Saturday, January 23, 2010

Telangana 40: Longest Human Chain - 21 Feb 2010

I propose we let the world know of our cause – through a simple and effective way. I am thinking of the longest human chain across Telangana - on a 21st February, 2010, Sunday - between 11:30 and 11:45. Nearly 1 Crore people have to be moved - creating a world record. That will get attention round the world. [The current record for longest human chain is 50 Lakhs.]
The message will be simple:
1. This is a people's movement.
2. We are all supporting creation of Telangana.
3. We are doing this to show our support because all other methods failed in India, legal, electoral, and democratic.
  • No political parties, no politicians, no speeches [commenter's suggestion]
A pamphlet has to be released in three languages - Telugu, English, Urdu. Pamphlet will contain the following:
  • Time and Date
  • Map of the highways and towns covered for human chain
  • Why we are doing this? [A short message with bullet points]


  1. yup this is a welcoming decision for the cause of telanagana state
    lets make records for the formation of telangana so the whole world comes to know the struggle of telangana people.

  2. yo !!! bro.....big success...
    sad that no media attention....never mind..we will keep fighting,the gandhi way...they cant keep ignoring us much getting ready for the 21 st event....plz tell the venue for discussing the issue properly..last time u changed it in last and ny friends went rto indira park just to get disappointed.......

    and special congrats 4 u for taking such creative initiation...sujai rocks \,,,/ hehehe....


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