Sunday, January 10, 2010

Telangana 34: Self-rule and Self-respect


Most Andhras do not understand what we mean by self-rule. They ask, ‘You elect your MLAs and MPs and they already represent you in Indian democracy, so what else do you want?’

Most of them do not understand how our Indian democracy works. In addition to holding elections and electing our leaders, India has many institutions to safeguard various minorities and underprivileged so that they are not suppressed and marginalized. Some of those institutions include legal proceedings in a court, and even carving new states where necessary.

For example, Indian courts come into protect the rights of minorities even when majorities use their superior numbers to cow down the minorities. In case of Telangana, Supreme Court upheld the Mulki Rules to protect the interests of Telangana in early 1970s, but the Andhra politicians resorted to use of majority to revoke that decision. Those are the instances when a majority has failed to protect the interests of minority thereby hijacking our constitutional democracy.

Self-rule can be loosely defined as having a government that is representative of the people of that region. Currently the Andhra Pradesh government is dominated by Andhras. Though Telangana people elect their MPs, MLAs and MLCs, these representatives form a minority in the state of Andhra Pradesh and therefore are not able to truly represent the people of Telangana, work towards betterment of Telangana, and be accountable to people of Telangana.

Having MPs, MLAs and MLCs is not good enough if in a state the politics is divided strictly along regional lines and if the majority is working consistently for its vested interests suppressing the minority. That’s what’s happening in Andhra Pradesh and the history of fifty three years gives us innumerable instances to back that case.

Having a Chief Minister from Telangana is not good enough either because a CM in Indian democracy does not form the entire executive function. Without support from the cabinet and legislative bodies a CM cannot take any decision. An uncooperative cabinet and legislative assembly can reduce a CM to a figurehead. Only when he is cooperated by the cabinet and legislative bodies does he truly become the executive.

Lot of people do not relate to the above without giving examples. During 1930 and 1940s India had ‘democracy’ under the aegis of British Administration. We had elections where in people of Indian voted and elected their leaders of Congress, Muslim League and United Party. And these elected leaders held posts and governed India. And yet, Indians did not think it was self-rule. That’s because the ultimate power to make important decisions was still with British who were not representative of people of India. Such experiments failed and eventually India was content only when British left India completely.

The same holds true in case of Telangana. Though we have our elected leaders, they are still not in a position to take ultimate decisions within the state because they are suppressed by the majority Andhras. Things would have worked out if Andhras had kept their promises of Gentlemen’s Agreement, and various other accords. Since we have a history of fifty three years of bad faith in which the minority Telanganas were suppressed, it makes a case to form a new state for Telangana so that the executive and legislature are now representative of Telangana and hence accountable to people of Telangana. All this can be done within the confines of Indian Constitution as a legal and legitimate entity called State.


Andhras don’t understand when Telangana people say they are fighting for self-respect. They ask, ‘how does one get self-respect, just by creating a new state’?

I could easily answer that by saying, ‘Exactly the way you got self-respect by creating Andhra State out of Madras State’. But then most Andhras wouldn’t understand that either because they have no clue why their leader Potti Sriramulu fought for a new state. They continue to believe that their great leader fought for unification when in fact he fought for the exact opposite- the division of a state, which Telanganas are now fighting for.

Within the state of Andhra Pradesh, Telanganas do not have their own identity though they constitute a distinctly cultural group. Efforts could have been made to ensure their place in Andhra Pradesh was carefully managed so that they were recognized by their unique identity. No such measures took place. Instead all efforts were made to do the exact opposite - to blur Telangana identity completely by imposing the Andhra history and culture onto Telanganas in every aspect of the society, and whatever was remaining it was reduced to ridicule.

Right now Telanganas do not have their identity accommodated in this union of regions. Their history has been erased and replaced by history of Andhras. Their language is demoted and ridiculed while the language of Andhras is encouraged and lauded. While the language of Andhras is considered elite, the language of Telanganas is equated to the languages of lower class, the coolies, the workers, and sometimes even reviled as languages of gundas and eve-teasers.

As long as such perceptions continue to exist and continue to proliferate, we will see continued discrimination of Telangana people by Andhra people in all spheres. Telangana people end up having a low self-esteem because of their language and hence will make attempts to hide their accent to fit into the organizations they work where Andhras happen to be the bosses. Over a period of time, even Telangana people discriminate their own ilk based on the language because they now have a class divide within Telangana people on who speaks refined Telugu.

Telangana language, Telangana songs, Telangana dress sense are ridiculed, and equated to Naxalites, who are considered bad guys now by most Indians. Many of their ballads were banned during the height of Naxalite Movement. Talking Telangana is now equated to being a Maoist or Naxalite. Such characterization is no different than how Blacks continue to suffer discrimination in USA because of their language and accent equated to that of uneducated and unrefined.

Self-respect comes from the ability to rule oneself on one’s own terms without being subject to ridicule or ignominy. That will come to Telangana with its new state. Now people of Telangana can say to themselves and others, ‘You have Andhra Telugu, we now have Telangana Telugu, so please don’t tell us that we are under one banner called Telugu which is nothing but Andhra Telugu. We reject such characterization.’

KCR and other leaders coming onto the stage and openly speaking Telangana Telugu during this agitation is nothing but affirmation that Telangana Telugu will no longer be relegated to a buffoon or a villain but that even the leaders and heroes can speak that language.

That, for some of us, is self-respect.

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  1. hmmm ... how true!
    these two aspects are something which I feel majority don't understand (they don't even try in the first place) in the right perspective and instead brush them off by trivialsing them
    sometimes, I feel like saluting our own patience !

  2. A good post.

    It is not that Andhras are ignorant of facts or innocent of their own doings. Their fear of separation comes from the guilt deep-seated in their being. They are scared that living in Hyderabad, they may end up receiving what they have dished out so far.

    The fight over capital city, the claims that they've built the IT industry here, the crocodile tears over how they are going to lose out with separation... all stem from:

    1. GUILT for their own doings
    2. An attempt to protect the value of their holdings (legal and illegal)
    3. The DENIAL that every thief first exhibits before his wrong-doings are proven.

  3. Just FYI

    don't understand when a man of his stature knew so much, why he went ahead !

  4. Anonymous,

    Thanks for that letter. Most of the apprehensions came true, if we look at it now.

  5. Sujai,
    I am from Andhra, but not aware of Telangana issues even though I studied in Warangal . Reading your blogs has educated me a lot about the need for a separate state. The biggest hurdle seems to be a strong public opinion in rest of state against Telangana formation. I believe this stems from the tone of Telangana agitation, calling Andhra people colonizers/settlers and talk of throwing them out (not by you, but many leaders of movement). Even if this approach is successful, this is not a good way to form the new state. Remember, Telangana and Andhra will be neighboring states forever, and it would be mutually beneficial to be on friendly terms. I believe an amicable separation can happen if you create a sense of security and fairness among people of both states. A good way to do this is offer a good incentive package and clear timeline for formation of new states. If Dec 9 announcement was along the following 1ines, things may have been much better -

    1. Announce Telangana formation with Hyderabad as capital will happen in 2014.

    2. Initiate urgently needed irrigation projects in Telangana immediately under united AP based on previous agreements (that were never implemented).

    3. Assure people already in HYD of safety and equality in new state irrespective of their origin. But, strictly implement Mulki rules for new opportunities in government and educational institutions.

    4. Announce a new capital city for Andhra state.

    5. Start building or improving infrastructure - Courts, Assembly, Airport, etc. for new capital.

    6. While new capital is being built up (3-4 years), the state will remain united. The present government will be allowed to serve its term.

