Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Telangana 46: Shame!

Shame! What a shame!

We got the greatest of the people’s movements in contemporary history headed by the lousiest of the leaders.  When the Dec 9th announcement was made, 123 MLAs from Andhra-Rayalaseema resigned within two days.   Now, though JAC has announced for resignation of all Telangana MLAs only 12 have resigned so far.  What a shame!

We have been saying this.  What we need is a political decision.  What we need now is a political fight.  What we need now is our political leaders to actually become more responsible towards their people and little less subservient to their Babus and Madams. 

No wonder the world laughs at us. We can’t even unite our political leaders to act together. 


Go to a prominent place in Hyderabad.  Tank Bund sounds good.  Place a very big granite slab, something that cannot be moved easily or vandalized easily.  Etch on it the names of MPs, MLAs, MLCs who have not resigned.   And title it as ‘Betrayers’.  Let it be known for our progeny why we had to fight so hard to accomplish such a small thing called ‘creation of state’ in India.  Let it stand as a proof of how our politicians betrayed us when we needed their support the most.

Let those names be there so that we can actively campaign against each of them in the next elections. 


  1. All it takes is 156 (+7 MIM) - 147 = 16 Congress MLAs to resign! That is enough to force a constitutional crisis and fresh elections. Let us prevail upon our representatives and show the Congress high command we mean business.

    I propose that the Telangana Congress leaders float their own political outfit much like what Mamta Banerjee did with Trinamool Congress or what Sharad Pawar did with Nationalist Congress party. This political entity can potentially merge with Congress if their fears are that they have no option and they dont want KCR as their leader.

    So should the TDP leaders like Nagam float their own Telangana TDP outfit to maintain their ideology and principles.

  2. "I propose that the Telangana Congress leaders float their own political outfit much like what Mamta Banerjee did with Trinamool Congress or what Sharad Pawar did with Nationalist Congress party."

    if our T leaders had such kind of a courage, we would not have to see this day and so many deaths.

    they are nothing more than sitting ducks

  3. Most of the telangana politicians are puppets of andhra and congress.

    They will not resign because there seats are too dear to them.

    Humiliate them in front of the people.

  4. People are attacking the politicians houses to get them resigned.. What a shame to our leaders!! Wihtout even forming telangana, the great dumb leader JanaReddy is declaring himself as a CM contestant for Telangana.. Shame on HIM!! First let him show the courage/leadership to get all the leaders to resign..
    we have to abase these leaders for the police attacks in OU campus..

  5. @ Reality,

    You may scream all you want to about your great ideologies,for all I care.

    I had atleat a little concern for what you were talking about,earlier.
    Not anymore....

    You lost my respect yesterday brother....

    You will not get any more replies for your rants,atleast not from me.

    Good Luck and Farewell..

  6. I dyapa

    Good luck to you also

  7. @Sujai,


    I would really like to get in touch with some of the members from Hyderabad,please forward their mail i.ds to either my personal i.d or at telanganamanadi@yahoo.in

    Yes,but only after their consent.


  8. @ All Telanganites,

    A few more products that can be boycotted are the Galla fruit juices and other products
    from the galla industries, Kamadhenu produts,Visakha dairy products,Heritage products,Priya products...

    Working on luxury buses,cements,pipes,theatres
    and cab services next.
    Please feel free to add more...

    My only request would be to spare Hospitals and schools from this list.For now....

  9. I dyapa,
    I am happy that atleast you have understood the value of the education and healthcare being provided by the colonizers.

    They don't discriminate their students/patients based on origin.

    The schools Chaitanya, Narayana have consistently produced top rankers from telangana districts. Let us not look at the one owner who makes millions but at the thousands who are benefited.

    Reg heritage products......i am sure 99% of consumers will agree that compared to Vijaya milk heritage is 100 times better.
    So first produce better quality milk and then boycott Heritage, Jersey etc.

    And ....reg vegetables they may buy from t farmers at 3 Rs and sell at 15.....but the local traders buy at 2 and still sell to you at 15.


  10. Why have MLA Vinod and Prof Jaishankar disappeared from the public.

  11. @ All fellow telanganites,

    Please do not damage any properties belonging to the andhra,s,as,it wouldnt really make much of a difference to them.

    Most of the people who are having all those properties anyways take insurance so,it doesnt really pinch them.

