Friday, January 29, 2010

Telangana Human Chain: FAQ

How can I participate in this event?

This event is open to everyone, the children, the women, the grandparents, the disabled. You will have to come out of your home on 21st February, 2010, Sunday and travel to the nearest road that is designated on the map. Some of the volunteers may guide you if you have questions.  All you have to do is stand on the side of the designated roads and hold hands.  You can take time to form the chain but you should ensure that the chain is formed at least during 11:30 and 11:45.  Don’t worry about the breaks in the chain like at road crossings, at railway crossings, etc. However, there will be an attempt to keep it as continuous as possible.

How many people will join this event?

We are planning on assembling 1 Crore people for this event. That means everyone in Telangana should do their best to participate in this event. We have only 3.5 Crore people in our state. That means we need a huge turnout for this event to succeed. Therefore, let everyone know about this event. Encourage them to participate in this event. Bring everyone you know for this occasion.

Why is it important to join this event?

People of Telangana would like to let the world know that they seek a separate state within the confines of Indian Constitution through peaceful and legitimate methods. The whole world will be watching this event. We want to tell the world that we want a separate Telangana. There have been many attempts to discredit our movement, calling it an extremist-led movement, or purely political movement, and that not everyone in Telangana wants Telangana. We want to prove to the world that all of us want Telangana. Therefore it is very important that turnout is huge. [This questions is discussed in detail at ‘Why Telangana Human Chain?’]

How can I be part of the organization committee?

You can send an e-mail to, or attend one of the meetings organized for this event [which will be announced on this forum], or get in touch with the existing organizing committee listed on this forum

How can I volunteer for this event?

You can enroll yourself on this forum.  Or you can get in touch with any of the organizations committee member listed on this forum to register.  We are looking for many volunteers so please do not hesitate.  Please come forward.

Is it a political movement?

No, this is not a political movement. This is a movement led by the people of Telangana for the people of Telangana. Political parties may be involved as participants, as equals, but they will not lead this event nor will they take credit for this event.

Is this an official referendum?

No.  This is not a referendum organized by Government of India.  Since India has not used the mechanism of referendum to settle issues, people of Telangana have taken upon themselves to show the world that there is overwhelming support of a separate state by joining hands on this occasion.


  1. Good post.
    A lot of questions are answered,though some remain.
    Why hasnt a referendum been proposed so far?
    Hope the people wont be forced to join the momentum.Like some friend of ours expressed.
    What should we do,if someone threatens or warns of
    consequences during the human chain formation i.e forceful participation or forceful non participation,by
    the other section.
    Will students be forced to quit writing boards in view of the circumstances i.e are any major events planned just before exams,state or central.
    All these are questions
    that were asked by some anxious
    friends of mine when I tried talking to them about their participation.
    Looks like preparing
    for the event isnt enough.
    We need to watchout too,for trouble makers within and outside.My suggestion would be
    to have a small group of
    people at all posts given this particular responsibility only.
    Rumors suggest that.

  2. @lavanya dyapa

    I guess referendum is not constitutional in our country.

    As Sujai mentioned in human chain website, this event will be consider unsuccessful if any violent incident happens by any of pro-telangana people, that involves forcing people who are not willing to join. If any pro-telangana guy wants to force any one that means he is destroying his wish to get saperate telangana

  3. are no official permissions needed for this ?


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