeneswar foryour appreciation of my comments. Religion and humans can not be separated. In fact, the growth of religion is the growth of humans and vice versa. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

  110. Bad Example(Maharishi Book) taken......!!!

  111. Dear Naqviji,

    There is no respect for traditional knowledge holders, those who know
    what it is, how it is, what for it is. Now presently each one is
    looting others cheating others, and last one is no tradition is

    This is the reason why there are so many problems in the world and in
    India too because the same reason, where the awareness of this
    knowledge is more.

    The present science is totally blind about how Jesus has born to a
    virgin Mary, and his birth was predicted by scholars across the
    countries including India. Some of the south Indians went and saw the
    child. Even about twenty five lac people converted/adopted to that
    Christianity much before all others joined into that.

    Scientifically it is not possible to have a baby by a woman without
    mating during those days. This itself indicates that there is some
    other power that makes a woman to deliver the babies. This means a
    woman has all the necessary elements in herself to reproduce babies.
    So man has nothing to do with it. The same power may be behind all the
    other children in the world also may and may be assisted by males who
    have that power in them. Instead of looking for that power people
    started to break the elements and combine them for their comforts and
    pleasure and have produced so much pollution, which id degrading the
    human population mentally and physically. More over ridiculing the
    cultures across world and sidelining the traditions created fuss in
    the world. Which in turn has created animosity among the people?

    Even though India is county of spirituality the country has also been
    divided by so many factors like cast, region and language. Even though
    we have given high value for faith in religion should be respected as
    per constitution, presently it has also been degraded. Most of the
    people have scant respect for the tradition or traditional knowledge
    holders. That's why India is boiling from north to south and east to

    with warm regards


  112. Dear Bheemeswarji,

    You have given very good account of genes and some traditional knowledge.
    But why there are so many problems in India as well as world.

    with warm regards


    Dear Nikyraja

    Indian Traditional knowledge has come from the faith and belief of the concept of srusti, stithi, and laya which are explained below

    Peace, Harmony and Serenity

    Srusti, Laya and Stithi these are equivalent words for the peace, harmony and serenity. But we put them in other way srusti, stithi and laya. There are different combinations for these and different names/words for the same. For example srusti is creativity, stitihi is position or magnetism, and how these are mixed up is laya or maya. The other name of this maya is mother or shankti (power). There are people in India those who have knowledge of these either independently or dually of permutations and combinations of these three to some extent.

    It is a strong belief or faith that most o the life and materials were formed due to these combinations. The other names given for these are Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Brahama is represented by white colour Shiva by serene magnetism and Vishnu by disc which mixes all.

    With this knowledge they started to explore the world and learned how to use the materials for the benefit of the humans the best way by practical observations. That’s how the Rig-Veda started or evolved. To supplement it the other Vedas were developed Soma, Yajur and Adharvan and additionally the Ayurveda along with Jyothirveda. For the good conduct and sociability of the people the Bagavathgeetha, to explain its importance the Mahabharata and Ramayana were written based on the incidents occurred are the knowledge came from generations to generations.

    Each geographical condition has its own materials of their own kind depending on the natural environmental conditions. Which traditional knowledge we need to uphold and put it for sale to earn money or comforts or exploit the natural resources by depriving them the local habitat. Already we come to devastating conditions by exploiting seas, mining and polluted the atmosphere and killed the people with poisonous gases even without understanding the side reactions. And now the natural habitat also to be exploited to satisfy the ego of those who want to make money and quick money

  113. Dear Naqviji
    further more

    Presently from the way the things are going around the world shows that we are all in very gloomy situation because of the undemocratic way we are running the governments. It has become either Ravana type or Hiranyakashyap type or Narakasura type or Jarasandha type or Dhuiryodhana type or Karthaviryarjuna type or Mahabali Type or Mahiravan Type or Mahisasur type or Hiranyakshar type or Sisupala type.

    It needs a lots of efforts to rebuild the trust and faith of the which was lost due most undemocratic way of ruling and exploiting the people of the world and also trying to deprive them the natural habitat.