    7. Encourage investment opportunities in Andhra and Rayalseema urban areas (Vizag, Turupati) to accelerate urban development of these areas to bring them closer to HYD.

    8. Create national level institutions (NIT, IIT, etc) in Andhra. Right now, they are all in Telangana.

    9. Have elections in 2014 for both states. The politicians will be forced to focus of peoples needs instead of playing blame game on Telangana or Andhra.

    I know that the fat cats like Lagadapati, Naidu and Jagan will oppose these kinds of ideas because they have too much invested in Hyderabad . But, I think these type of measures would tilt the popular opinion in Andhra in favor of separation. In this age of 24 hour cable news and internet, even the strong vested interests may not be enough to overcome a strong opinion of all Telugu speaking people. This will also lay a good foundation of partnership for sharing resources in future. Abusing and insulting an entire population is not going to create healthy environment for future. We are still living with the wounds of bad India-PAK divorce. We don’t want that kind of festering situation right in the middle of the country.

    It seems like the latest round of talks in Delhi has hekped cool down tesions. I am pleasntly surprised that neither side has come out with any crazy inflammatory statements after the meet. Hopefully, they will come out with a clear plan now. Telangana and Andhra people clearly have a lot of differences. But we are all Indians and should learn to respect each other. Hopefully, we will soon see the emergence of two strong Telugu states.


  6. @Sai,

    very good recos.


    Potti Sriramulu went on a fast "NOT for Separate Andhra State".
    Andhra State was sanctioned even before he went on fast. He went on fast for the merger of Madras City with Andhra.
    He never succeeded!

  7. Very well written!

  8. Anonymous said:
    Just FYI

    don't understand when a man of his stature knew so much, why he went ahead !

    This certainly is an interesting read. The original letter is posted in the web page and the contents of the letter were faithfully reproduced, except for the last couple of lines! Below are those 2 sentences:

    I may however, add one thing that in case Telangana is kept a separate unit there is no harm in having common aspects of administration common. For example, the Governor, High Court, and the public service commission can be common for both units. I write this subject to the decision of the high command in this respect.

    I don't understand why these lines were eliminated! Obviously, the person who created this page thought that this somehow goes against what he wanted as outcome. Prejudiced, like most of today's T separatists. But this is not what I want to talk here.
    For once, I am going to agree with one of the allegations made against Andhra :)

    It looks like there was considerable pressure from the leaders of Andhra state as they do not have administration facilities (Buildings)in Kurnool. Remember, they wanted to share Madras as common capital until they can build one in Andhra, but the Tamils were reluctant even for temporary sharing. Leaders with foresight they were! Chandigadh was made the common capital of Punjab and Haryana when division occured. Haryana was supposed to decide and build a new capital in 5 years, but even after 45 years, they still have common capital!
    So, it is true that one of the reasons for leaders of Andhra state wanting to merge with Telangana was availability of administrative buildings and a proper capital city!

  9. @ manohar

    Prejudiced, like most of today's T separatists.

    May I say 'Blind' and 'cold' like most Samaikyandhra-supporters who fail to see facts on the ground.

  10. Bidda,

    Everyone is waiting to know the facts on the ground. Let the facts come out. At the moment, the only 'facts' doing rounds are the ones created by T propaganda machine.

  11. @Manohar,

    Why doesn't your Cheap Minister Shree Shree Roshaiah gaaru releasing white-papers? (Since you have an allergy looking at any facts we talk about).

  12. @Telangana Bidda

    (Since you have an allergy looking at any facts we talk about) - LOL


    " Everyone is waiting to know the facts on the ground. Let the facts come out."

    Are you kidding me ?? There aren't any facts !! PERIOD. If they were, they would have come out by now. In fact considering ur trait of deceit, they would have come out in full force and even distorted to such a great extent that they will suit the needs of 'SamaikyaAndhras'

  13. @ manoharu

    Idi choodu. Facts levooo levoooo ani labo dibo edustunnav.

    Inkaaaa FACTS kaavala? Idi chaduvuko:

    Neeku asale TRUTH ante allergy... anduke, nee manchi ki cheptunna... "telangana icheste andariki manchidi' ani rojuki 25 times morning, afternoon, evening ... japam chesuko. Nee allergy cure avutadi.

  14. @ manoharu

    I know you will watch that video and come back to say "This guy is a united-andhra guy".... knocham manasu petti mee vallu Telangana gurinchi emi antunnaro ardham chesuko.

    And... Before you jump to half-baked conclusions over the book... It will take atleast 20 good days for someone to read the book and cross-check facts.

    So... If you are TRUTHFULLY AND HONESTLY looking for facts, it should take you a full month to digest the ins and outs, pros and cons of everything you gather.....

    I am not expecting you to comment on this blog till then.

    Happy reading, writing and recitation... but, PLS for heavens sake.... DO try to UNDERSTAND and ANALYZE things before you take sides.

    The greatest book of Hindus is about cousins (brothers) fighting a WAR for JUSTICE.

    Telangana people are being pushed to a corner. Dont do that to your own brothers... Have the heart to see which side of the scales you stand.

  15. Bidda said:
    "Inkaaaa FACTS kaavala? Idi chaduvuko:"

    Whats with that link? It is a book with detailed study of pros and cons of Polavaram project. Every large multipurpose dam has its negatives. But in my opinion, Polavaram is an important project that would help irrigate vast areas in Godavari districts, provide drinking water to Vizag and also accommodate for more projects in Krishna basin (South Telangana). Also, it will be part of the larger India river linkage program if undertaken.

    Also, you gave link for HMTV's Dasa-Disa program. I watched much of it live. I listened to Prof. Haragopal. But, did you care to listen to the voices of many prominent people from North Andhra?

  16. @ manohar:

    and also accommodate for more projects in Krishna basin (South Telangana).

    By saying the above words, without taking the pains of buying and reading that book... and without looking into the facts... You've proven yourself to be a very HOLLOW opponent... who keeps using the word 'FACTS' to ignore what the opponent says in a debate.

    You've proven yourself to be un-worthy of debate.

  17. Bidda,

    What valid points did you make? All you did is just paste a couple of links. That does not mean anything. I can also paste a couple of links about the history of Vijayanagara empire and urge you to read and come back after 30 days. Serves you right.
    I did not read the book. But I went thru the contents (chapters) and it seemed to me like a discussion of pros and cons of Polavaram project. I agree I dont know if there is any opinion made by the author. But I gave my modest opinion with whatever little understanding I have on that subject.
    Neeku asale TRUTH ante allergy... anduke, nee manchi ki cheptunna... "telangana icheste andariki manchidi' ani rojuki 25 times morning, afternoon, evening ... japam chesuko. Nee allergy cure avutadi.
    I know this is how you were brainwashed with 'facts' about Telangana. Sadly, I dont even have any hopes for your redemption.

  18. @ Manohar:

    We Suffer at your hands for decades.

    We rebel losing 400 lives and you remain deaf and blind to your own doing.

    We take out processions ... make registered political parties promise us over Telangana...

    We VOTE FOR TELANGANA not once but many many times..

    And Manohar asks for 'FACTS'...

    So, I show him facts, without making analysis... coz all analysis made by Sujai on this blog is attacked saying it is one-sided.

    But, Manohar wants me to go 2 steps further... i.e. ANALYSE the data for him and .... be ridiculed by him for ever thinking of Telangana.

    Inta DAARUNAM... neeke chellu.

    What else should we do to rule ourselves and protect our rights?


    We voted over it....

    We brought out masses showing our wish...

    We lost lives over it...

    We held debates over it....

    We gave facts over it....

    WHAT ELSE Should the residents of TELANGANA DO?

    You guys are abusing our constitutional rights... In a free country, you've reduced our lives to nothing in our villages... You've explored every possible way of transferring wealth from our villages to your capitalists and politicians.

