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Telangana 43: Don’t play with us!

On 3 June 1947, Lord Mountbatten was asked when India would become independent.   For many years Indians were fighting for complete freedom from the British and were looking for a concrete answer, not another vague statement.   Lord Mountbatten was sent to India to transfer the power to local leaders but he was not prepared with a clear deadline.  The first date that came into his mind was the date Japanese surrendered to Allies two years ago on 15 August 1945.   He made up the deadline on the fly for India’s Independence: 15 August 1947.  It took less than 3 months to create a new country out of the crown jewel of British Empire and divide a subcontinent.

We were looking for a deadline

How long will it take to carve up a state within the legal confines of Indian Constitution?  Indians think that forming a state is more complex and complicated than forming a country.  Srikrishna Committee is given 11 months to come up with a report.  The decision to create Telangana is now on hold.  So nobody knows exactly when Telangana will be formed.   A cartoon in Times of India captures this well.  One politician says to the other:  Tell them Telangana will be formed by April – don’t specify the year or the century.

In last few weeks, the entire Telangana was looking forward to announcement of a date when Telangana would be formed.  Instead, what we got was another committee.  Another cartoon in Times of India captures this.  A politician is announcing to the press:  A core group will select experts to elect a panel to form a commission headed by…

Not another committee

How many committees will be formed to decide the fate of Telangana?  How many tactics will be employed to stall the eventuality?  How many more violent movements will be created before we admit our mistakes?  Why has it become so difficult for India to carve up some states like Telangana while it has easily created states like Chattisgarh, Uttarakhand and Jharkhand? 

The terms of reference for this committee does not spell out anything concrete.  By being vague, without giving deadlines for actual creation of Telangana, without committing to anything, India is playing with people of Telangana. 

The only good thing India did to people of Telangana in the last sixty years was when they liberated it from Nizam.  After that this region got sucked into a farcical experiment called Andhra Pradesh, which was nothing but a solution to quench the desire of Andhras looking for a good city to build their capital.   Telanganas had to endure subjugation for the next 53 years only because Hyderabad was inside Telangana.   Now, this city has become an issue of contention once again.  Andhras have no love for Telanganas.  But they hold the city of Hyderabad dear to their hearts and are not willing to let go. 

Bad Faith

History of Telangana in post-Independent India is fraught with false promises and riddled with broken agreements.   There have been so many accords, so many agreements, so many formulas, so many legal verdicts, so many Government Orders, and so many committees.  Of what use are they to people of Telangana when none of them could address their aspirations, when one of them could save them from the domination of the majority Andhras.  Now, we get another committee which doesn’t even spell out if there will be Telangana or not. 

What will happen if this report lists downs a set of reasons why Telangana should be formed and another set of reasons why the state should remain united?  Would the center think that those supporting Telangana outweigh the other?  What is the guarantee that Telangana will be formed after the report is created?  Didn’t the SRC of 1950s list pros and cons for keeping Telangana separate?  And didn’t the lobbying of Andhra leaders in New Delhi prevail eventually?  So what stops Andhras from lobbying again after the report is ready on 31st December 2010?  Fact finding missions have no validity in India.  Commissions and committees don’t lead us to anywhere in India. 

India plays with its people

India has been playing with people of Telangana to satisfy the greed of Andhras.  India has failed to protect its minority and underprivileged groups against the onslaught of majority and privileged groups.  It has failed to live up to the promises it made in its Constitution.  Telangana resides inside a free and independent India but is still not free from the clutches of subjugation. 

Indira Gandhi played with people’s aspirations across Indian subcontinent.  She suppressed 1969 Telangana Agitation with ruthless force, killing 370 people and incarcerating more than 50,000 people.  That failed movement, followed by series of betrayals led to disillusionment and disenchantment amongst youth of Telangana which got a vent in Naxal Movement.   What else do you expect when a people’s movement is suppressed so mercilessly and so unjustifiably?   For the next 30 years, Telanganas had to fight their own people, keeping their Telangana Movement on hold.   The armies and central police force was ubiquitous, Section 144 a daily affair.   Thousands died in the Naxal Movement.  It continues to haunt Telangana as a socio-economic problem.

