Friday, January 29, 2010

Telangana Human Chain: Organization Structure

The organization structure is proposed as follows:

1.       One State Executive Committee for Telangana
a.       A 3-member State Executive Officers: consisting of President, Operating Officer, and Treasurer.
b.      A 7-member State Executive Members.
2.       An 8-10 member Board overseeing the activities of State Executive Committee.
3.       10 District Executive Teams for each District of Telangana
a.       Consisting of 1 District Executive Officer and 9 District Executive Members.
b.      Up to 20 Mandal Officers in each District, one for each Mandal in a District.
c.       Up to 20 Town Officers for each major Town/City.
4.       Up to 50 Volunteers for each Mandal.
5.       Each Volunteer to mobilize at least 1000 people for this event.


  1. Sujai,

    few pointers:

    1. Try to leverage from the APSRTC bus-stops. Everyone knows where these are in their locality, village or district.

    2. Have good communication with the RTC officials in districts. Mobilizing people in the districts is not easy without bus-service.

    3. If all willing volunteers assemble at bus-stops and you get a call from 5 kms away that there is a break in the chain, you need buses to move people back and forth from the check-points to the needed area.

    4. Do not incldue any path that falls in a forest or a deserted area. Safety of people is more important.

    5. Highlight a circular close-end path and coupple of routes into the city and call these paths the "Minimum requirement". Other paths can be covered based on turn-up... but, the minimum requirement path should be completed at a high priority to make it a success.

    6. When you employ volunteers, make sure that they have cell-phones and can work with the local RTC and local cops (if needed).

    7. Have advertisements in the LOCAL/DISTRICT editions of newspapers.

  2. Sujai, An event of this scale will need financial contributions to be successful. I was looing up at to contribute, but the setup is not complete yet.

    How about setting up a PayPal account and potentially other ways as well?

  3. Be careful with Paypal! Lots of merchants had problems with paypal.

    Read some experiences here:
    PayPal Freezes the Assets of

  4. With google map I tried following route covering major highways in Telangana

    It takes about 2000 km and will need around 2crore people to do it. (If one person can stretch for 1meter or 3feet; we need 1thousand people for each 1km.)

    We need to cut down lot of routes so that we can do it.

    Pick only routes with major population centers. But make sure there are no broken chains.

  5. I am messed up with my math. Just realized it. You need 20lakh people to cover 2000km.(If one person can stretch for 1meter or 3feet; we need 1thousand people for each 1km.)

    With 55 lakh people(to have world record) we can cover about 5500km.


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