    And now, when I geve you raw facts without analysis (lest you may call me Prejudiced, like most of today's T separatists. )... You dont have the minimum decency to go over the data before you open your dumb mouth.

    There is such a thing called DHARMA ... and the current administration has violated it like NONE BEFORE!!!

  19. @Manohar

    You just seemed to have turned into a blond bimbo and so your existing half-functioning brain seems to have gone kaput !

    None of the speakers who were against telangana answered a single question raised by Prof.Haragopal. All that yerram naidu kept repeating was the same old nonsense on how all of speak the same language and how the world has turned into a global village. One other professor raises same concern of how we can stay united and achieve progress. Funny part was he actually suggested a separate hyderabad just because there were many people from seemandhra who made Hyd their home. C'mon 'separate hyderabad' ???? Let's have silicon valley or edison, NJ as separate Indian states. Majority Indians made them their home. Why cant the same rule apply ? GROW UP

  20. @ to all my fellow telanganaites

    Ikkada unna brothers' half-baked knowledge chustunte aduthu paduthu chirunavvutho BP raiselu cheshukokunda views exchange chesukunte mana arogyaniki manchidi ani naa abhiprayam. None of these guys ever seem to (or will) raise valid points so lets have fun and at the same time get our point across. Sujai as always can continue with his brilliant posts.

  21. @ Jai Telangana

    This person/person(s) by name 'manohar' have been posting on this blog for about a month now. Many other bloggers addressed his fake concerns multiple times. He, however, seems to be jobless and keeps making 'copy-paste' arguments and doesn't have either the intellect or the decency to put forth a logical argument.

    manohar, ashok and others role on discussions here is: "litter the blog with lots of crap'. They do so because they cannot do anything better. Nuisance is a better word.

    Anyways, I agree with you. Such idiots are better ignored.

  22. Bidda,
    But, Manohar wants me to go 2 steps further... i.e. ANALYSE the data for him and .... be ridiculed by him for ever thinking of Telangana.

    You can think and express as much as you want on Telangana. And you are doing that. Likewise, I have my own opinions and reservations about it. We are a single state for 55 years. Especially in the last 20 years, there have been more exchanges than ever in our history, in every possible manner. All of our fortunes are inextricably linked here.
    It takes hard work to convince people and there will be give and take in any case no matter what.
    Agreed, everything did not go right for the people of Telangana. But a lot of progress was also made. All options have to be discussed as there is no point in grieving later if separation proved to be a costly mistake.

  23. @Manohar

    "Agreed, everything did not go right for the people of Telangana."
    - Very Good

    " Especially in the last 20 years, there have been more exchanges than ever in our history, in every possible manner."
    - Like ?? Its always the case of 'GIVE' from us and no 'TAKE'

    " But a lot of progress was also made (for hyd)"
    - All 10 states of telangana are equal in our eyes and we cant rest until progress is achieved for each of them (assuming according to u, HYD has become a developed city now which is not the case coz it always has been a well-developed one even before merger). The rich getting richer at the cost of the poor getting poorer is a CRIME which is what is happening in hyderabad.

    " All options have to be discussed "
    - U meant after separation right ? But of course u will be given ur fair share of resources ! We are not like u

    " if separation proved to be a costly mistake."
    - hell NO ! separation can never be a mistake for telangana.

    Any other concerns Mr. Manhoraa ?

    Btw credit should be given where its due and i admit u have a very nice name ;)

  24. I really got tired of this blog. There were times when I used to wait for Sujai's next blog. Not any more. I can see heights of extremism or irrational arguments and accusations going on .

    I witnessed the transformation of this blog from a healthy information sharing platform to few extremists views exchange.

    Anyone who talks in support of United State are being seriously criticized at a personal level. I lost all my respect on this movement.

    My sincere suggestion to the blog administrator : if you really dont want anyone to talk in support of United State, please have a registration process and verify the "Telangana"'ism before providing access

    Just like everyone commenting here has got, this is my ass-hole(opinion). If it is not United State, then all Non- Telangana people are heavily deprived and correspoinding measures has to be taken by Govt Of India.

  25. I lost all my respect on this movement.

    On the United State movement?

  26. Any other concerns Mr. Manhoraa ?

    Btw credit should be given where its due and i admit u have a very nice name ;)

    How cheap can you get? 'Jai Telangana' is not even a friggin name. To hell with Jai Telangana.

    You and Bidda are like rabid mad dogs, licking, salivating and looking around for prey. All you do is barking and shouting but shallow in substance. Can someone please cage and castrate these dogs...

    I am not going to respond to you anymore.

  27. I am not going to respond to you anymore.

    Thank God for small mercies!

  28. @Manohar

    Complimenting somebody is cheap ??? I meant it in a honest positive way...cant help if u think otherwise....calm down !!!!

  29. @saner

    "I can see heights of extremism "

    A genuine cause will always have more supporters than opponents. Passing it off as extremism / irrational / accusations wont help.

    I also repeat, telanganaites fight is not against a commoner belonging to seemandhra who gets along with his life harmlessly. If u are one among them u can count urself out from people who are at fault for the current state of telangana. If you currently are a hyderabadi resident from andhra some of your fears might be legitimate (from ur point of view) but anybody else who has nothing to do with HYD and is still against T-state will need to come up with a good explanation.
    Until then, we have every reason to assume that we WON every argument so far

  30. I cant help but laugh at 'Frogs in the Well'. They keep arguing till they are doomed. I quit commenting this blog. God save Telangana!

  31. Stupid Idler,
    Will you please keep your foul mouth shut for some time. You are nothing but a menace to this blog. Nobody cares for your thoughts and opinions.
    Erri Pappa

  32. This blog == FOX NEWS. A place for twisted facts and false propaganda

  33. Is the "Jai Andhra" movement in 1973 was for separate Andhra State or to overturn supreme court ruling that protected Telanganas…I keep hearing in TV from Andhra leaders ( and Jai Andhra supporters) that Telangana didn’t want or opposed to Separate Andhra…would appreciate if someone can enlighten…Thanks.

  34. Anand,
    The "Jai Andhra" movemenet came in force because of the Supreme court judgement upholding Mulki rules ... and Telangana ppl. didn't really oppose the movement since if Andhra was given, it would automatically create Telangana state.

  35. @ Saner:

    I witnessed the transformation of this blog from a healthy information sharing platform to few extremists views exchange.

    Cry baby... doesn't have any meat in facts to oppose Telangana... except to say... we have invested in Telangana.

    Do you know that a FEW LAKHS of people... mostly tribals and dalits (ST, SC and BC) are being displaced from their ANCESTRAL property.

    "I can see heights of extremism "

    You can only bark against the tree-trunks over it... and join the band-wagon of empty heads using the maoist card to oppose Telangana.

    Sujai has provided you a platform to propose your opinions and if possible, convert a few of us with your FACTS. But, you and your gang have dismally failed at it and reduced yourselves to calling all the educated intellectuals of Telangana 'Maoists' and 'extremists'. .... and now, you cry that this blog is reeking of strong opposition to your HOLLOW views.

    The Telangana movement is about striving for 'Constitutional rights' of 4 crores of Telanganaites.

    Smaikyandhra (emotion and sentiment) is about getting LEGAL HOLDING over OTHER PEOPLE"S PROPERTY.

    Jai Telangana
    Jai Hind

  36. "This blog == FOX NEWS. A place for twisted facts and false propaganda"

    I completely agree.

    Its very EASY to get seperated but it takes great understanding,patience and will to fight to stay together.

    Telangana people always want the easy path and free Hyderabad.

