Tuesday, February 05, 2008

What do you do when someone copies your post?

Here’s a link to a post at Sulekha.com.

The contents of this blog are taken from my article Our sentiments are hurt’.

The author suggests that he found this blog somewhere, but does not provide the necessary link to my blog nor cite my blog as a source.

What do you do when someone copies entire contents from your post and publishes at another site without giving due credit to the original author?

I have to admit that he did a better job of putting nice pictures to convey the message. I would have loved if the formatting was done better.

[I have some thoughts on this subject at Kaavya and Plagiarism.]


  1. Look at it the other way. Getting plagiarized is the best compliment you can have!

  2. I noticed that the copied blog page in sulekha had "COPYSCAPE" protection. Irony! :-)
    Again, good blogging Sujai.


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