Indira Gandhi played with many other people in India.  Akalis of Punjab refused to cow down to Congress for many decades.  They were on their own even before India’s Independence though Congress enjoyed the support of entire country.  Even Nehru could not enter the bastion of Akalis.  Indira Gandhi, high on her victories against Telanganas in 1969, against Pakistan in 1971, against all opposition parties during Emergency of 1975-77, thought she could tame Akalis as well.  Brindanwale was positioned to come to power but when he got the power he decided to assert himself independent of Indira Gandhi.  What followed next was a series of disasters – Operation Blue Star that blasted its way into Golden Temple, vengeance of Sikhs by assassinating Indira Gandhi, reprisal of rioters that killed nearly 4000 Sikhs in New Delhi, and eventual Khalistan Movement seeking separate nation.    By the time the problem was solved thousands of people were killed and lakhs of young Sikhs got jailed.

Why did India not solve its problems maturely?  Why did it try to play with its people?  Why did it allow creation of Naxals in Telangana and Khalistan militants in Punjab? 

Here’s what some police officers think of the current situation in Telangana.

Increasing number of police officers are veering around to the view that if the Telangana issue is not resolved amicably on an urgent basis, the frustrated and disillusioned students may move over to the Maoist….

Recounting the history of the T movement, a police officer said when all means of democratic agitations including falling victim to police bullets, formation of a new party and winning of elections in 1971, failed in achieving a new state, the students felt that there was no point in remaining loyal to law.

"They took up arms. That was the birth of Naxalism in Telangana. The situation looks to me similar to the 1969-1971 period. If the students see no hope in continuing with their democratic struggle, there is clear danger that they might walk into the open arms of the Maoists. But unfortunately, the government wants us to treat the T agitation as purely a law-and-order problem which it is not," the officer explained.

India is on the verge of creating another violent movement. India continues to play with its people not learning the lessons from history.  It continues to betray us not realizing the consequences. 

A chance to set things right

For many years now, people of Telangana paid a heavy price for the mistakes done by New Delhi succumbing to the lobbying of Andhras.  Now, India has a chance to correct those mistakes. 

What are your plans on solving this problem?   Do you want to submit to Andhra lobbying once again?  Do you want to convert entire Telangana into Naxals so that you can put us in jails making the path clear for Andhras to continue ruling us?  You thought you suppressed our movement in 1969.  You did not.  Make no mistake about it.  You cannot crush this movement with your silly tactics.  It will survive another hundred years with the same vigor.

Telanganas knows its enemy now

Unlike in the past, the whole of Telangana knows who the enemy is without a shadow of doubt.  The answer to the question why Telanganas are not able to get Telangana is one word:  Andhras.  Had Andhra leaders kept their promises of their election manifestos there would have been Telangana now.  Only their flagrant volte-face on this issue launching a counter-agitation has made the Center retract their December 9th statement on Telangana.  The formation of Srikrishna Committee is not a step forward towards formation of Telangana as read out on December 9th but a precursor to that step.  It is a step back for people of Telangana.

Now, Andhras have lobbied hard to make sure this Committee has a vague mandate.  According to Telangana people this committee has come in place only to buy time so that this agitation subsides or takes a violent form.  Either way it is in the best interests of Andhras.  If it takes violent form, then they can bring in central police like in 1969 to crush the movement citing it a law and order problem. It is clear our enemy wants to see this movement turn ugly. 

The question is does India want to see this movement turn ugly?  The question is when will India learn to solve its issues without having to convert every movement into a violent one?

You are playing with us

We have been played before.  And it doesn’t feel good.  A friend told me, his father used to advice him - don’t hit a cat inside a closed room.  The cat will eventually strike back.  That’s what you are doing to us now.  You are cornering us and beating us down.  

Not a single Andhra was attacked in the last sixty days though the people of Telangana are quite passionate and agitated- their anger seething, the feeling of betrayal overwhelming.   Though the movement was mostly peaceful with some minor exceptions the whole country thinks we are goons, because the media has only telecasted those small exceptions while they completely ignored our peaceful methods. 

Though thousands of peaceful agitations have happened in the last sixty days, nobody is covering them.   Telangana people are doing all kinds of innovative ways to expressvanta varpu, dasha disha, dhoom dham, marathons, kabaddi, kho kho, mahila gharjana, blood donation camps, etc. Of late, the agitators of Telangana are beginning to get a feeling that their peaceful protests are being seen as a weakness.

