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Telangana 42: Where we differ with Andhras

Three major differences

I see three major differences between the attitudes of Andhras and Telanganas when it comes to state of Andhra Pradesh and the current agitations.

  1. While Telanganas looked at Andhra Pradesh as a conditional merger based on safeguards, guarantees, and protection of its regions, its funds, its jobs and its waters based on contracts that were signed, Andhras saw the merger as an opportunity to expand, opportunity for new jobs, new resources, and new funds. 
  2. While Telanganas have had a different socio-politico-economic history for few centuries whereby they became open to influences from other regions, religions and languages, creating cosmopolitan cities like Hyderabad, coming up with cross-cultural festivals, talking a mixed language, etc, Andhras saw Andhra Pradesh as a means to homogenize the state under the Telugu and Hindu identities, treating everyone who didn’t fit their image as unworthy of being enlisted for superior culture called Telugu Pride.
I have already discussed the above two in prior posts [Telangana 36, Telangana 37].   The third difference is discussed below.

What do Telangana people fight for? 

  1. While the fight for Telangana is a movement of people, to emancipate the lower sections of the societies, to free the peasant, to bring empowerment to the backward, to create opportunity for the common man, the fight for United State is a movement of the elite, the upper caste, the privileged, the business-focused, real-estate focused, that is primarily interested in perpetuating the hegemony of the Andhras over Telangana.

The current agitation is extremely lopsided in many ways and there are no similarities except the fact that Andhras seem to ape everything that Telanganas do – we have JAC with a professor heading it, they have a JAC with professor heading it.  We do padayatra, they do padayatra, and so on.

Though Andhras do not want to believe this, and most of India is unaware of this, Telangana agitation is a people’s movement unlike any we have seen in the contemporary history.  It is a movement that has thrived for more than forty years though there was no leader to it.  It is not based in imagined or perceived fears, but actual experiences of people who have faced the injustices on an unabated pace.   The people of Telangana don’t need TRS, Congress, BJP, or Naxals, to carry out this movement.  This movement is led by the people, the common man of Telangana, not the elite, not the industrialist, not the business man, but the peasant, the farmer, and the worker.

When I support this movement, I support it because I am fighting for my people, not the elite of my people, but the most backward of my people.  I am fighting for their water, for their livelihood, for their jobs and opportunities.  I consider myself privileged and I don’t even live in Telangana now.  But there is a higher sense of purpose for all of us which gives us strength to fight against all odds, because we know and we believe we are fighting for justice. Not personal justice, but justice for our people.

What do Andhra people fight for?

They fight for lost opportunities in Hyderabad, the real estate investments they made in Hyderabad, the and malls they built in Hyderabad.  They fight for the water they have to give up which rightfully belongs to Telanganas, the funds they have to let go which rightfully belongs to Telangana, and the jobs they have to let go which rightfully belongs to Telanganas.  They fight for safety of few lakh Andhras settled ONLY in Hyderabad, completely ignoring the Andhras who settled in other parts of Telangana, on an artificial and imaginary set of fears.   They assume they have the support from Muslims of Hyderabad with whom they have nothing in common, while they continue to insult Telanganas for mixing with Muslims and using Urdu.

What do Andhras fight for?  They fight for lachrymose ideas like ‘happy and united family’ as if it is a noon-time soap opera.  What good is unity when there is no water for our fields?  What good is your preaching of being ‘happy and united family’ when happiness is reserved for you while we have to endure the pain of being united?

They also fight for Telugu pride, while continuously ridiculing Telangana people’s language.  They fight for a united state but that doesn’t even include will of Telanganas.  They want us to stay united while they keep calling us rowdies, goondas and hooligans. 

How do they expect us to continue to stay united when they continuously berate us?  Don’t they realize that such insulting, belittling, such ridiculing and admonishing only enhances our wish and will to separate?

Fight for Telangana is based in principle, which is higher than selfish interests, it is fight for the common man, the peasant, the worker, the farmer.  It is fight for bringing water to our dried up villages, to bring education to our illiterate, to bring opportunities to our backward communities.  It is fight for our self-respect so that we don’t have to keep begging and pleading in this farcical experiment called Andhra Pradesh. 