    Burning and damaging public properties might give them an oppurtunity to term this a wrong representation and get a lot of you,ll into serious trouble.

    So, it still wouldnt get to


    The results would be surprising.
    Lets just try.

    I also have a few suggestions.

    I feel a lot of sporadic movements all over Telangana isnt making much of an impact.

    Get all your family members,
    friends,your neighbours
    and T-supporters together into groups (without forcing them to join in)and form a small but strong unit.

    Each unit could have one volunteer who would keep in touch with various such groups and form a connecting link.

    This way a lot of people can form a trail that runs across the whole region.

    Pay a visit to your local M.L.A,M.L.C,s and other Govt.officers(of all departments) who feel passionately for the cause and seek their support.

    This can also be spread across in small towns and villages,where some of our friends have been complaining of upper caste politics.

    We could take turns into going into small villages to do so,and still not be over burdened with work.

    We could solve a few problems along for people who are ignorant of the many facilities that are available to them.

    Kind of pro bono,or free service to the society.

    We can also group our resources and manpower for one large event ,instead of several small ones.

    Let me know of any more ideas and suggestions where we can make a difference.

    Can get in touch with me at

    I know the times are tough.
    but the saying goes....


  12. @ Anonymous,

    I HAVE BEEN a regular of Fresh@ and I know how their products are priced.
    They buy products from farmers and package them in their own godowns and pass it on as their own.Hoarding is another issue altogether here.
    I will not try to convince you about the financial implications of businessess like that.

    I am not Sujai,and I dont have endless patience with queries like that

    Regarding your comment about Narayana and Chaitanya schools and colleges,the lesser said the better.
    Students are treated like commodities and grouped into sections from A to god knows how many .....

    A students day starts at 8 a.m and ends at 8 or even 9 pm,and they still do not know the basics of the subjects that they have been learning(even for a 6th grader).

    I asked a 7th grader of one of these scools,who was taking an intensive IIT training,what the full form of IIT course was.He simply looked at me and said that he didnt even know that IIT had a full form.

    Thats the great knowledge that these kids are getting there...

    The student is the customer there,
    why dont you ask them what they think about these schools and colleges.

    I am a teacher(not at either places)and many of my students still want special classes inspite of the tough timings and strenous workloads as they are not taught or explained but simply made to mug up the answers.

    A lot of students ended up passing their EAMCET Exam, but failed in their Inter Board exams from the very same colleges.

    I heard that,the students beat up a lecturer after getting frustrated with him.

    Several students broke chairs and benches on the last day of their college.

    WONDER WHY.....

    Did I hear anyone laughing....:)

  13. I heard that,the students beat up a lecturer after getting frustrated with him.

    No prizes for guessing from which region those students must be.

  14. @Reality,

    No prizes for guessing from which region those students must be.

    I studied in Guntur vignan. Same thing happens there. Last day of college students make mayhem. Beatup wardens, break light switches, break tables. Education has become business with Residential colleges.

  15. @ Vinay

    There is lot of difference between what you said and what i dyapa said . You said students attack hostel wardens and other infrastructure in hostels while she said students have beaten up lecturers. I hope you can see this big difference.

  16. Majority of students in Hyderabad are cosmopolitan.
    There are Gujaratis,Punjabis,Sindhis,
    Americans,Europeans and many more.

    They are all students,kids.

    I dont understand some peoples twisted bent of mind to make foolish comments like this even about young kids.

    If there was a foot print for foolishness and idiocricy,(like a carbon footprint)we know who will take the cake.

  17. Somebody save TELANGANA PLZZZZFebruary 16, 2010 9:02 PM

    A student named Satish reports his experience in the OU Campus about the seemandhra bastards and their inhuman acts on the girls.