    Coming back to science

    C + O2 forms CO2 by releasing energy out by losing some mass m1

    Also C + O forms CO by releasing energy out by losing some mass m2

    Similarly H + O forms HO by releasing some energy and losing m3

    H2 + O forms by losing some mass m4 and releases energy,

    2H2 + O2 → 2H2O
    ΔH = −483.6 kJ/mol of O2 + electromagnetic radiation if any

    Examples of Endothermic and Exothermic Processes
    Photosynthesis is an example of an endothermic chemical reaction. In this process, plants use the energy from the sun to convert carbon dioxide and water into glucose and oxygen. This reaction requires 15MJ of energy (sunlight) for every kilogram of glucose that is produced:
    sunlight + 6CO2(g) + H2O(l) = C6H12O6(aq) + 6O2(g)
    An example of an exothermic reaction is the mixture of sodium and chlorine to yield table salt. This reaction produces 411 kJ of energy for each mole of salt that is produced:
    Na(s) + 0.5Cl2(s) = NaCl(s)
    When it comes to photosynthesis the reverse reaction do happen, by absorbing energy they gain mass that depending the reverse reaction that takes place. For example for the formation of

    CO2 + OH to COOH mass gain is m2 and releases O to atm, I am not balancing these equations only to show that why mass can not be gained.

    So we are reversing the E=mC**2

    What I meant to say is that mass can be gained even by proper absorption of energy, if one knows how to balance these and need not take any food or needs bare minimum food.

    How you balance these and how you use other materials is all traditional knowledge, which comes by observation, experience and following tradition.

    For this one has to under stand srusti, stithi and laya, which leads the people to peace, harmony and serenity.

    That’s why the song in telugu, china mayanu peda maya, peda mayany penu maya adi swaha, idi swaha, in other words purnam adam purnam idam …. You know rest.

  114. so dear Naqviji,

    nature it self has some balancing phenomenon of the energies that is mass is transferring to other forms of energy depending on the conditions and vice verse.

    if you are allowing a lamp or candle to burn slowly all the constituents of that oil or candle become ashes all others turn into light radiations with a little heat. If the same if you are burning at faster rate you get soot and other volatiles and some carbon deposits along with ashes.
    That is the wisdom of the people of the Indian origin those who believed in srusti, stithi and laya. They were all great scholars and also spiritual leaders.

  115. @Bheemeswar,
    Dude so you are back. Long time no see!! Spamming the blog with your garbage on hinduism as usual (which no one ever reads). Just to get some attention (like my comment)

    Hinduism is anti-india. You can be a hindu or an Indian, but not both.

    Hinduism's base is casteism.
    casteism says Brahmin is different from dalit.But India was created on concept of equality. So casteism is anti India . so hinduism is anti India.Q.E.D.

    Hinduism has done terrible damage to India. You are an IITian. The first thing you are are asked when sitting for admission test is which category you belong: General/SC/ST/OBC?
    That's the curse of Hinduism-Reservation. From Ekalavya to Ambedkar- upper caste hindus are sucking the blood of lower castes.Now we are paying the price- reservation. India will never be a Superpower till reservation vanishes. That will happen only if casteism vanishes. And that will only happen when Hinduism vanishes.

    On a lighter note- how is your Guru Sri Sri? Heard he got stuck in some land grabbing case? To know the truth visit

    To know about jesus' birth visit

    I will be waiting your usual bullshit and leennnggtthhyyy reply.

  116. Dear Jack Roberts
    Hinduism is not about cast and creed it is about humanism. It has wast cultures in it. It is British and others who have created the divide and rule and to throughout the spirituality. If a pope or priest fucks a lady or nun or kids is not a problem, it shall be covered up. You encourage copyrights violations, unauthorized learning without any registration.