Key differences between the two movements

Here I summarize the differences between Telangana Movement and the charade called Samaikyandhra movement. 


  1. "Andhras saw the merger as an opportunity to expand, opportunity for new jobs, new resources, and new funds."

    This is a BIG ASSUMPTION sorry. This is not in reality, BUT This is what You Telangana People Think of Andhra people. THIS IS NOT WHAT ANDHRA PEOPLE THOUGHT WHEN THEY MOVED TO HYDERABAD.

    Andhra People came to Hyderabad because some Mofo made it as THEIR CAPITAL City.

    Any citizen of this country is having right to go to Delhi and buy home and do business and prosper and also apply for government Jobs.

    Just imagine if Telanganites are not allowed to New Delhi just because North Indians are close to that city and the city lies in their region.

    We did not annex any other COUNTRY and made it our capital city.

  2. "While the fight for Telangana is a movement of people, to emancipate the lower sections of the societies, to free the peasant, to bring empowerment to the backward, to create opportunity for the common man"

    What happened in pulikeka every one saw on TV's

    Manda Krishna a lower caste guy is insulted and KCR son Questions why he was given mike to talk.

    A lower caste singer was pulled out and tore his shirt and taken to some Telangana Dora's gulaag, i am not sure what happened afterwards.

    Mr KTR's attitude towards a lower caste watch man who did not allow him to an apartment can be seen clearly how the thought process of these Doras work. And this same fellow talks on TV9 that his hero is Manda Krishna. What a lier KTR.

    And FYI Sujai.... Do you know Rajendra? an ST lower caste leader was striped by KCR private army goons for talking against KCR.

    Sujai. Do you realy understand what you wrote? and what you are fighting for. You cannot fool more than 1 billion Indian's Sujai.

  3. @2 Blueshift:

    Thanks for writing.

    KCR/KTR/TRS is not Telangana. Yes they happen to be part of the movement.

    Also, we are not extremely happy with everything that is happening on the ground. There are some incidents which we are not proud of.

    Having said that, you seem to be interested in one or two untoward incidents, while I seem to be concentrating on what's happening across Telangana.

  4. Great post Sujai...keep going.

    When 1000's of peaceful agitations are happening across TG...NONE and only one incident like Pulikeka is looked from magnifying glass...growup bro's, this is absouletly a common man movement...

    Anyone can deny or ignore as much as they can...its only a matter of time for the truth to come out...

  5. Sujai, nice one! Wow, you got 2 in a row!!

    @Blueshift - Over the last few years, I have seen this myself! I have friends from different parts of the country, and many from the coastal region too. I am proud to say that I feel that Telangana could be one of the most socially progressing regions in India. The other day a colleague was telling me how even a fresher's party at their engineering college in Guntur was conducted separately for different castes (2005)!

    It's funny that one of the few times I discussed caste with friends was when he had to choose a place to stay overnight at Srisailam! It's another thing that we all chose the best place available instead of worrying about which caste sponsors that 'satram'! We could only choose one room in most 'satrams' (because you can't book a room for a person from other caste) - but we had choice, and we chose the largest available room so that all of us could stay in one place! :)



    Telangana Agitation, 2009
    After KCR’s Arrest
    Sacrifices, Suicides, deaths
    From 29-11-2009 to 9th Dec, Ist Statement by Home Minister =63
    10th Dec to 23rd Dec , 2nd statement by Home Minister =14
    23rd Dec to 11th February, 2010 =163
    Total 240
    District wise Deaths
    Warangal 58
    • Karimnagar 70
    • Medak 29
    • Nalgonda 17
    • Adilabad 29
    • Nizamabad 18
    • Hyderabad 4
    • Mahabubnagar 8
    • Ranga Reddy 5
    • Unidentified 2
    • Total 240
    Immediate Cause of Death
    • Agony &Heart Attack 115
    • Consuming Pesticides 31
    • Hanging 22
    • Self Immolation 15
    • High Tension wires 04
    • Two constables, self shooting 03
    • Falling from Height 02
    • Falling under train 05
    • Lathi charge & Death 01
    • Committed Suicides, Unspecified 35
    • Drowning, 01
    • Still not known , 06
    Total 240

  7. Telangana supporters are not even willing to condemn the Andhra Bhago statement.

    Did anyone in TRS condemn it ?