Suicides and Naxalites

There is an explanation for why the young people of Telangana commit suicides or become Naxalites.   When you are betrayed again and again, where every promise is overturned, when nobody can be trusted- not even the senior most leaders of this country, young people get disillusioned with the system.  The weak-hearted ones commit suicide while the impatient ones become Naxalites.  And most others just trudge along in their life carrying their grudges. 

The best way to convert Telangana into Naxalana or a mass-suicide land is to continue playing with them.  Play with them because you are more concerned about your vote banks and power politics.  Play with them because you are greedy.  Play with them because you don’t want to stop your exploitation of its people or resources.  Play with them because you don’t want to give up your colonies. 

Right now the movement is still peaceful because the young and emotional agitators are still listening to the saner voices.   But many of them are tired of peaceful methods that are being prescribed and enforced.  They have been restraining themselves with the hope that New Delhi will live up to the statement made on 9th December.  The current volte-face is a slap on their face.   

Patience will not last long

No movement of this size has been so peaceful.   You are only testing the patience of Telanganas.  The saner voices will soon lose their grip on the movement.  Soon, the young agitators will not listen to those who preach peace and restraint. 

We request India to put to a stop to all these agitations so that people can go back to doing what they were doing.  The animosity and frustration amongst youth has not spilled over yet to become uncontrollable.  Don’t let this feeling of betrayal continue because it is going to turn ugly.  We don’t like that to happen inside Telangana, because we know what such violent movement brings in.  It will bring in leaders who preach violence.  It will bring hatred.  That is not good for Telangana which wants to build a great state with a great start.  Right now, it has embraced so many people into its fold.  Even the Muslims of Telangana have joined this movement.  Let’s keep this transition peaceful so that saner voices will be respected.

Grant Telangana right away

Andhras want this movement to turn ugly so that they can justify why a new state should not be formed.  They don’t understand the extent of the ugliness a suppressed movement this size can create.   They don’t know how people react when they are betrayed so many times. 

It is in the best interest of everyone in these regions to take quick decisions and put an end to all these agitations.   Table the bill in the Parliament right away or hold a referendum in Telangana right away.  Scrap Srikrishna committee because we don’t trust their recommendations will be implemented.  Our fifty three years history of broken promises is a testament to our mistrust.

Andhras want Hyderabad and nothing else from Telangana, not even Telangana people living in Hyderabad.  Just settle the dispute of Hyderabad.  Don’t waste time on fact finding missions.  Give Telangana right away and save us from ourselves.


  1. Great post Sujai. We will get Telangana with Hyderabad.

    -Jai Telagana.

  2. who started the play ?

    The opening ceremony of the play has "Andhrawale Bhaago"...

    If telangana separatists are serious, they should apologize (TRS and KCR) and that will be good first step.

    If they say "Muslims Bhago" then the person saying those will be booked into jail for disturbing peace and violating constitution.

    Cannot believe the mentality of supporting KCR blindly on anything he says...

  3. Never say Telangana without Hyderabad! NEVER AGAIN!!!

  4. People who talk about Maoists in the proposed Telangana state, whould worry more if the state is not created in atimely manner.

  5. Save us from ourselves... Declare Telangana through a bill during the upcoming Parliament session. A day beyond the next session... and we will give up all faith in this sham-of-Democracy!!

  6. Here is the REAL question!

    Why don't the Telanganas STOP watching Andhra-movies and Andhra-TV-channels?????????

    Are we blind? deaf? or plain DUMB???

    Why does such an act need activists to go and make un-necessary noise in front of the theaters?



    Surely, it will make the capitalist-turned-politicians piss-poor in 2 months if you dont watch a single movie.

  7. TG TG TG TG TG TG TGFebruary 13, 2010 7:52 AM











  8. In the terms of reference the most important word is " OPTIMAL SOLUTION".

    as engineering graduates we all know that optimal means taking the center approach and neglecting the extremes( i.e telangana and andhra)

    this committee is just for finding a COMPROMISE which no one in Telangana ever wants. no way. enough . even if its painful for both the people, center should separate both the regions . Change is hard and separating a state is a BIG change. No one likes change . especially the ones who are in power in center. Iam sure they wold love to see things AS IT IS. why do they want to have this pain though change ?