  117. Dear Nikyraja,

    All the materials in the world, would like to be stable with least
    energy possible, in order to do that they shed/gain their extra mass,
    depending on exothermic/endothermic reactions, which is converted to
    either electromagnetic radiations or heat depending on the rate of
    disintegration, which is also reversible by different process.
    For an exothermic reaction,
    2H2 + O2 → 2H2O+electromagnetic radiations(if slowly burnt)+heat
    ΔH = −483.6 kJ/mol of O2( which can be measured in a closed container
    like calorie meter in terms of heat equivalent)

    Examples of Endothermic
    Photosynthesis is an example of an endothermic chemical reaction. In
    this process, plants use the energy from the sun to convert carbon
    dioxide and water into glucose and oxygen. This reaction requires 15MJ
    of energy (sunlight) for every kilogram of glucose that is produced:
    electromagnetic radiations+heat+ 6CO2(g) + H2O(l) = C6H12O6(aq) + 6O2(g)

    If the C6H12O6(aq) is burnt slowly coverts back into its constituents
    giving the electromagnetic radiations,

    from these we can infer that by heat + electromagnetic radiations
    coupled give us the mass ,

    depending on the positive or negative conditions of the magnetism the
    materials are formed, what couples them must be level of vacuum or
    countering centrifugal forces which normally cause sound waves. This
    we can infer as we spend a lot of energy for producing sounds,
    similarly the thought.

    This above examples we can infer that by photosynthesis higher order
    chains of CHO's are formed in the presence of some enzymes/steroids
    and Vitamins which have resonating capacity ( for example Vitamine E,
    Vitamin D2 which is a derivative of cholesterol/ergosterol, etc)

    If one knows how to control their breath like inhaling and exhaling
    and also use some sounds can covert the higher order chains to its
    constituents with higher efficiency with less toxic materials
    remaining in the body and electromagnetic radiations. This in turn
    improves the metabolism be reducing the constrains on the individual
    cells of the body and hence reduces the ailments, with a balanced

    with warm regards




  119. Well guys every1 believes what dey wanna believe,

    Well osama bin laden was the 16th incarnation of The demon king ravana,

    All avatars were earlier being born in the Indian sub continent until james Cameron made the avatar/s be born in Pandora.

    Leonardo da vinci of the da vinci fame knew of the great technological advances of Indian mystical sages and tried to draw the flying machines from descriptions given by the great maharishis.

    Even the wright brothers were 2 inspired by Indian holy books and actually travelled to india and meditated with the yogis to attain spiritual enlightenment to invent the plane.

    Robert Oppenheimer had secret Indian writings of the ancient sages which gave him the knowledge of making the atom bomb. He even quoted a fragment from the Bhagavad Gita. "I am become Death,... the destroyer of worlds."

    Germans were brother Aryans and Hitler supported the idea of a Hindu nation and followed the sanatan dharma. Jews were equivalent to the asuras.

    The universe is pretty old 9847129465430234573238894210004645 to be exact. It was sat yug den on most days for the first 57398792944342423434 years. Can be verified since there was a solar eclipse no wait was it a lunar eclipse...umm there was an eclipse...m sure you can verify that.

    Hinduism is the most scientific religion in the world, it has the first law of thermodynamics in it...but goes like....souls can neither be created nor destroyed, but they can be transformed from one life form to another aka reincarnations....u can be a banyan tree one day and a lizard the other an a chimp the n me the next....becomin an avatar is a different science tho. We’ll deal with it another day. Nice.

    Ganga is the most sacred river on the planet...actually there are two maybe three types...the one you typically know which you take a dip in and be sin free for free...there is pataal ganga (underground) and akash ganga (i guess the milky way)

    U r goin 2 hav a bad day if “shani” (Saturn) is heavy...use some colored stones to make it light

    Palmistry is an exact science it tells you exactly wen ur goin 2 b readin dis n how n where

    If u stretch ur body enuf aka do yoga u will activate ur spiritual insight and tranquillity within u n never b ill again

    Earth was created by some guy who was sleepin on a big snake in d middle of sum ocean, den the alarm went off which went sumthin lyk om o mom....cud hav bin omg...guy jumpstartd his day...literally gt freakd 2 c a lotus come out of his navel with another guy sittin in d lotus n den d lotus became wat we kno 2day as d heaven earth n all d people on it. Wow amazing

    India gave the world the science of surgery...but still d world hasn’t perfected it, we still don’t see many elephant-head guys roaming about

    Ya n sum wise indian guy thot of zero...well atleat he thot of sumthin...ummm nothin...watever

  120. First experience silence. Then argue that it may not have different levels with pure awareness. Or are you judging their grammar?


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