    This was posted on the facebook Telangana group:

    me ou student
    hello frnd, ipaatiki ou lo enno laati charge jarigay but night jarigina laati charge totally deffernt, antha pakka plan prakaaram jarigindi, endukante today nundi assembly undi bayapettalani, nenu night and ivvala mrng akkade unna,
    atleast 2000 police, andaru rayalaseema andhra kodukule, andaru 6 feet kante ekkuva height, selected ... See Morepersons, rpf,crpf,grahounds. andariki helmets, jackets, pads chetilo laati and gun. first andaru chetlallo daakkunnaru, okate saari andaru attack chesaru. enduku ra meeku telangana anukuntu kottaaru. okkanni 10 members kalsi kottaru, aina memu edurkonnam kaani kondariki teevranga debbal tagilay.
    tarvaata ladies hostel nundi girls vachcharu, 15 member girls 2000 police ki eduruga vellaru. okko ammayini 10 police lu kalsi kottaru, oka ammayini shoes tho stomac lo thannaaru, hairs pattukoni laagaru, inka anninti kante goram enti ante ikaada cheppadaniki kuda veelukaani vidanga behave chesaru seemandhra kojja police kodukulu.
    ivanni meeku enduku chebuthunna ante ivi channals lo chupettaledu, andariki teliyaalani chebuthunna.
    frnd mee andariki oka request ammayilu laati debbalu tini poraaduthunnaru, vaallanu inspiration ga teesukoni every telangana person udyamam cheyaali, appude telangana vasthadi. now or never. inka ennallu ee baanisa brathukulu. every telangana person... edo style lo udyamaaniki help cheyandi. money unna vaallu pamplents, stickers cheyinchi public ni motivate cheyandi. endaro praanalu teesukuntunnaru vaalla kante mana tyaagam goppadi kaadu, ippudu manam udyamam chesthene mana future vaallu baaguntaru. pls pls udhtamaaniki edo vidanga sahaayam cheyandi, chethulu muduchuku kurchovaddu. ''memu mimmalni dochukuntu mosam chesthune untam kaani meeru maatram maatho kalsi undaalsindhe ani seemandhra vaallu antunnaru''. manam daaniki answer cheppali. ippudu vaallu mana sahanam chusthunnaru, if telangana raadani telisina naadu mana kopam chustharu. MANA DHYEYAM MANA LAKSHYAM MANA KULAM MANA MATAM TELANGANA RAASHTRAM. JAI TELANGANA

    --satish,OU student

    All you andhra morons will go to DOGS.

  18. Again stupid arguments,

    How is students in Guntur beating up their hostel wardens different from students here doing it to a lecturer.

    Both incidents are wrong and indiciplined.

    When the local students are only a percentage in the classes here,
    we know how many other non local kids go to Guntur and study.


  19. @Reality,

    I should add that even lecturers are beaten up. I am saying it because I know that for a fact. That happens in all residential in GUNTUR district as far as my knowledge is concerned.

  20. @ Vinay, I dyapa

    even i studied in a residential college. i have heard many incidents of wardens getting beaten up but i have never heard about lecturers getting beaten up. Most of the time these lecturers in corporate colleges are are highly reputed guys.

    Anyway ,Those colleges are not forcing anyone to join their colleges.If you find a problem with education model of these colleges ,then start colleges, which give "real" education at very low fee, on your own or ask T entrepreneurs to do so.

  21. Even after the formation of the telangana state what good can these telangana congress and TDP leaders do to Telangana. If they cant represent the aspirations of the telangana people in such a massive peoples movement, how can they represent day to day problems in the Telangana state.

    If telangana has to develop Congress and TDP has to be wiped out. Gandhi bavan has to be deserted. We have to vote for any party other than Congress, TDP and MIM.

    Telangana congress and TDP leaders have to be boycotted from the society.

  22. why shouldnt the corporate hospitals stop treating the hooligans/naxals ?

    didn't telangana vaidya garjana declare that they are not going to treat andhra patients ?

    if they follow on their threat, (or may deliberately misdiagnose and kill andhra's)...all andhra doctors and corporate hospitals should do the same.

  23. @Reality

  24. I would rather they tie the granite slab to their feet and throw it into the lake!
    Man, congress is never getting my vote!

  25. On the same stone let’s etch "TG Top Five Lies"

    1) We are coming as Ex Ministers (Sridhar babu and Komati Venkat Reddy) on their maiden visit to OU campus).

    2) We'll sacrifice our lives for TG (forget about lives they didn't even lifted "attempt to murder" cases filed against students and professors )

    3) We don't have agenda or janda ONLY agenda is TG.

    4) CBN statement TG and Andhra are like two eyes ( but walks into Assembly with Andhra MLA's)

    5) CID Probe on OU police atrocities (committee is headed by police officer)

    Joke of the TG Movement:
    TG MP's ( Manda Jaganath, Vivek etc) signatory campaign outside assembly and near Gun Park to allot 48% funds from budget for TG region !!!