    In IT, we have change leadership, change management bcos its the most difficult thing to get going involving different people and systems. It can never be done correct. if we have bugs in the code we can initiate a change request but if we loose a life , we cant get it back.

    UPA govt has come to power on one slogan "AAM ADMI".

    BJP was at the rising point in India's progress and they said " India shining" but the common man has shown the real might and knock them down.

    Of all the people congress has to realize this one and take the side of aam admi .

    I don’t know what will happen but it surely doest look good for both the regions.

    may justice be delivered ....

  9. In continuation to boycott…adopt a model similar to Bhoodan, TG farmers/landlords donated 1.95 lakh acres for Bhoodan…taking that as inspiration, start Tax-Danam, instead of paying to Govt let everyone pay/donate such as Taxes, Utility payments towards TaxDanam…

  10. I and Rajgopal
    by Ram Gopal Varma

    He was my junior at Siddhartha Engineering college in Vijayawada. Me and a few others together used to be a very tough gang on the campus as in those days there was quite a lot of factional rivalry going on in and around the campus. In the context of one of those issues Rajgopal came to meet me. He spoke about a Goonda element who was threatening to beat up a student and he asked if my gang can help that student out. I still remember the sincere earnestness in his eyes when he spoke about the problem. After I and my gang took care of that Goonda, he thanked me and that was the start of our relationship.

    The various ways in which he used to help hundreds of students on the campus ranged from giving financial help, to giving a shoulder to cry on, to take on eve teasers and trouble mongers in the class rooms to organize events and what not. He was so energetic and everywhere at the same time and in the entire 4 years on the campus I don’t remember a single time that anybody said a derogatory word about him.

    When he wanted to contest the college election and I asked him why, his answer was the greatest lesson of my life with regard to the truth of what actually a leader should be about in the truest form of the word.

    He said “To work for people you don’t need to have a position but if you have a position it is easier for the people to access you”.

    So in other words what he meant was that the position he craves for is for the sake of the people and not for himself. I was amazed at the clarity he had about this even in those days when none of us
    including Rajgopal knew about the ABCD of so-called politics.

    Needless to say he won that election with a thumping majority.

    There was a time in the college when I used to suspect that Rajgopal was just using us tough guys just to do his dirty work because he was basically a coward and he did not have the courage to face a fight and then one day when some outside Goonda elements known as the Chinna gang came into the campus to attack some students he was the first guy who took up a iron rod and led all of us into the fight standing right in the front, thereby shattering my suspicion.

    Today when I see him on TV in the eye of the political storm raging across Andhra Pradesh in the context of the samaikhyandra movement, I see exactly the same Rajgopal who I used to move around with 25 years ago. I can see in his eyes that he has the same zeal, the same earnestness, the same sincerity, the same enthusiasm, the same courage and the same determination that he had then. The only difference now is that all those qualities have become much more stronger both in range and intensity and the reason for that is because Siddhartha Engineering College has now become Andhra Pradesh. The Chinna gang and other trouble makers on the campus have now become opposing political gangs and other such forces and just one Ramgopal now he has 1000s of Ramgopals as his supporters and instead of a few hundred students he has now crores of people to work for.

    Yes, his scale has now become massive. His objectives have become mountainous, his resolve oceanic but on the TV I can see even now in his thoughts and his deeds that his heart is still exactly at the same place as it was in Siddhartha Engg. College.

    If Rajgopal believes that Samaikhyandhra is good for Andhra Pradesh then I also believe in it because I believe in both his sincerity and capability which I witnessed firsthand and I also sincerely believe that there can be no better sincere leader than Rajgopal.

    Jai Samaikhyandra!

  11. What after the committee recommends a separation? Do you wait for them to pass the bill in the assembly and get rejected in the end.

    Jharkhand was created by passing a resolution which was accepted by all parties. Telangana will never happen with a resolution. So how will it?

    Remember how gujarat and maharashtra were formed? A civil war along the borders forced the centre to bifurcate the state at once, resolution be damned.

    What do you want? Are you that dumb to know what the TOR mean? They have stepped back from the dec 9th speech. Even if the committee recommends a separation, it will still need to be passed through the resolution. YES! This was said on dec 9th speech, that a resolution was necessary.

    So obviously, a resolution can never be in favour of telangana then how will you get a telangana? A mass enrollment of students in the naxal can force the state. Another way is a civil war on the borders. The andhra's are a scared bunch and run away instead of facing off.