    Expect massive violence from T goons..

    What else you can expect from an emotional movement, which is far from any truth..

    Please dont lose heart friends,
    I know it is easier to say
    but,please dont let
    this feeling lead to your fall.

    Just now is when the whole
    world has heard about it.
    Give it a little time my friend.The momentum has just picked up.
    We dont want to support
    suicides,nor do we want to encourage them,right.Discourage anybody who show extreme
    reactions or who you feel
    might too.
    One of the main reasons this struggle did not recieve
    its due was because of this reason.
    We feel so dejected after incidents like this ,that we
    end up leaving it midway or
    worser still dicourage others.
    Like I read somewhere

  9. @ all the blueshift,s ,realities,anonymouses and such,
    Are you people idiots?
    First you join in the forum
    saying you want a place to fight for your cause.
    Then you use all kind of abusive language for the people who are trying to talk to you,ll and provoke them.
    When they retaliate,you say this is what we knew you were all along.You are naxals,fanatics, all.
    You must either be blind,deaf and/or dumb for keeping your senses closed to reasoning
    of any kind.
    I have been following this
    forum for the last 4 months
    or so,and always found that
    your thinking that your
    settlement of 15 years holds
    more water(pun intended)than
    the problems of the locals for more than 50yrs.
    Yoga does help in improving concentration.

  10. @Sujai,
    As a well wisher I am taking
    the liberty of saying this
    my friend.
    Your forum should
    be your voice and about your opinions.
    You dont need to give idiots a chance to say these kind of things to you.
    I feel you are loosing patience trying to explain things to these fools.
    If you still have to..
    atleast make it mandatory for people to login only through an email i.d.
    These nameless and faceless guys are posing more trouble than the argument on hand.

    might have started this as an educated effort to
    do your bit towards the cause,
    but its going beyond reasonability,now.
    You dont need to do this and hellllll,you dont deserve this.

  11. kartikthum

    "how even a fresher's party at their engineering college in Guntur was conducted separately for different castes (2005)!"

    That is bad but no uppercastes from andhra are demanding seperate state in order to uplift underprivileged people in Andhra.

    What T- people are doing is on one hand they are demanding seperate state for

    "to emancipate the lower sections of the societies, to free the peasant, to bring empowerment to the backward,"

    And on the other hand they are descriminating publicly the very same people for whose development Telangana leaders are demanding/fighting for seperate state.

    This is so so so contradictory. That is what i question.

    As i view this fight is By Doras(and Reddies) for Doras(and Reddies) and to Doras(and Reddies) of T- region.

    There was an agreement between Doras and Reddies of Telangana with Kammas and Reddies of Andhra and something went sour on T side.

    I prefer Sujai not to take backward/underprivileged people in this fight.

    Better talk openly that Doras and Reddies of Telangana are deceived by Kammas and Reddies of Andhra. We understand this better and its clear too.

    Its like KTR telling Manda Krishna is his hero lol what a joke.

    Having said above i support Telangana in which the underprivileged were given EQUAL oppurtunity.

    I do not think it will make any difference for a Madiga or a Tanda person in Andhra Pradesh or In Telangana state.

    "l dyapa"

    Sometimes you must think not talk and type.

  12. @Blueshift
    I see a clear divide-and-rule tactic being employed once again on the Telangana people. Every other minor incident is highlighted while choosing to ignore the broader cause.

    Did you notice the success of the Human Chain? Did you have anything to say of it? Have you been to the villages and towns of Telangana? I have been in the past couple of months and I can tell with authority that the support for the movement is overwhelming.

    The upliftment of socially backward classes is a huge problem across India. It is not something limited to Telangana.

    Just because there are isolated incidents against the leadership of the lower castes - the broader cause of Telangana cant be ignored. Telangana will deal with its feudal lords in its own fashion and time. What we can be sure of is that the 50+ years of this experiment of Andhra Pradesh created more social issues like Naxalism than solving any. It is time to go our separate ways and find solutions to our problems.