    Self-rule self respect lol like Somi Reddy said we are shown least respect at center why dont we ask for self rule and self respect by asking for a seperate country.

    "Manohar" You took a wise decission. But sombody has to blow truth very loudly.

  37. Guys,
    I have a request.Please dont reply to the above post of Anonymous'. It does not merit a reply. Dont take the bait.Lets try to reduce the the crap and do some worthy discussion.Please reply only when the above guy comes with countering the facts/arguments mentioned in this blog.

  38. Sujai,

    Smart move ditching the Roman numerals XXXIV and so on. good anticipation for the slew of posts to come?


  39. Andhraites are in the team of Blogspot creators. And as usual you are using what Andhra has created.

    Give some time to educate your champions - Kabzagiri , Goondagiri, Dadagiri etc.

    Inspite of wasting time here utilise your efforts to bring the glory back to Glorious land of Telangana.

  40. Andhra brothers plese be united and dont let Telangana thieves take Hyderabad.

  41. @ Anonymous

    Andhra brothers plese be united and dont let Telangana thieves take Hyderabad.

    Ok brother, I will try to be with United Andhra... But, you just called all Telangana people 'thieves' in your call for unity... so, I don't think my Telangana brothers and friends will give a hoot for 'United' slogan.

    You've just alienated them... and insulted them brutally.

  42. Andhrawala

    "You've just alienated them... and insulted them brutally"

    I am sorry if i hurt. But we are hurt too. Dont you think we should need some self respect and self rule?

  43. @Bix Sure agree !

    To all Samaikyavadis:

    For God's sake, we are not talking about some kind of Balaiah vs Chiru movie crap here to be overly sane and diplomatic on how we express our thoughts. This is a grave situation which explains how we respond when u dont even make an attempt to understand what we are trying to say. Since u've pointed to Fox let me tell u, u guys act like Rush Limbaugh of Fox who's only aim is to provoke everybody and anybody who doesnt agree to what he thinks

    Each of us would like the discussion to take a meaningful approach and there are no second thoughts about it. Testing our patience by putting down repeated questions that were already answered before is not what we expect u to do.

    Here's a tip: From here on, make an attempt to take a line or two from sujai's original post and give a good reasoning in your defense...we can then talk better sense for sure

    We are still waiting for that one big reasoning for samaikyavadam that MIGHT blow us away.

    Oh btw just bcoz u quit will not make us quit coz we have loads of patience unlike you.

    U see, Winners never quit !!!

  44. @ Anonymous:
    Dont you think we should need some self respect and self rule?

    The Telangana intellectuals are able to show multiple areas where the Telangana region has been meted out injustice... Jobs, Water, etc...

    The Telangana people will take you to their villages and say... "Give us the reins of our future, we can do better than this in 5 decades from now".

    The Telangana students will tell you how hurt they feel when they cannot speak in their accent... for, they will be ridiculed and mocked at.

    I am wondering why you are feeling a shortage of self-respect? And mroe importantly... there were just 6-yrs of CM-ship by Telangana CMs... the REST 47 yrs were by US, ANDHRAS.

    Brother, dont you think your cry for self-rule is base-less... where as the Telangana people's self-rule is based on HISTORY, GEOGRAPHY, CIVICS and ECONOMICS.. not to forget the Entertainment Industry?

    You have to be fair, and a lot of fairness is due from us Andhras.

    Anuvu kaani chota adhikulam anadaadu

    You need to respect others wish and move out of the scene before people start threatening us out.

    Quite honestly, I think the balance is tilt towards Telangana.. and many intellectuals and poets from Andhra have agreed on it.

  45. Rayalaseema Ramulamma ChowdharyJanuary 11, 2010 10:15 PM


    blogspot creators?

    You must be talking about about Lakireddy Balreddy!

    .. convicted in 2001 for trafficking minors for illegal sexual activity. Berkeley, California.

    From your very own Krishna district!

  46. @Andhrawala

    " there were just 6-yrs of CM-ship by Telangana CMs "

    Actually speaking, in this 6 years, 3 Telangana CM's were used as make-shift arrangements only while in the process of doing changes to the posts of some of the non-Telangana CMs.

  47. Dear Sujai,

    I am following your blog from the days it used to come up on number one slot in Google search results when searched on keyword 'Telangana'.

    Your blog offers the most comprehensive information about the Telangana movement in English. I actually wanted to contact you but could not find your contact info anywhere on the blog. Please visit my blog at it offers some interesting content about the background of Telangana movement in Telugu. Please email me if you find time.

  48. Watch this:

    Pranab Mukharjee indicated that the delays are not because of Telangana Yes or No

    The delays are because of:

    1. Claims over Capital City
    2. Demands for Separate Rayala Seema!

    This interview by pranab Mukherjee who chaired the Telangana-Committee for 5 yrs now clearly re-iterates that Telangana is a JUST demand
    and that it is a question of WHEN and HOW and not of IFs and BUTs.

  49. Anjani and Anonymous@January 11, 2010 9:30 PM,

    Thanks for your posts. You vindicate the racist attitude attributed to certain Andhras(Not all, there are many reasonable people who think rationally). You prove our case and strengthen our resolution.

  50. I have been listening to some people who participated actively in Jai Andhra, and they had/have grand vision and seriously believed/believe in development of Andhra by staying separate, this is very contrast to general opinion most have here…

    Let’s explore further, categorize people as short and other long term.

    1) Against the long term wishes of Telangana people, political leaders in Andhra and Delhi merged two states in 1956 with an assumption(s) (please it’s not a vision but for a sure a short term) that a contract/agreement will bind them together. All politicians involved in this contract/merge enjoyed plumb posts!!!

    2) Again in 1969 against the long term wishes of Telangana people, political leaders in Andhra and Delhi invented a compromise formula. All politicians involved in this compromise formula enjoyed plumb posts!!!

    3) In 1973 against the long term wishes of Andhra people (am sure some of Telangana folks on this blog disagree but some people desired for separate Andhra, does not matter even it was small but fact is there where some !!!). Again all politicians involved in this compromise formula enjoyed plumb posts!!!

    Contract/formulas are SHORT and people wishes where LONG term…

    Current Opportunity:
    On Dec 9th for the first time in the history of Andhra Pradesh, Govt of India with Congress as ruling party came fwd with a statement to separate the state, please remember at any given point of time in AP History, Congress @ Delhi was not ready for separate state i.e on all (above) three occasions.

    By and large these where the true and genuine wishes of people who had long term vision for their respective regions i.e twice in Telangana and once in Andhra in last six decades, these people where ordinary professors, activists, students ( i.e politicians minus everyone) who didn’t had or have any self interests but only strong love and progress/development for their respective regions.

    My dear friends before it’s too late let’s realize…I strongly request my Andhra friends to explore what did you really gained by staying together and what’s that you are going loose by a separation (since at this point of time it appears most of the Andhra folks like to be united). Pease talk or check with people who participated actively/active in Jai Andhra movement you’ll be amazed with their optimism and vision…

  51. Bix

    I was expecting a more abusive comment from some of you. FYI I havnt commented to hurt Telanganites, as I myself was hurt by the allegations that Andhras are looters etc. etc.

    If you really feel that Telanganites were hurt because of Andhras , then you definitely wouldnt try to abuse Andhra's as you've already felt the pain.

    Hope you understand! Apologies to Telanganites if my comment hurts.

  52. More on the Jai Andhra movement of 1973:,9171,906815,00.html

    Reg. the Jai Andhra movement now:

    The ONLY people opposing Jai Andhra now:
    1. Politicians (CBN, YSJ, et al They like the bigger pie any day)
    2. Real-estate mafias (Lagadapati et al)
    3. HYDERABAD residents. (They hate being called telanganaites.. they think it is beneath them).