    I do not understand why you cry and moan for the state to introduce the bill in the assembly just to be rejected. The committee is no different.


  13. Here anonymous is getting emotional.
    And forget the reasons he/she is just masked by his emotions.
    Nothing but emotions.
    Emotions that do not see others' emotions or reasons.
    Gud luck with you man/woman/O

  14. @sujai

    u asked right question, why this late for telangana comparing newly carved states

    1. No new state agitation from the capital area (Hyderabad) which makes it complex
    2. No new state agitation from developed area

    3. Except Kashmir and telangana, no area people argued about my land, my water and bloody indians and bloody andhra people like

    4. The moment built on hatred and filled with fanatics like u sitting at bangalore and other courties and preaching hatred like kashmir

  15. @Annonymous

    This is what RGV has been watching on TV

  16. Telangana dream sours

    February 13th, 2010
    By Kancha Ilaiah , DC Correspondent

    The festive game of Bathukamma (a women’s festival celebrated mainly during Dasara, pro-Telangana activists are performing the Bathukamma on the highways as a form of protest and to highlight their Telangana identity) was also enacted. It was being projected as a cultural symbol.
    During the age of Nizam, Bathukamma used to be enacted by the Shudras — mostly OBCs. Dalits were not allowed to participate as they were seen as pollutants even by the OBCs of lower order. And the upper caste women — particularly Brahmins, Komatis, Reddys and Velamas — would not participate as it was seen as a Shudra festive game. They thought it was below their dignity.
    Now suddenly some Dorasanlu (women of dominant castes) went to this play as a symbol of the agitation. Is it for Telangana or for power?
    The most interesting thing is that while the lower castes are using their cultural symbols to achieve a separate Telangana, the members of former feudal families are playing the politics of agitation. We also see a surprising unity between some Reddy and Velama political lords.
    The whole attempt by these two caste forces is to control the political joint action committee (JAC) that is driving the Telangana agitation. Some academicians have also been drawn in to mediate between those two otherwise politically warring castes.
    It is as if the stereotype of future Telangana is being played out — “We will play politics and you should play Dhoom Dham, Bathukamma and drums”.
    And some of these leaders are collecting huge amounts of money, mostly to build their family’s “political economy” while distributing pittance to ring leaders from the lower castes.
    As the balladeer Gaddar rightly says “kanche kaada nuvvu, collection kaada neenu” (you should protect the fields and I will reap the crops). But some intellectuals keep on saying, “Let us not talk about any immorality — after all to achieve Telangana such small things need to be done”.

    What this really means is that the sons — even some daughters — of upper caste landlords have come back to the villages to head and lead the JACs by “usurping” the legitimate village sarpanchs. Now Telangana has come under the raj of the upper caste JACs.
    Some former Maoist activists have become leaders of the Telangana Rashtra Samiti and are praising their leader for conducting Yajnas, Yagas and Kratus in the party office. He also walks around with a huge Bal Thackeray type bottu (tilak) on the forehead and they seem to be enjoying the neo saffron style of the leader.
    But the Muslims are scared of these visuals and the Bharatiya Janata Party probably sees a new rival in the region if it becomes a state.

    What really worries all of them is the student movement mainly headed by the dalit-Bahujan youth. This has become an inconvenient factor. There is competition to buy them off or to make them foot soldiers.
    There is a resistance from the students but one does not know for how long the youth can sustain that resistance.
    The Union home minister, Mr P. Chidambaram, is doing some arm-twisting as he has a clear understanding about “the unholy alliance between Maoists and money collectors”.
    What is really painful are the deaths of about 300 youth and the cases lodged against 10,000 students.

    Do the Maoists think that their class enemy has now become a class friend because of Telangana’s cut-throat politics?
    Let them explain this to the people — the real people who played Bathukamma, cooked their food on the roads, beat their chests and drums and lost 300 of their children as well.

  17. Why are the TOR so unacceptable to Telangana JAC? A lot of the facts and figures regarding development are being disputed by both sides. Why not have a completely neutral commision examine the facts and come to a fair conclusion? Instead of protesting the commision, the Telangana JAC should demand that all hearings and meetings of the commission shoule be public. This will help bring the Telangana backwardness issues&causes out to the rest of the country. This can only help to pass the resolution through parliament...right? So, why so much opposition?