  13. The latest blog sounds very similar speeches given by christians in my town.

  14. Don't be silly. The leaders of those times merged it only on the basis of language.

    And don't keep harping about 'our water' our land etc.
    they belong to the country.
    Are you not drinking the water of Kannadigas. Are you not living on their lands?
    Stop these convoluted arguments Sujai.
    You want Telangana for T people but you and your wife live in another state and work there and 'grab' their jobs.
    Thats how it sounds from the kannadigas side. Same as what you think of Andhras. And don't keep harping that in the case of Telangana it is different and we don't understand.
    This bull shit argument has to stop. It is the same everywhere. Where there are opportunities for livelihood or betterment you go there. The vast majority of andhras did not ask for the merger. they came to t region after the merger because it was their state. if the merger had not taken place many would have still come to telangana for opportunities just as you and your wife went to karnataka for opportunities. just as thousands of indians go to various states for work.

  15. Concept of colonization according to Telangana "intellectuals" from

    a: how does one measure a poorer region/country?
    q: when the region is rich in resources like telangana. the colonisers from andhra wanted to rob the resources.
    a: so, indians migrating to the united states are colonisers? because the united states has larger reserves of oil, coal, natural gas, and fresh water resources etc than india?
    q: the u.s., is a richer region/country because it has a higher gdp.
    a: but you said, elsewhere, hyderabad was a rich city, and telangana had surplus revenues before merger?
    q: yes, but taking jobs away from the locals even in a rich city is colonization.
    a: so, indians taking away jobs from the locals in a rich u.s. city are colonisers?
    q: no, you can't call them colonisers because they are not flouting any laws.
    a: there have been regular complaints of flouting of laws. for instance, check this news report.
    q: well, that's only a few jobs. besides, we're only doing the work the lazy americans can't.
    a: the migrants in telangana used to wave the same excuse.
    q: see? that's their colonising mentality.
    a: but you said you had nothing against people who came looking for livelihood?
    q: no, we have nothing against them.
    a: it's only those who bring industrial investments to telangana you don't like?
    q: yes, they're colonisers who rob our resources.
    a: but they create jobs.
    q: we don't want their jobs.
    a: yes, obviously. you've jobs in the u.s. what about those young people who live in telangana?
    q: they should fight for a separate telangana. that's a full time job too.
    a: yes, but how will they live without jobs?
    q: they could invite industrial investments from outsiders.
    a: you mean colonisers?
    q: no, investors from everywhere.
    a: even from richer regions/countries?
    q: yes.
    a: but you said when people from richer regions/countries go to poorer regions/countries, it is called colonization.
    q: ok. they should invite investors from only poorer regions.
    a: like north coastal andhra, rayalaseema?
    q: or sudan, nepal.
    a: what if no one from those countries shows any interest in investing?
    q: they should go to even poorer countries.
    a: how about you guys making some investments?
    q: coming from a rich country like the u.s., to invest here? that'd be colonization.

  16. Sujai,

    If your desire for Telangan is genuine, out of your heart for the 'injustices' meted out to telangana for 200 years or 50 years by andhras....then quit Karnataka and come to Telangana.
    Same holds for all those who are in the US, UK, UAE etc.
    Then ask the andhras to quit telangana. Set an example.
    Don't be like Anuj who reminds me of the defence strategist who used to sit in delhi and directed us to fire our guns at this position or that postion in kargil

  17. @ 16, Anonymous:

    We really appreciate it if you avoid being ‘Anonymous’ and instead use a name – even a pseudonym would work.

    If your desire for Telangan is genuine, out of your heart for the 'injustices' meted out to telangana for 200 years or 50 years by andhras....then quit Karnataka and come to Telangana.

    What you ask does not make sense. Why should anyone believing in a regional movement live in that region? Should all Christians live in Rome? Why can’t one believe in a movement while living outside a region?

    Then ask the andhras to quit telangana. Set an example.

    We are not asking Andhras to quit Telangana. We are asking Andhras not to rule Telangana. There’s a difference.

  18. @ 14, Anonymous:

    [We prefer if you write under a name or pseudonym]

    You want Telangana for T people but you and your wife live in another state and work there and 'grab' their jobs. Thats how it sounds from the kannadigas side. Same as what you think of Andhras.