    For the rest of AP, there is a small 'sentiment' over Hyderabad, but if the centre gives them good package to build a capital, they are happy.

    Among the intellectual elites of Andhra, they look at Jai Andhra as a good opportunity for them... The Poets have come out openly over Jai Andhra.

    The guy who wrote "Telugu Jaati manadi.. ninduga velugu kaati manadi"... now backs off from his writing.. C. narayan Reddy announced that the conditions of days when he wrote that song for NTR dont exist anymore and that the strong currents are FOR SEPARATION.

  53. I used to think a South Indian can never become PM, as north always had majority.

    But we got 2 PM's from south.

    While it is good to know this writer's opinion, he makes too many assumptions.

    If the assumptions suit his agenda, blame outsiders, that seems his first choice.

    hard problems need critical thinking and there are no easy or simple solutions.


  55. Andhrawala:,9171,906815,00.html

    Very interesting article President rule, no power for weeks a lot of hardship/struggle for Jai Andhra…

    Its very annoying when it arrived (wishes of Telangana and Andhra) finally we don’t know how to handle!!!

    For sure time and again some SIG (Self Interest Group) of AP and Delhi politicians are and always been against the wishes of separation and they have won till date…again my dear friends for the first time in the History of AP is Dec 9th statement, which is result of six decades struggle from both regions … let that date does not go in history just as another date (suppression of separate state demand)… let that date be remembered and cherish by future or coming generations…

  56. i subscribed to this blog 'cos you used to write some interesting and at times humorous stuff...since the past month or so it's been all Telangana...

    I'm a part of the minority called "rest of India" for who there is life beyond Telangana... so i unsubscribe


  57. Samaikhya Andhra Enduku, Evarikosam - Kadempally Sudhakar

    Software companies are given hundreds of acres of land in Hyderabad in the name of development where as Microsoft USA in Seattle operates on a 50 acre land. Are these software companies or real estate companies?

    Film and entertainment controlled by only 5 families (one community)! worth 1500 cores annually.

    More at link above.

    Sujai.. sorry for peddling link! :)

  58. Ajani,
    Nice cover up. If it is hard for andhrite to digest what comes from telanganites,
    Why do you bother the least to object the separate telangana state?
    Aren't you proving us right?
    Enough of sweet jabbing

  59. Andhrawalla:
    In last five decades (from 1956) Hyderabad ( in name of development) encroached into RR Dist and during last decade it encroached into four districts of Telangana, in coming decades it will further encroach into other districts of Telangana…

    How justifiable is for people to be alien towards Telangana and take pride in Hyderabad? I am sure something is wrong in people thinking….

  60. @Anonymous aka Jai - January 11, 2010 8:45 PM


    Smart move ditching the Roman numerals XXXIV and so on. good anticipation for the slew of posts to come? "

    Not sure if that was meant to taunt but why would anybody even care to comment on such a trivial thing ??? Oh, prolly coz Mr.Jai is at loss of words to find fault with anything else.

  61. Slow comment day...


  62. So.... Are these people Maoists/extremists or Naxalites too?

  63. Of course they are!

    Even an unborn child is a maoist in Telangana.

    People of Telangana have a special maoist gene. Also, what is unique is their genes are not double-helix but double sickles!

    Telangana also has birthright maoship, that is any child born in telangana is by default a maoist. Eg: If a visiting Amrikan female bears (conceived elsewhere) a child in Telangana, the child is automagically a maoist. This is similar to US Birthright citizenship.

    There is also the naturalization path to maoism in Telangana. Anyone who stays over 89 days in a 365 day period becomes a maoist.

    All RED-blooded animals are also considered maoist. Thats why they don't have human.. i mean animal rights.

  64. Are the Telangana politicians betraying their people again like in 1969. Also see what the DGP is saying, why should he get involved in this subject? It definitely seems like Telangana people's dream is far from reality


    Someone above nicely narrowed down the group opposed to separate state. To me majority from list appears like any typical Indian business house/people !!!

    Its easy to say they have self interest(s) but I am not convinced...

    I am trying to understand why in world or what are those self interests that's threatening the aspirations of separate state either in Andhra or Telangana ???

  66. Look at these following demands from Harirama Jogayya, hilarious. He want everything for Andhra and he want Telangana to loose everything. Thanks god, he didn't ask the Telangana to pay Andhra some ransom money every year.

    * అంబేద్కర్‌ ఆశయాల సాధనకు హైదరాబాద్‌ను దేశ రెండవ రాజధానిగా ప్రకటించాలి. తద్వారా అక్కడ నివసించే తెలంగాణ, ఆంధ్రా, రాయలసీమ తదితర ప్రాంత ప్రజలందరికీ మేలు జరుగతుంది. భద్రత ఉంటుంది.

    * నదీజలాల్లో వాటాల అంశం రాష్ట్ర విభనకు ముందే తేల్చాలి. ఉభయులకు ఆమోదయోగ్యం అయితేనే విభజన జరగాలి. భవిష్యత్తులో గొడవలు రాకుండా నదీజలాల అంశాన్ని ఉమ్మడి జాబితాలో కాకుండా కేంద్ర జాబితాలోకి మార్చాలి.

    * ఆంధ్రలోని వెనుకబడిన ప్రాంతాల అభివృద్ధికి, నూతన రాజధాని ఏర్పాటుకు కనీసం రెండు లక్షల కోట్ల రూపాయలను కేంద్రం సాయంగా అందించాలి.

    * పదేళ్ళపాటు హైదరాబాద్‌ను ఉమ్మడి రాజధానిగా ఉంచాలి.

    * పోలవరం ప్రాజెక్టుకు జాతీయహోదా ఇవ్వాలి.

    * హైదరాబాద్‌ నుంచి వస్తున్న ఆదాయాన్ని కోల్పోతున్నందున నష్టపరిహారంగా తెలంగాణ నిధుల నుంచి కనీసం రెండు లక్షల కోట్ల రూపాయలు ఆంధ్రాకు ఇవ్వాలి.

    * విభజన జరిగేనాటికి హైదరాబాద్‌లో పనిచేస్తున్న ఆంధ్రప్రాంత ఉద్యోగులను పదవీవిరమణ వరకు అక్కడే ఉంచాలి.

    * భద్రాచలం రెవిన్యూ డివిజన్‌ను ఆంధ్రలో కలపాలి.

    * కేంద్ర పరిశ్రమలు వెనుకబడిన ఉత్తరాంధ్ర, రాయలసీమ జిల్లాల్లో నెలకొల్పాలి.

  67. Dear Kiran Kamisetty

    Re Harirama Jogayya demands

    Apart from asking Telangana to Give andhra 200000 crores ALL OTHER DEMANDS are FAIR.

  68. "Apart from asking Telangana to Give andhra 200000 crores ALL OTHER DEMANDS are FAIR."

    I think the revenue from Hyderabad must be shared among A,T and R regions.It would be fair.

  69. Srepen,
    Why does Harirama jogayyaa stresses on resolving issues before separation?
    Especially the irrigation issue?
    And what the heck does he mean by making Polavaram project a Union responsiblity?
    His double standards are clearly evident. His worst fears of loosing the andhra power dominance is obvious and thus he relegates the economic necessities of telangana over andhra. This has always been the agenda of all andhra politicians, to gain over losses of other regions.
    You guys supporting his fairness have to come out of your prejudice.
    Think as a third person.

  70. Laughing_OutloudJanuary 13, 2010 5:27 AM

    Harirama Jogayya's demands are indeed HILARIOUS!!!