  26. OU Students,

    Pl remember T history:
    "The Doras will realize their dreams through the sacrifices of the dalits"

    Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it.
    Those who repeat history are condemned to forget it.


  27. All those who study in Corporate colleges are doing it willingly.
    No one has forced telangana students to study in them.


  28. TG ministers - "We will give our life for TG but pls don't ask us to give our seats"
    How did it come to this - such spineless retards calling themselves our leaders. "They promise to build bridges, even where there are no rivers"
    Do yourself a favor gtfooh...you ain't doing anyone a favor by spreading your wisdom.

  29. Sujai Karampudi instead of proposing insane activities like civil disobedience and craving stones do something constructive.You have to write in what way formation of Telangana state would help the people.If you say the people will get jobs,how are they going to get them without sending back the Andhra people?Govt jobs are fewer.You cannot force private companies to force hire Telangana people .If that is the case you would not be working in Bangalore.If you want to construct project on Krishna and Tungabhadra you'll be bound by Inter-state river sharing mandates.Constructing projects on Godavari is not feasible because of the topography.50% of inflows on Godavari come after Pennganga confluence.The coal in Singareni is of dubious quality,there is nothing much that can be done with it.Telangana would have to import rice ,pulses and vegetables from Karnataka and Andhra/Seema.Above all Telangana would lose its gas share.IT will be a landlocked state.You'll have to pay lot of taxes to bring and take the goods from the ports.The police force will be weakended,god forbiding there are any attacks,there would not be enough protection.Please write a blog on how Telangana formation would help the folks there.Please...

  30. Raj if you have time go through sujai's posts(>40) on telangana.
    You have the answers for all your questions.
    The blog started to make a case of separate telangana before it started commenting on the current actions and future ideas.
    You somehow woke up in the middle and started questioning the beginnings.
    Go do your homework first.

  31. chiranjeevi (Not mega star)March 02, 2010 3:05 AM

    I Appreciate your efforts in writing up such a huge discussion about telanga, I completely agree with your comments on JP too. he just gave in some stupid discussion about that.

    Now i got some questions which most of the guys forget to ask,(or deliberately does not want to ask)

    Is KCR or the politicians really need development of Telangana, or some political advantage? what is their reason for asking Telangana?

    I Know the very next Question is "Is the politicians, who are asking for samikhya Andhra really have love and affection for the state"

    Every one who asks this question will get the same answers. politicians of Telangana needs seats and not development.

    politician of andhra have properties around hyderabad which they will miss, and they have no love towards a state.

    I do not take a stance about Telangana here. I just wanted to make thins right.

    I am sure that you guys will agree wit me that the MLA's were there in the telangana districts who need to look after the prosperity of the district. Why did not they raise their voices that they are under developed till now? Is there any evidence that they had fought for the justice to be done to their district in assembly or made such a stance?

    no there is none.

    When TRS joined with congress and won Why did not KCR went on a fast until death, because he got his seat and was content enough and he has his influence in the state affairs. Now when he felt he was not growing politically and losing his influence he started the agitation.

    Lets supoose that telanga state is formed . will these politicians do the development work in telangana? if so why are they not doing now? how will the equations change?

    Why did the samaykhya andhra politicians did not raise the voice when the decision was yet to be taken by the government, why did they just voiced in after the central announced a statement in favour of Telangana?

    For the first time in the history people are asking to stay together and say we are brothers and we need to stay together, and if you leave we will kill you.

    this obviously speaks the way what kind of brotherhood that the samikhya andrites are asking for.

    This makes not even a tinniest bit of sense.

    My point is both the telangana revolt and samikhya andhra revolt are for the political or politicians advantage. samikhya andhra is not a true revolt and telanga state will not solve even the tinniest problem of the under developed districts.

  32. Jai GottimukkalaJuly 01, 2010 12:33 PM

    Friends, this post is very relevant today as the 12 MLA's who resigned for Telangana are fighting bye-elections. This is the right time to teach a resounding lesson to the Congress & TDP "leaders" who betrayed us.

    We did not etch the betrayer names on the granite slab on Tankbund. Let us do that now, not on Tankbund but on the election results. Guys like D. Srinivas must be made to lose their deposits. This will be the "new era granite slab".


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