    If the process is conducted in an open/transparent manner, it will ensure true facts will come out and pave the way for a peaceful separation of the state without "colonizer/looter" rhetoric from Telangana side and "we solely developed HYD into mega city" rhetoric from Andhra side.

    When there is a dispute, you have to sit down and compromise. If you cannot do it (in this case), have a neutral party arbitrate. Why so much opposition to SriKrishna Commission?

  18. @Alternateview

    The biggest problem is the Terms of reference is very very vague and unjustly equates age old Telanagana movement with United Andhra drama. The terms of reference should have gone into the issues related to separate state like status of hyderabad ,etc. I sincerely believe that United Andhra is nothing but "We want Hyderabad" movement. They should come out in the open and say it aloud instead of enacting "United Andhra" drama. I don't think terms of reference don't reflect the situation on the ground. They will eventually come out with another formula for Telangana and that will be annuled by force eventually.

  19. Damodar Reddy, Muthyam Reddy, Bikshta Goud, Narsi Reddy and other MLA who have decided to resign are real heores of this movement. Hail these men.

    --Jai Telangana

  20. Sujai, what a farce in your statement that not even a single Andhra person was targetted!! At JNTU, I watched our TG guys beating up a Coastal student after confirming with him as to what he calls a 50 paise coin!! The poor coastal cousin called it "ardharoopai"!! That's it, he was punched and kicked hard in front of everybody, till I steppedin and stopped them telling about my KU days!
    It is a SHAM!!

  21. // Anonymous said...
    Sujai, what a farce in your statement that not even a single Andhra person was targetted!! At JNTU, I watched our TG guys beating up a Coastal student after confirming with him as to what he calls a 50 paise coin!! The poor coastal cousin called it "ardharoopai"!! That's it, he was punched and kicked hard in front of everybody, till I steppedin and stopped them telling about my KU days!
    It is a SHAM!!//

    Its another typical misleading or manipulating tactics of T educated. Unfortunately, they are only plotting hatedredness instead of concentrating on their own development.

  22. @Anonymous February 13, 2010 10:12 PM :

    What else can you expect with these kind of brain washing blogs. The university which those bigots have been using as a venue to confront Andhra's has been brought to Hyd by Andhra's. Today whatever the industries/developments the T's are craving for ..its all by the mercy of Andhra's.

    Yes thats true its all because of Hyd. Make Sidhipet as your capital in the next 1 hour you will get your state. Again... if you want a seperate state its possible only by maintaining cordial relationships with Andhra's.

    Its very hard to steal the crop which is ready for harvesting. Good Luck for your quench on getting a ready made capital. No its not fully equipped back in the days when it was made capital. Just to save these people who were thinking that they live in their own Nizam Country, The Indian Govt has made Hyd as capital.

  23. We don't care...we don't share...we are telangana thugs...we will burn buses...we will throw stones...we will stop going to colleges...we will attack personal properties...we are the telangana thugs...we are the communists...we are the naxals...we can spread like virus...we sit on our lazy asses...we are the telangana thugs...we don't care....we don't share..

  24. So yet another 'cogent presentation of frustration by Sujai the demogague'
    All internal contradictions on caste lines, political lines, etc etc are coming out.
    Do not get surprised to new blogs of TELANGANA REPUBLIC on the lines of Khalistan.

  25. The Seemandhra people welcome the SriKrishna committee and its ToR. It is one thing if you wanted a separate state because of underdevelopment or for better administration or cultural reasons etc. But you also allege Andhra exploitation, compare us with British and talk about tyranny of majority politics (what ever that means!) Like every divorce, this separation also needs a "closure" and we think SriKrishna committee is a right step in that direction. And for that one reason alone, the committee is completely justified.

    Why are T activists against the SriKrishna committee with a definite deadline? The work of the committee could be useful to formulate guidelines for distribution of resources if separation happens. If it is indeed proven that there was perpetual and universal exploitation of Telangana in the last 50 odd years, there will be less opposition to separation from the public of Seemandhra.

    For ardent T supporters, you can always get a separate state if majority there believes that its in their best interest. It should not matter if the committee observations go against your cause or if the Congress party takes a decision against separation. But it has to happen in a democratic way. Give big victory to TRS or similar single agenda party, play right coalition politics at the center and win the state in a rightful manner.