    What is the point of getting a seperate state of telangana if we have to give away all water and approve of the controversial POLAVARAM? That project has so many issues... including gross injustice to people upstream and LOOTING more than 3 LAKH TRIBALS and DALITS of their ANCESTRAL LANDS AND VILLAGES. (WHAT DO THEY GET IN RETURN? Loss of 2 lakh crores more to Andhra?)

    These demands are put up to discourage Telangana people from ever asking for their state.

    Cunning demands... Demands of loot and crime on not just Telanganas but the whole country.

    Hey.. Did Govt. of India give jharkhand any money for a new capital? Did Govt. of India give Gurajat any money for a new capital? Why should Andhras get money from central govt. budgets for their capital???? COZ... LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.... THEY ARE THE ESTEEMED ANDHRAS!

  71. I have no problems with his/her/its demands, whatever the creature that jogayya is. Take Bhadrachalam.

    What is second capital? Is it like a third boob?

    Anyways, we have a few demands as well:

    3.36 lakh crores - for the loss of 5 lakh jobs @ 1.2 lakh/annum for 56 years
    14 lakh crores - for using Hyderabad (25,000 crore/year for using Hyd * 56 years)

    All the lands grabbed from poor and govt lands, alloted to film nagars, celebrities, Pharma, industries, SEZ and many such idiotic projects would be given back.

    Lands belonging to temple, wakf boards which were stolen by Govt - would be returned back.

    547 lakh crores for stealing our water resources.

    Nationalize the gas reserves found in Andhra, and Andhra has to supply 56% of the gas produced to a new gas-thermal project in Mahaboobnagar for the next 312 years.

    Telangana has the right to take water retroactively, that is, the water that was misallocated before, it can take those TMCs out at a later point.

    Telangana people have 90% reservation in Andhra for all Govt jobs until the last Andhra person employed by Telangana govt retires. (since he is asking that Andhra people not be removed until they retire)

    This is just a quick list. Not a comprehensive list! I will do the interest calculations at a later point. The numbers will be far more interesting with interest calculations!

  72. Without second thoughts Jogayya demands are crazy but would like to clarify below for (Serpen and Annonymus):

    Again and again friends in Andhra are making mistake differentiating btw Telangana and Hyderabad, please understand that half of Hyderabad is actually in Telangana districts, truth is Hyderabad survival is at mercy of Telangana Dists (for land and water resources) not vice-versa.

    We are missing one important point land resource once lost is lost FOREVER…cannot be redeveloped or recreated only survival for a city is to encroach or spread like a weed…unfortunately the revenue or income from sale of these have been spent in other regions instead in Hyderabad, as telanganomics said 25,000 Crore which is gross and absolute violation of Hyderabad Urban Development Act.

    Compare this (income from land sale, building approval fee, property taxes, registration fee ) with actual money spent on infrastructure and basic services, honestly negligible, truth is majority of funds comes from Central Govt Schemes (JNNURM etc) for the development of basic services such as water and sanitary, even here also there are many instances where funds are diverted to other areas.

    The truth is Mr Jogayya and others, please come out of day dreaming that Hyderabad is golden duck, whatever the major revenue or income that could have or had to me made is already done!!! Hyd got exhausted or empty coffers…today HMDA and GHMC are struggling to pay salaries and are surviving on month to month…it’s ridiculous and as telanganomics said hilarious to have expectations from a city or region which is already bleeding…

  73. Andhras will get the same from Hyderabad as they do now from Madras.

    Madras was a shared capital for Andhra and TN for more than 150 years. What did/do they get from it?

  74. In his list of demands, that Joginatham guy forgot to add free (centrally funded or Telangana funded) cosmetic surgery (enhancement) for all the aspiring actresses and extras in Andhra. Someone please bring it to his attention. After all, the actresses would also be losing money and they can't sponsor their own *enhancements*.

  75. Well replied telanganomics, Anand and Laughing_Outloud regarding Jogayya's demands.

    I don't see the point in Hyd as second capital of India for the security of non-T people. Infact most of the non-T people are infact living in actual Telangana-Hyd area. If you separate actual HYD from Telangana then HYD looks like a very small town.

    I seriously doubt that Andhra will accept for the fair share of the water.

    Grants from Central for Andhra capital is acceptable but it is not the issue of Telangana.

    Common capital for certain fixed time can be acceptable.

    The whole reason the T-movement started because we are not able to move the non-locals T-area Govt. employees in united andhra. If we keep them in separate T state then whole world will laugh at us for losing actual cause after fighting for soooo long.

  76. I would like to re-write above command as follows

    I don't see the point in Hyd as second capital of India for the security of non-T people. Infact most of the non-T people are infact living in actual Telangana minus Hyd area. If you separate actual HYD from Telangana then HYD looks like a very small town.

  77. Is any one following the Dasa-Disa debate program, I saw few videos in youtube.

    Honestly it is a good start for the awareness of people in whole andhra pradesh. What I observed is when ever a Politician or a some kind of leader(student?) talks they always attack KCR or TRS but not discuss about why this movement is started, they always complain about the security of the non-T people in HYD. They must realize that this movement re-started around 10years ago and no one from Andhra give a damn about this, they simply ignored. Then after many years few politicians started giving hate words about Andhra people to get there attention. Then they wokeup from deep sleep, they don't know what happened when they were sleeping and started crying now. They complain that there regions also have many undeveloped areas. Why the heck we need to worry about your undeveloped areas? All we are asking is the rightful share as we agreed before, if you give us our share, and after that if T is still in bad shape(I don't think this is the case) then we blame ourselves for our backwardness.

    By they way few educated people from Andhra understand the root cause of Telangana, I am glad atleast few people understand our pain.

  78. "His worst fears of loosing the andhra power dominance is obvious"


    Exactly we DO NOT WANT T people blackmail us in future and we are not going to sit if you start dominating andhra people. Its simple

  79. "Exactly we DO NOT WANT T people blackmail us in future and we are not going to sit if you start dominating andhra people. Its simple"

    Exactly... we like Andhra taste the same thing what they did to Telangana for past 50+ years.

  80. Kiran,

    Lets not get provoked by some racist's comments. We all will have a lot to work on improving the lives of people in Telangana state. Its not about settling scores.

    If you would not like to be associated with the T state we will be delighted to bid farewell to you. We definitely wont need people like you in the society.


  82. People have some myth on Hyderabad development for those would like to explore on following why large numbers of Central Govt establishments (DRDO, NRSA etc) during the trend of indigenous (pre-reforms period) and also new industries post–reforms have setup in Hyderabad and importantly the price Hyderabad paid for those developments…

    As we all know Hyderabad was a princely state i.e all it objects and subjects were owned by Nizam, after the end of Nizam’s rule, all the asset’s especially in Hyderabad City came under direct control of Govt i.e Govt had became owner of all the lands and people became free without lands (except Zamindars etc). Sujai had put enough material on this please check on feudal, liberation from Nizam rule etc in his earlier blogs.

    When India Govt wanted to setup large establishments (then the mantra was indigenous vs today reforms), they have narrowed down on Hyderabad since it is/was one of the cities with proper connectivity and importantly availability of AMPLE LAND… (From an environment activist angle Hyderabad natural resources i.e land got exploited since 1960’s).

    Let’s not AP (inc all three region) leaders take credit for development. It was a natural choice for Central Govt, please remember Hyderabad had advantage of 1) Govt land availability, 2) Infrastructure and 3) Climate these are three major factors contributed for the development.