    Your analogy is fallacious.

    When we talk about Telangana jobs, we talk about government jobs which were safeguarded and protected for people of Telangana. When we refer to ‘illegal’ jobs grabbed by Andhras, we are not referring to jobs in the private industry. We will discuss the jobs in private industry in a different context.

    A person working in Hyderabad or Bangalore in a private industry is NOT taking a job that rightfully belongs to Kannadigas, unless that job is already given a reservation, protection or guarantee.

  19. @Anonymous,

    please remember ,we are not only replying to you but also all the Andhra people who wants to be anonymous.

    when iam in USA , i follow H1b rules. anytime USA govt can kick me out. when sujai is working in bang, he is not working for a govt job.Infact no one in India can work in any state govt unless he is a resident. (ref GO610)

    "Access to opportunity , award for excellence" . understand this ...its line from one of sujai's earlier blog.

  20. Sujai
    I am the anon at 16th post. Will shortly get a google id and post.

    When you say govt jobs taken illegally pl explain. did someone get those jobs without some exam etc.

    POK is ours.

  21. @vishnu,

    When on H1B......
    I keep reading about USA Tech workers association complaining that Indians are taking away their jobs!!
    They keep complaining that H1B allows Indians to work for a company buy in most cases the Indians come on H1b of some body shopping co and end up working on a project actually being implemented by another company. They are paid low wages and not what is shown in the H1B.


  22. And don't keep harping about 'our water' our land etc.
    they belong to the country.

    Anonymous you have a very poor understanding of sharing resources and the way things work out in a federal government.
    You cannot have all the food in your home just because the food is a common property of your family. Or would you ???

  23. Mr. Alternative,
    You have a limited knowledge on the people of India. You just think the software jobs that you and your kind of people are landing in today are the sole sources of Income.
    Nay. After independence, for the next 50 years Government jobs were the only source of Income for most middle class.
    Given that the jobs were illegally taken up by the Andhra people it is clear that several Telangana people have lost the opportunity to settle down in a middle class. That includes the first generation and the several generations that followed. It is impossible to calculate the impact but it is enormous. Since the settlers/ illegal empoyees might not even have any understanding of the situations in telangana they are more prone to overlook the needs of telangana because of the lack of interactions. And there by telangana had lost a real big way to develop on the opportunities created by the government to uplift the downtrodden state of the people. As I said the impact was enormous. You cannot imagine.

  24. Mr. Alternative view,
    As an example, one of my friend's uncle was a social activist in one of the districts in Telangana. He, apart from his own business strived hard in his good times to get a small causeway bridge sanctioned in his native village. Since the govt. jobs in the mandal were taken up by the andhra, none of the officer had any idea of the village. They simply thought that the bridge was total waste of money. Only after 20 years of lobbying, there was little money that was sanctioned. But by that time the bridge was not required at all as the small creek evidently went dry due to the poor maintenance of the upstream and downstream tanks. And the lands were quickly converted into real estate by a near by town businessman.
    SO, overall the people of the village were simply 20 years behind any development. I think you understand how much a road connection to a small commercial centre is important for village people. Not only for the goods or food but also for the young to foray into the world and the development outside the village.
    This kind of total lack of awareness was propagated in many telangana villages unknowingly by giving the jobs to andhra people by illegal means.
    I am telling you, it is pretty hard to do any lobbying in government offices unless you know some one personally. And it is obvious that telangana people lacked this kind of ease just because the jobs that right fully belong to their own people were illegally given to someone from a very distant place.

  25. When some one kicks Nagam, Andhra says Telangana people are rowdies and naxals
    When some one kicks Mandha Krisnha, Andhra says Telangana people abuse the lower case people

    So it doesn't matter whom some one kick, whether it is personal reason or political reason, Andhra will worry about it, if you calculate the abuse cases happened in AP, there is not doubt over 80% happened in only in Andhra.

    Did any one read the kurf.blogspot, it is fuuuullllllll of caste discussion. I hate to talk about such caste discussions. As one mentioned in this comment section, I too was studied in VJY, and there is separate fresher parties for upper casts, separate places in college canteen. And lower cast guys are not allowed to talk to upper cast girls... it was so disgusting. Andhra care too much about casts.