    There is no merit in arguments like we lost faith in Indian democracy and hence we are taking this to streets. Such an argument is valid if you are asking for a separate nation and not a state within India.

    For now, stop bandhs, rioting and all the street drama and let people go about with their daily lives. Let the SriKrishna committee do their duty.

  26. Those who feel they are concerned for telugu unity, this is a question for them?



    But - here the true face of so called telugu unity will come out because, the imperialistic (I would call parasite) thinking will shamelessly would say that, their true interest in NOT telugu unity, BUT to exploit telangana in every aspect, and every PLACE (every inch..) IF new capital is made out side/bordering telangana, how can they gradually occupy, Warangnal ,Karimnagar, NZB, Adilabad Dist (All other districts are already lost some land to Greater Hyderbad, creation of RR dist was also a coup, not just GHMC creation)

  27. The ToR of this Committee/panel are not acceptable to us Telanganas.

    1) They do not talk about the formation of the Telangana state. This is a clear step backtracking from the 9th Dec statement.

    2) The ToR is essentially as dictated by the so-called Samaikhya imperialists. Whatever items they wanted to be included are in there.

    3) ToR is so biased - it does not talk about the jobs and water distribution

    4) ToR does talk about divide and rule politics of minorities, women, etc. What exactly does that have to do with the creation of the state?

    5) Finally, ToR does not allude to any of the previous agreements, promises made in reference to Telangana that were systematically broken.

    And, please dont give us this crap about Committees and recommendations. Telanganas have seen one too many promises broken, Committee recommendations scrapped and even Supreme Court rulings being overridden. It is time for the creation of the Telangana state.
    Jai Telangana!

  28. @ ALL

    Let us wait for the T committe report.
    We can expect Srikrishna to be unbiased given his past.

    He will get facts about all that the t people have been complaining about - jobs, water, resources etc.

    He will also get the desires of all sections and not just students, politicians and IT pros.

    the farmer, barber, potter, farm worker, shop keeper, shop worker, etc also have to be considered.

    If at the end of his survey the facts prove the allegations then T will be formed. Why worry now. 10 months will pass before we know it.

    Until then let us keep this a debate. we should not get personal on this forum. No talking about cultural prejudices or generalizations ... drunkards vs pimps etc.


  29. @ Anonymous

    The opening ceremony of the play has "Andhrawale Bhaago"...

    If the same number of Telangana people go to Vijayawada, Guntur, Nellore, Vizag etc..and illegally grab the government jobs that belong to the locals of these areas by providing fake certificates or by manipulation -- what will you guys say -- " Aao Telangana walo"

  30. "If the same number of Telangana people go to "

    Typical ranting of T separatists without much basis.
    just making mountains out of molehills.

  31. @Alternative View

    //Why are the TOR so unacceptable to Telangana JAC?//

    What happens if TOR concludes that Telangana was discriminated? Do you all Andhra Band accept for separation? Is there any guarantee for that? When all your leaders didnt object when there parties put telangana in there manifesto, your leaders given statements many times that if central decides for separation you will respect the Madum's decision! So that happened to those statements? It is clearly showing how you can broke your own words when time comes, so the same way there is no guarantee that you will accept the TOR report that means it is just a time waste matter for us thinking you will respect TOR

  32. //For now, stop bandhs, rioting and all the street drama and let people go about with their daily lives. Let the SriKrishna committee do their duty.//

    This couldnt have happened if you let central do there job after the Dec-9th statement. Before lecturing others, see your self first.

  33. //He will get facts about all that the t people have been complaining about - jobs, water, resources etc.//

    Are you joking ? what happened to the commission reports in the past? Didn't Girglani commission report trashed after his submission?

  34. //The opening ceremony of the play has "Andhrawale Bhaago"...//

    I expressed many times before and I am doing again about this statement.

    None of the Andhrawal was able to provide me with a genuine news source link about this with full statement. There is lots of difference between 'illegal Andhrawale Bhaago' and 'Andhrawale Bhaago'. And our Andhrawale conveniently remove 'illegal' from the statement.


    Deccan Chronicle is owned by a telangana person.

    so you cannot say, the source is biased.

    Crooks like KCR should be put in jail and barred from contesting any elections for atleast 15 yrs.

    They have not worked for telangana and created even a single job.


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