    I don’t think we had ANY LEADER who could influence central leadership to setup industries or establishments in AP, can you point one leader from AP who influenced or is behind BHEL or ECIL in Hyderabad (BHEL is in Medak and other one is RR Dist damn what we have in original Hyd except Azampur Industrial Area i.e RTC Cross Roads and Sanath Nagar, I pity lot of people are in impression that they are staying in Hyderabad but the fact is they are in districts of Telangana, so in worst scenario if Hyderabad is made as common capital or UT etc except for some administration buildings and historical places rest will go with Telangana, I am sure dumb leaders will sign on a resolution like that and one fine morning they’ll realize the mistake and start with mass resignations !!! ).

    After exhausting the easily available Govt lands in periphery of Hyderabad for Central Govt establishments (i.e during indigenous trend), then started the new economy (reforms trend/slogan) CDA (Cyberabad Development Area) and HADA took over left over lands belonging to Wakf board, Temple (Gurukul), Assignment, Custodian and farmers lands, it still amuses me when most of the farmers lost lands in Gachibowli area how come Krishna (Padmalya Farms/studio), Murali Mohan (Jaybheri), K S Rama Rao ( Trendset developers ) retained lands right next to Wipro, Kanbay, Nvidia campuses !!! and are happily (not sure in this recession) constructing residential projects.

    Hyderabad and border Telangana dists had provided land at much ease and whatever development any one claiming or beating drums is because of the support and sacrifices of local Hyderabad including the four dist of Telangana !!! Did we ever give chance to an incident like Volkswagen in Vizakh or TATA in Singur???

    In next comment below the price Hyderabad paid for above development...

  83. Cont to earlier comment...

    I am not finished let people understand the price we (Hyderabad) paid for so called developments…where is my Maredpally which used have mango tree in each house? Where is Secunderabad Cantoment Area which British took pride and made one of the largest cantonment area in India?

    What is the current status of siblings of Bhagya Nagar i.e Ashok Nagar, Gandhi Nagar, Padma Rao Nagar, Vidya Nagar, Adarsh Nagar, Malakpet Col, Himayat Nagar, Barkatpura, Narayanguda, Anand Nagar !!! Roads have become parking lots, foot path paved way for shops, basic services i.e water and sewage which is laid for 5 to 6 members per plot or house today same is shared by 20 times; since plots and houses have turned into apartments complexes, today drainage flows more often outside then from the sewage pipes, we see more of dial for water tankers then the water in pipes, more cable TV wires then the electrical wires, there are numerous major accidents because of dangling cable wires…In short all the Baby Nagars have become concrete jungles.

    We have lost one of the finest Deccan heritage boulders for IT Industry, lakes for SEZ, Pharma and Real Estate projects, today the sickening state of Hussain Sagar is result of Pharma industry wastage or chemical discharge nalla from IDA Bolarum, where lot of my friends take pride in saying we developed Pharma industry.

    Please note Hussain Sagar FTL (Full Tanlk Level) on map/plan extends up to boundary of Secretariat, today what you see is built on FTL again against the Supreme Court Orders, Prasads IMAX, Eat Street, NTR Memorial (here also a step motherly treatment for PV Narshima Rao (PVN) Ghat, Govt created PVN ghat on fraction of land compared to business activities and NTR Ghat)

    Today old Hyderabad is worst then a mining excavation site, people don’t visit excavated sites but unfortunately we don’t have choice, man we don’t have place to WALK that’s the complaint we commonly hear in Hyderabad.,

    Please don’t take pride in something that got destroyed, world will laugh at us, it’s disgusting and sickening!!! We have killed original Hyderabad and are (attempting) building CDA, HADA etc that's the HARD TRUTH.

  84. @ Anand

    Good observations man... Hyderabad in 1980s was many many times greener and happier than the city today.

    And you are right on the money on why BHEL and others came to Hyderabad... this city had the unique history of being amalgamated by India AFTER independence, whereby the Central Govt. got direct hold of lot of land area around the city for free... i.e. without having to buy out from farmers or residents.

    The idiots who argue about 'Who developed Hyderabad'... forget that Hyderabad helped them grow... and it is not the other way round.

    Whcih city apart from Delhi, Mumbai and Calcutta had railway stations, hihgways, airports and AIMS level hospitals and universities in 1948? Hyderabad. HYDERABAD.

    The tankbund and its destructive constructions, the eye-sore of blob-statue in (once) beautiful Hussain Sagar... Ugh... so many things I would un-do if I had a real chance. And... can you believe the amount of our hard-earned money that stupid NTR spent on the budha idol? ... and remember how much was spent searching for it and bringing it out of water?

  85. Anand,

    Thank you for the detailed notes. A comment I made on another post, reposting it here (apologies Sujai), its relevant to your post.

    A bit of history would help. Hyderabad was not built from scratch after Telangana was forcibly merged with Andhra. Hyderabad has been existing (as part of Telangana) since 1591, about 418 years. Andhra was with Telangana a mere 53 years. Using the standard tools of a literate, we can discern that 90% of the time Hyderabad was part of Telangana and the rest Hyderabad was part of AP (not Andhra alone).

    The people of Andhra did not change the diapers or breast-fed Hyderabad. Nor did they take the role of a wet nurse. If anything, its exploited. It was built over a period of time - with the taxes paid by the people of Telangana.

    All the critical infrastructure of the city was built BEFORE 1956. Osman Sagar and Himayat Sagar - built in 1920 and 1927, were more than sufficient for Hyderabad's water supply until the recent decade. All the Nizams buildings were taken over by Govt - used by the state administration - they didn't have to spend a paisa. The roads were built. It was well-connected: The railways were built (467 miles of broad gauge, all built before 1891; and 391 miles on the narrow gauge). Secunderabad and Kachiguda Railway Stations were built. Begumpet Airport was built in 1930. All the buildings used for Hospitals, Administration - were all built. We can go on and on, but I guess the point is made.

    Since AP in 1956, Hyderabad has only deteriorated - due to the criminal negligence of the administration. It takes many hours to traverse through the city, which used to take 20 - 30 mins at most. Population has multiplied by 3, the basic infrastructure built to support this growth - the less said about it, the better. AP administration added buddha vigraha - a ghastly blob of rock in the middle of a lake.

  86. Thanks Idler...

    I wanted to make a point what Hyderabad and its people lost in this so called development (I am sure it’s true for most of the metros in India) that’s the reason lot of locals doesn’t support this false development since it destroyed their peace and identity in name of development…

    Many locals when they visit Hyderabad from other part of India or abroad after long gap, they are not able to relate themselves to locations or places, and they have became tourists in their own city!!!

    The flyover on SP Road (i.e from Anand theater to St Ann’s school) came at the cost of 100’s of very old trees, nowhere in world (may be in China) such gross violation are permitted i.e destruction of age old trees, heritage rocks, lakes ( Jublee Bus Stn built right on lake same with Imly bus station on Musi). Look at the current Patny Center its filled with CMR, Chennai Silks etc and is worst then Koti, believe me you have to search for Secunderabad General Post office (GPO) in this crowd. The only thing that left untouched in Secunderabad is Parade, Gymkhana grounds and Secunderabad club.

    The truth is there is no GUARANTEE a pedestrian or two wheel driver returns home safe (without accident) and four wheelers without a scratch.

    It may sound for some people that I am against development, but how do you justify development when it is short sighted, sadly in bureaucracy the long term plan is till that particular officer (IAS) lasts in his post, same for the state, the long term plan is good till next elections.

    Can you believe after all this so called development (damage or destruction) AP Municipal Admin and Urban Development (MAUD) released draft master plan for core city. This means during all these destruction we didn’t have any city master plan and where using age old master plan…

    And when someone claims we developed Hyderabad at the cost of destruction of many places in city it REALLY HURTS!!! Showcasing swanky airport (guys it’s going to take a decade for this airport to break even, hope GMR have enough sustainable strengths or we may end up back to Begumpet), buildings in Gachibowli/Madhapur which shiver at small negative whispers in Global market, same with ORR its funded by JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) comes with so many conditions I am not sure if HMDA can fulfill under present financial crunch.