    An Andhra intellectual started again comparing the jobs in karnataka/USA with telangana, like comparing apples and oranges. All Americans are complaining about is to stop allowing H1B holders every year because H1B holders are threat to there jobs. But it doesn't mean that H1b holder is getting job illegally. And USA has right to ask a H1B holder to go back to there country any time.

    Another Andhra guy keep asking to condemn the KCR statement, can you provide a site link or video about his full statement where he said 'Telangana jago.....Andhra Bagho'? You take only a part of statement like if KCR says 'Don't Kill Srilankan Tamils' then Andhra take 'Kill Srilankan Tamils' by leaving Don't to dust.

    United Andhra band do not have fuel to talk about Telangana so they talk about KCR/KTR/TRS etc.

    //When you say govt jobs taken illegally pl explain. //

    domicile rules are every where in India, it is not limited to Telangana. When a govt job safeguarded with local quota then that position should be filled with only local candidate. But in telangana, it was filled by a Andhra guy who didn't have a local status when appointed. Some times they took the Andhra guy as temp basis (to avoid rules) and made him permanent when he got the local status with temp post.

    As you think, if there are no illegal jobs to talk about then why did our govt. passed the GO610?

  26. Now Andhras have Dabhel-Dubhel to ape Telanganas' Dhoom-Dham.

    Aping continues.

  27. // There are 3 lakh jobs occupied by non telanganites at hyd // - By KCR

    // There are hardly 2-3 non telanganites at hyd// - by KCR

    Which is true ?

    It shows the true colour of movement

  28. @Sujai

    U first know who is who

    The "Dhoom Dhaams" was started by frontline societies of moist movement later TRS owned it

    Now this "Dhabel dhubel " also started by front line societies of moists exists at uttarandhra

  29. @kishan

    // There are 3 lakh jobs occupied by non telanganites at hyd // - By KCR

    // There are hardly 2-3 non telanganites at hyd// - by KCR

    I would like to see those news articles, can you provide me with any news links or video?

  30. @Green Star
    You truly reflect the Telangana mind. You dose in a corner and you expect everything at your doorstep.
    where are you living? In Telangana or on Moon?
    Do you know anything ouside Sujai's blog?
    Go and ask NDTV, TV9 and Zee 24 Gantalu for those videos.

  31. @Anonymous

    I also ask you same thing, are you living on Mars?

    I dont know from where you getting such info, when you can not prove with a news article link(or video) then you should sit like mum. But instead you keep say Telanganites are naxals, drunkers, lazy etc when you can not prove it nor any neutral report confirms this.

    You can not talk about the facts which are well documented like several agreements and GOs but you want to keep talking about KCR's Bhago (and you can not provide me a single news link of his full statement or video). You need to come out of the fear of loosing HYD and talk constructively.

    I am keep saying that you had a history or doing what we claim today, I am still open to debate if you want to talk about your history of stealing jobs and funds with the document proofs from several news papers or other neutral sites like wikipedia.

    I can also blindly say that Yerram gave a statement like he asking your people to maximize the looting before the Dec-31 and I will not prove whether he really did that statement or not. And same time how your one of leader Harsha Kumar strongly supports the Saperating and he do not represent the whole Andhra, same way KCR is not talking one behalf of whole Telangana.

    You need to understand one more thing, I didnt deny the kishan's statement instead I asked him to show me the proof to know whether his statement is true or not.

  32. South Indians agreed to the capital being Delhi, as they saw this as an opportunity to expand their colonization.

    (forget getting uprooted from their family, properties, community..going to a new place, all the disruption for some basic govt job..)

  33. Anonymous,
    There was little if any debate on what should be the national capital.
    As a nation, Delhi was the capital for several centuries.
    Now hyderabad was not the capital of andhra regions for atleast 200 years before the unification.
    And 200 years before that hyderabad was just built.
    So your logic is actually nefarious.

    PS> Shall I say now that you showed your real face now. You do not want samaikhyandhra. You just are eying the city of Hyderabad. Ugh!


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