    Fortunately for Forests, Villages etc there are people like Medha Patekar, Arundhati Roy’s etc to protect or listen to people voices, even for human rights violation there are quite few organizations to protect etc but when cities are getting destruction under the banner of development there are hardly any…

    Now I am hearing new slogan write-off of Hyderabad city in the name separate state…take it buddy and enjoy the ride on WHITE ELEPHANT.

  87. Read thru the elaborate pointless drivel in the last 5 or 6 posts. Got to accept, some of it made some sense.
    I want to make a comment on something I know very well:

    Anand: can you point one leader from AP who influenced or is behind BHEL or ECIL in Hyderabad (BHEL is in Medak and other one is RR Dist

    Ayyagari Sambasiva Rao was instrumental in bringing ECIL to Hyderabad and is considered founder of ECIL. His native place is West Godavari Dist. AS Rao Nagar is a famous locality near ECIL named after him.

  88. manohar,
    most ecil jobs went to andhra. nothing telangana gained from it except loosung its valuable land.
    Go look in AS Rao Nagar how it is swarmed with filthy andhra

  89. Sujai will you support to separate kashmir int he name of self respect,they are too mentioning the same causes ofr which they want to get separate from India.

  90. @Anonymous

    regarding the kashmir question.

    As per the Indian constitution, asking for saperate state is legal and asking for saperate country is illegal.

    That means asking telangana is legal.

  91. Having been a part of the Online Universal Work Marketing team for 4 months now, I’m thankful for my fellow team members who have patiently shown me the ropes along the way and made me feel welcome

  92. I object to calling andhras as a majority. Presently A.P. is unification of three distint sub-regions of Telugu speaking people. If the author can conveniently ignore the presence of Rayalaseema, his contention of regional disparities meted out to Telangana cannot be accepted. The fact remains is two regions have learnt to coexist while the other is always skeptical. All other issues are incidental due to skepticism.

  93. Telugu people have always been one people from times immemorial, until the arrival of Muslim foreigners,who divided us into a Muslim ruled area and a British ruled area. The Muslim rulers made the medium of study in all educational institutions including primary schools, middle schools, high schools and colleges as well. The college students had to wear Sharevanis as a compulsory uniform.
    I myself despite being a Telugu person had to study all the subjects in Urdu medium. Telugu language was grossly neglected. The beautiful Telugu spoken by all Telugu people was vulgerized into an ugly sounding so-called Telengana language. Vachinaru has become vachindru, 'Atu venuka' has become 'Atenks', 'Atula anuchunnaremi?' has become 'Gatla antunnavendi dora?, and so on and so forth. The so-called Telangana bhasha is really a vulgerized degenerate telugu , which every telugu man should be ashamed to call it our heritage. Added to this kind of vocabulary are the inevitable urdu words either urduised or Teluguised to form a horrible sounding corrupt gibberish , which cannot be called a language by any stretch of immagination.
    I can read and write and speak Urdu , but I cannot do the same with my own sweet Telugu language. How exilerated we felt in 1948 when the
    so-called Hyderabad state was liberated from the Muslim occupiers
    when we were studying 8th class. Immediately the medium of instruction was changed from Urdu to Telugu. The main reason for non developement of the Telugu language in the region was the Muslim rule and not any presumed negligence by the government of Andhra Pradesh. All we Telugu people are one people and we should not identify ourselves with the erstwhile Nizam's state. After the disolution of the Muslim rule, by providence we have become one people again. Let us not allow selfish politicians to divide us again to achieve their own selfish motives.
    There is a danger of Telugu people going back under the rule of outsiders and becoming a Nizam's state again. Again our Elliahs and Malliahs and Pulliahs and Durgaiahs and Pochiahs will become slaves to them calling them' Banchen Dora'.
    Some selfish politicians have claimed that the erstwhile rule of the Nizam was good. I personally know how bad it was. Razakars were encouraged to kill non-muslims freely. I am a witness to those atrocities in Warangal District. We used to see lorry loads of dead bodies being shifted to the government hospital for post mortem.

  94. @john prabhakar

    from your hatred filled above post
    i am pretty sure you are not
    a telanganite.
    god save you and give you some
    sense .

  95. Jai GottimukkalaJune 02, 2010 6:59 PM

    Janab john prabhakar sahib,

    I calculate you must be over 70 years old. Buzurgonki izzat karna hamara Telangana ke tahzeeb hai.

    Having said this, I refuse to support your hatred for Muslims. Don't forget that Razakars were fighting hand in hand with the deshmukhs.

    I am proud of my language even though misguided and arrogant people call it names like gibberish. Language fanaticism is as dangerous as communalism. Unfortunately you appear to be affected by both.

    Finally the days of "banchen kalmokta" are over. Unfortunately for the Telangana haters, our slogan is "ghori kadtham koduka"

  96. @John Prabhakar
    Your claim of Age, Region (Telangana born) and your interests (in Church and true Christianity) are all self contradicting.

    If you are really aged as what you claim, and have so much love for telugu, you should hv been mature enough to understand that there are two forms of telugu exixsting.
    1. Grandhikamu (that we usually write, and hear only in mythological movies. - eg 'vachchinaaru', 'povu chuntiva' etc)
    2. Vyavahaarikamu (that we speak every day. e.g. vachchindru, achichindru - Telangana, 'ochcharu', 'vachcharu' - Andhra, 'ochchindru' - Seema).

    Vyavahaarikamu is always a slang of Telugu and varies across regions. (No! I never buy that idea of TRS saying, 'Telangana bhasha veru'. It is by all means Telugu only). No one speaks perfect telugu and at the edges of states, all telugu is 'vulgarised' (as you say) with a mix up with the neibouring language.

    You say, mix of Urdu has vulgarised Telugu because it's not the original telugu. Is Christianity a local religion? For ages unknown we are all Hindus. So isn't 'John Prabhakar' itself vulgarised by christianity by your own logic? If you are accepting yourself as you are, how come this contradisction of accepting a regional slang? (No I am not against Christianity nor practice of it nor propogation of it nor with any other religion. I straight away apologize you for refering to your religion. My sole intention is to introduce your own double standards to yourself. Hope you will introspect).

    If you call Muslim rule as outside rule, what is Christian rule? It's not just Muslims and Islam my friend, Christians and Christianity is also non-native to Indian sub-continent and they too ruled. Your mere existence and love towards your religion is a straight outcome of the Christian rule in India. Being a minority how could you gospel about another minority of the state? Another double standard attitude of yours!

    If your stand is towards United AP, why again sign it off saying a 'Telanganite'? That obviously shows that you are not a Telanganite !! One more self contradisction!

  97. Please find my doubts/comments in line at the end of each line from a para from ur article.

    Self-rule can be loosely defined as having a government that is representative of the people of that region. Currently the Andhra Pradesh government is dominated by Andhras.(what does it mean? According to constitution, constituiencies are devided according to their population and some group of people elects a MLA for their region.In this order telanga>andhra>rayalaseema has the number of MLAs according to their size) Though Telangana people elect their MPs, MLAs and MLCs, these representatives form a minority in the state of Andhra Pradesh(if u count rayalaseema, andhra jointly then telangana minority, if u count telangana and rayalaseema jointly then Andhra r the minority, whts the point here..? ) and therefore are not able to truly represent the people of Telangana, work towards betterment of Telangana, and be accountable to people of Telangana.(If other areas representatives are able to do , then y cant telangana MLAs can do, whose mistake is this..? and ur blaming whom..? )


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